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Product category: Bacteriology


Titan Media offers a wide range of dehydrated culture media, in order to produce the best results in any microbiological studies. These dehydrated culture media solely for these purposes including various forms of Agar and Broth, with such a wide selection both Veg. and Non Veg. culture media. All these are widely used in microbiology, research work, pharma, veterinary, waste water, food and dairy industries, etc. These dehydrated culture media are also used in production of vaccines, antibiotics and in oral insulin. These culture media provide the environment which is conducive for the growth of microorganisms. Culture media consists of best ingredients like, peptones, vegetable extracts, animal tissue, sodium salts, inhibitory agents, agar content and carbohydrate sources for the media preparation and growth of microorganisms. For the range of dehydrated culture media Titan Media provides authentic certificate of analysis. Titan Media established itself as one of the leading culture media manufacturer in India. We manufacture culture media with high-quality products & latest market trends.

Dehydrated culture media must be stored at the specified temperature, under specified conditions and not longer than the shelf-life periods appropriate to each product. The storage conditions and expiry date of each product are shown on the labels or product inserts but the following general rules will help to ensure that they are kept in an optimum environment. When storing products note the shelf life expiry dates on the labels and use the products in order of their lot/batch numbers.

The culture media preparation usually involves the following steps:
• The complete dehydrated medium is dissolved in the appropriate volume of the distilled water.
• Dissolve the medium properly by continuous stirring.
• The pH of the fluid medium is determined with a pH meter and adjusted if necessary by either dilute acid or alkali.
• Some media (or specific ingredients) that are heat-labile are sterilized by filtration.
• Heat the medium to dissolve it completely.
• Sterilize by autoclaving at 15 psi (at 121�C) for about 15 minutes.
• Cool the medium to 45 -50�C under laminar flow.
• The medium is dispensed into sterile petri- plates or tubes or flasks.
• Allow to set the poured media for inoculation of bacterial strains.

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Product category: Bacteriology


Culture media is special medium used in microbiological laboratories to grow different kinds of microorganisms. A growth or a culture medium is composed of different nutrients that are essential for a microbial growth. Microbiological growth medium - also called Culture Medium, or Nutrient Broth, solution freed of all microorganisms by sterilization (usually in an autoclave, where it undergoes heating under pressure for a specific time) and containing the substances required for the growth of

The microbiological culture media is usually a solution of nutrients in water, or a similar solution solidified with gelatin or agar. The majority of the cell is made of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen and phosphorous and these elements are necessary for forming membranes, proteins, nucleic acids and the other structures of the cell. We are leading supplier of culture media in India.

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Product category: Bacteriology


Titan Media is a manufacturer & supplier of various culture media for microbiology, specifically meant for different industries. In general, these culture media's formed with basic ingredients, those contains all the nutrients in commonly used for bacterial & fungal growth. In addition to these microbiological culture media, they contain trace metals, minerals, vitamins, and animal serum. The high density growth media also contain phosphate and organic buffers which maintain the medium pH near optimal at high cell density for E.coli growth. Furthermore the high density growth media contain different sugars as carbon or energy sources for high density cell growth.

These microbiological culture media manufactured in dehydrated form, as well as in ready to use form for agar and broth medium. Microbiological quality control of Titan Media dehydrated culture media and agar, ready to use media, gamma irradiated culture media, biological media bases, supplements, antibiotics, laboratory chemicals is carried out according to standard guidelines of ISO, APHA, USP, JP, EP etc.

Titan Media supplies a full range of ingredients for the purposes of microbiology culture media. These ingredients are developed with deep understanding of needs of microbiology labs. We aim to meet all the requirements of customer without compromising the quality of our ingredients. Superior media is the prime requirement for accurate laboratory work whether in food industry or pharma industry. Titan medium is tested against control organisms, both for growth and, when required, inhibition. These biological media bases are the sources of nutrients (nitrogen, carbon, vitamins, sugars etc.) for the growth of microorganism. You can confidently rely on our product quality and expertise every step of the way.

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Product category: Bacteriology


Titan Media manufactures a complete range of Ready to use Culture Media, that they can be re-melted without loss of growth promotional properties and changes in pH.

• Fast - Saves time as there is no need to weigh the powder
• Simple - Open and pour
• No errors - Weighing errors eliminated
• Economical - You only buy prepared medium for 100ml to 500ml instead of having to buy a 500 gm box
• Less waste - Only use what you need
• Easily re - melted in water bath systems and in microwave oven also.
• All the range of Ready to use Culture Media are sterile packaging's.
• Smoothness
• Sterility
• No accidental opening of the flask

• Easy to use in laboratory.
• Shelf life of 12 months
• Storage at room temperature

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Product category: Bacteriology


Titan Media offers a wide range of laboratory chemicals with extra pure and analytical grades to the scientific and industrial communities. Titan Media offers some chemicals used in molecular biology for purification of different compounds. We can handle a variety of materials and compounds from liquids to solids through Electrophoresis, NMR, Column chromatography etc. We ensuring that your laboratory chemicals are prepared and analyzed properly for quality results. Experience with a wide array of elements, including metal powders, halogens and other elements allow NSL to analyze and test materials. Our range of laboratory chemicals includes following: Acrylamide, Adenosine 5-Monophosphate, Adipic Acid, Aluminium Potassium Sulphate, Ammonium Sulphate, Sodium Molybdate, Sodium Tauroglycholate, L (+) Tartaric Acid, Temed, Uridine etc.

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Product category: Bacteriology


Titan Media serve daily use lab consumables like anaerobic jar, inoculating loops, absorbant as well as transport swabs. Anaerobic jars are widely used in microbiological laboratories for bacterial culture which do not require oxygen for their growth like Clostridium species. For transferring microorganism to culture media disposable inoculation loops are also provided by us.

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Titan Biotech Ltd. aimed to enhance the Life Sciences by providing the scientific community with premium
quality Biological Products. Titan Biotech Ltd. offers products for Microbiology, Biotechnology like Dehydrated Culture Media, Laboratory Chemicals, Media Bases, Ready made Agar/Broth Media, Media Supplements, Chromogenic Media, Plant Tissue Culture Media, Antibiotic Powder & Discs, Agaroses and other laboratory consumables. Titan is certified by ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 22000:
2005 & cGMP.

Currently exporting to more than 65 countries across the world.

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