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Product category: DNA diagnosis kits

LBP system

Automatic Liquid-based Preparation (LBP) System

(1) Specimen collection
The head of brush sampler is directly preserved in the specimen vial, 100% cells are used for preparation.
(2) Specimen separation and extraction
Separate blood, mucus and other interference components in the specimen by density gradient reagent. Enrich and extract cells and diagnostic components.
(3) Slide preparation
Gravity-driven sedimentation of cells, which well preserves cell morphology. The karyoplasm ratio increases in lesioned cells, whose proportion is larger than that of of normal cells and sedimantation velocity is faster. So they are captured in priority by the slide that has been coated with cell adhesive. The quality of slide preparation is stable. 1-24 slides/batch.
(4) Staining
Independently stain each slide to avoid cross-contamination, which ensures the consistency of slide preparation and staining. No difference between batches. Fully comply with the international standard of Pap Stain(wet stained slide). Ensure the chromophilia of cell structure, which is more benificial to the differential diagnosis.

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Product category: DNA diagnosis kits


Real-Time PCR conducts the whole process of DNA amplification and PCR products analysis in an enclosed tube and realizes real-time detection as well as auto-analysis under computer control.

DA7600 Real-time Nucleic Acid Amplification Fluorescence Detection System

•Good practicability
•Real-time data monitoring
•Real-time analysis display of the melting curve
•Quantitative analysis
•Product qualitation
•Automatic assessment of negative or positive result
•Wide detection scopes (101-1010copies/ml)
•High sensitivity and accuracy

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Product category: DNA diagnosis kits

AFD 4800 Real-time PCR Fluorescence Detection System

This product is used for fluorescent quantitative PCR detection as following fields: Research field such as immunology, human genome biology, forensic medicine, oncology, organization and population biology, paleontology, zoology, botany, clinical diagnosis field such as virus, tumor, genetic diseases of fluorescent quantitative PCR detection in the field of clinical diagnosis.

Product Features

•High throughput and the maximum testing samples capacity can reach to 144; with changeable and flexible scheme(samples capacity are optional among 48, 96, 144.
•3 independent systems for different requirement of samples, which can be uploaded, run, analyzed simultaneously independently.
•Samples are in or out automatically and hot lid is warmed automatically.
•Wireless remote control and analysis in real-time.
•Carry positive detection rate analysis by itself. Laboratory pollution will activate the early warning.
•Equip with database and LIS connection.
•Reserve full-automatic PCR link function.
•Equip with temperature gradient function.
•Adopt long life LED, which guarantee the stability and reliability of the optical system.
•Unique humanized module design, which can conduct experiment with 18×8 connected pipe simultaneously. 
•User can set report form, multicolor printing; analysis and print function can be set up.Powerful automatic gain and automatic background correction; the first to achieve that self-adapting reagent detection when the background is too low or too high and signal is too low or too high in domestic.
•Powerful automatic gain and automatic background correction; the first to achieve that self-adapting reagent detection when the background is too low or too high and signal is too low or too high in domestic.

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Product category: DNA diagnosis kits

Sedimentation Liquid Based Cell Production Dyeing System

The Main Technical Parameters of Sedimentation Liquid Based Cell Production Dyeing System
1. Slide preparation principle: gravity-driven sedimentation. The karyoplasms ratio increases in lesioned cells, whose proportion is larger than that of normal cells and sedimentation velocity is faster. Therefore, the components of lesioned cells with diagnostic could be captured in priority by the slide and the detection positive rate is improved.
2. In the early stage of specimen processing, the impurities in specimen are directly removed through the filter. The operation is easy and rapid.
3. By the centrifugal force generated from rapid rotation, the waste in staining platform is thrown away thoroughly. The unique method of waste exclusion solves the pipeline clogging completely.
4. Add the specimen automatically. Each specimen can be accurately transferred to the appropriate position by controlling the robot arm in rail movement. The movement accuracy could reach the millimeter level. 12 specimens can be handled each time, which ensures the cells with diagnostic significance could adhere to the slides.
5. Stain automatically. The accuracy of absorbing and injecting liquid could reach the microlitre level by using high-precision syringe pump. It avoids wasting a lot of reagents for adding solution to pipeline in similar products. The cosumption of staining solution in each specimen is not more than 0.25ml.
6. The slide preparation has achieved gravity-driven sedimentation. Continuity, mass production and standardization have been achieved in automatic staining. The time of adding and staining for 12 specimens is less than 30 minutes.
7. It can alarm when the machine lack of fluid and detect the reagent volume automatically, which reduces human error effectively.
8. The slide is made with a diagnosis area of 13mm diameter circle. It saves the diagnostician’s slide reading time and improves the reading efficiency.
9. Automatically and independently stain each slide. It could select the start position randomly. The stain method(Pap stain, HE stain)can be adjusted according to the diagnostic requirement. Staining solution is used only one time to avoid cross-contamination, which ensures the consistency of slide preparation and staining. There is no difference between batches.
10. Chinese & English operation interface. It is easy to operate and control friendly.
11. Application scope: cervical exfoliated cytological examination and non cervical exfoliated cytological examination.

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Product category: DNA diagnosis kits

Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) PCR Kit

This kit is suitable for the quantitative detection of Hepatitis B Virus DNA in samples of human serum or plasma. This kit is suitable for auxiliary diagnosis of Hepatitis B Virus infection and monitoring the therapeutic effect of drug in patients. The result is for research only, and not intended for clinical diagnosis.

This kit, using real time fluorescent PCR technique, takes a conservative region of HBV genome as the target region. It designs specific primers and fluorescent probes to quantitatively detect HBV DNA in the method of in vitro PCR amplification. Moreover, this kit uses internal control solution to monitor the whole process of nucleic acid extraction to reduce the appearance of false negative.

Prepare PCR detection reagents provided in the kit to PCR reaction tubes. Add the extracted viral nucleic acid to PCR reaction tube, use fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument for PCR amplification and detect the fluorescent signals. The instrument software system will automatically draw real time amplification curve, and quantitative detection for unknown samples can be realized through the threshold cycle value (CT value).

Sensitivity: 1.0 x 102 IU per ml
Linear Range: 2.5 x 102 to 5.0 x 108 IU per ml

Specification: 48 tests per kit

Shelf life: 9 months

Storage and Transportation: Stable at 2-8°C during transportation, must be stored at -20±5°C upon receipt.

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DaAn Gene is a hightech enterprise oriented in molecular diagnostic techniques. DaAn grows up with diagnostic market.
Since its first days, DaAn Gene has dedicated to be the Molecular Diagnostics leader, and it’s name (DaAn is the phrase of DNA), with the Certificate of GMP, DaAn Gene is consistently committed to R&D, production and service of Molecular Diagnostics. Its product line includes qPCR, Sequencing, and eDNA reader and chip products.

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