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Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals

Closed Suction 72-hour System

Closed Suction 72-hour System is designed for airway suctioning of critically ill patients and is indicated for 72 hours of continuous use. It features safe and simple access for the care of mechanical ventilated patient (either tracheotomised or endotracheal intubation) by removing secretions from the airway without disconnecting the mechanical ventilation and oxygenation throughout the suctioning procedure. High quality EVA sleeve facilitates the operation when advancing the catheter preventing infiltration of blood and sputum. Soft, smooth designed suction tip to prevent damage to mucous membranes. It comes with a needleless valve irrigation port and or MDI port . Come in a wide range of sizesfrom 5Fr to 16Fr.

• No need to disconnect the ventilator for maximising safety for both patients and nursing staffs in suction process.
• Double swivel elbow reduces strain on ventilator tubing which provides flexibility and torque relief without added connectors.
• Transparent adaptors enable easy observation.
• Highest quality catheter polyurethane sleeve provides ultimate tactile feel and catheter manipulation.
• Catheter graduated at every cm for accuracy of depth measurement of proper catheter insertion in the trachea.
• Needleless valve irrigation port equipped with one way valve allows for fluid instillationand catheter tip cleaning without sprayback.
• Ergonomic color-coded on/off vacuum valve with clear marked status indication makes it easy to configure and operate.
• Tethered cap can immediate seals the port when not neededto minimize potential for contamination during storage.
• Offers more effective cleaning of the catheter tip, helping reduce cross-contamination versus standard 24- hour catheters.
• Replacement of closed suction system can be identified with colour coded weekdays label.
• Available equipped with integrated MDI port fir a more effective, quick and convenient drug delivery.
• Y connectors supplied with neonatal (31cm) set and ET connectors supplied with paediatric (31cm) set.
• Flexible tube included facilitates connection of the catheter to the ventilator tubing.

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Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals

Suction Catheter

Suction Catheters are used for removal of secretions from the trachea and bronchial tubes to keep the airway clear of secretions and to oprevent plugging. They are specially designed for easy passage through plastic endotracheal and tracheotomy tubes, and are manufactured using non toxic, non irritant medical grade PVC compound.

• Designed for tracheal/bronchial suction.
• Smooth clear kink resistant PVC ensures efficient mucus suctioning while minimizing potential damage to the delicate tracheal mucous membranes.
• Designed for easy passage through plastic endotracheal and tracheotomy tubes.
• Color-coded connectors at proximal end for instant identification of French catheter size.
• The large opening of the distal tip provides for easy and efficient removal of secretions.
• The 2 eyes (lateral or relieving) are smooth and close to the tip which maximizes suction efficiency.
• Distal end available in straight, whistle, and Coude tip varieties.
• Finger tip, thumb, and funnel control type connectors available allow choice of fit that best best suctioning needs.

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Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals

Suction Catheters (Depth-marked)

Depth-marked Suction Catheters help to reduce the trauma and infection potential to offer a method for asfe suctioning. Calibrated markings provide visual reference during advancement.

• Smooth, soft distal tip reduces tissue trauma
• Clear tubing enables easy visualization of secretions
• Put-up low drag catheter surface makes for easy insertion into ET tube
• Bar graph acts as a guide in determining the maximum distance in cm provides visual reference during advancement
• Calibrated in 1 cm increments to facilitate proper placement to helping reduce the incidence of pneumothorax during suctioning
• Opposing eyes reduces the chance of a catheter occlusion, while providing faster suctioning
• Large opening on control vent provides high airflow and efficient suctioning
• Variety of sizes and tip styles for options

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Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals

Suction Catheter Kit

Suction Catheter Kit is economy suction kits include a suction catheter and one powder-free vinyl glove. They are packaged in a plastic peel pouch for ease of use and quick preparation.

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Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals

Closed Suction 24-hour System

Closed suction system is a multiple -use design effective in decreasing the infection of lower respiratory tract infection and can reduce the mortality rate of nosocomial pneumonia.

It is designed for removal of bronchial secretions in intubated patients if they are on mechanical ventilation. The system allows the attending health professional to suction the patient's tracheobronchial secretions with disconnecting the ventilator. It recommend daily changes of the catheter in order to reduce the incidence of ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP). Indicated for single-patient use only.

Advantages of the closed suction system technique provide;
• Better control of infections
• Physiological and psychological benefits
• Time saving


• Double Swivel Elbow is design for endotracheal intubated patients; that provides flexibility without connectors.Transparent adapter Excellent visibility of the   cleanliness of the system / Connection with the ET tube
• One-way lavage/irrigation port to prevent spayback for optimum cleaning of the suction catheter for irrigation to moisten and dilute mucus before                   aspiration.
• Conical waterproof joints for cleaning of the external part of the tube
• Protective polyurethane sleeve Impermeable is flexible and resistant for protection of the health care givers against material spat or coughed out
• Multiperforated catheter with non-traumatising tip prevents injury /
• 2 side holes for optimum aspiration
• Depth marks suction tube enables controlled and deep aspiration to be performed
• Black mark Indicates the correct positioning of the tube tip for irrigation
• Secured latex-free thumb control valve for locked aspiration system and then aspiration can be regulated with a push button, prevents accidental aspiration
• Numbered catheter allows practioner to limit the distance of catheter advance.
• Available in difference sizes.

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PAHSCO is a Taiwan based manufacturer with over 38 years of experience in the medical device industry. We specialise in manufacturing disposable medical devices and medical gas equipments. Over the years, it has always been our goal to continuously seek for quality improvement and being technically advanced; and this became one of the key factor to our growth in the global market. As an evidence, we have obtained GMP and ISO 13485 certification, and most of our products are CE certified.

PAHSCO is committed to invest in research and development, and with our own delegated engineering team, we are able to work around your need. No matter whether you are just shopping for products or looking at project development support, please come and tell us your need.

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