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Product category: Oxygen equipment

Portable Oxygen Benefits

We understand the need for people to remain active when it comes to living with a lung disease that requires using additional oxygen and in order to do so, they need lightweight and portable solutions.
Looking at the benefits of portable oxygen, people get out of the house and remain engaged in life outside their home. While out, using oxygen makes it easier to do more, brain thinks more clearly — and people are much happier when in the company of others. Today’s portable oxygen technology allows you to utilize portable oxygen therapy 24 hours a day, every day, anywhere.

Oxygen can be delivered by three types of devices: oxygen concentrator, liquid system or oxygen in a metal cylinder.

Oxygen gas is stored in steel and aluminum tanks or cylinders. These tanks come in many sizes; larger ones are usually used at home and smaller ones are used when you leave the house.

Viproxy® Atom, Compact Advanced Medical valve with integrated pressure regulator provides an easy – to – use package for those who need medical oxygen from portable cylinders. Viproxy® Atom works reliably in home care Oxygen therapy and can be carried just about anywhere.

It is easy to use because the oxygen regulator and the gas supply valve are combined and enduringly attached to the gas cylinder as one system.

The valve was designed not only to be reliable under all operating conditions, but already in the design phase a distinctive target was set to make use and operating features simple and carefree. For the fully equipped version the total weight with protection cap is 900 gr.

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Product category: Oxygen equipment

Unfolding Compressed Gas Applications

The industrial gases industry literally touches everyday people’s life in more ways that anyone realizes. Yet this industry, is little known by the general public, and even by many users of the various gases. The average citizen is somewhat familiar with oxygen; after all, that’s what hospitals, specialists and paramedics provide to patients. They probably have heard of carbon dioxide because that’s what puts the “fizz” in soft drinks and beer. But the average person generally does not associate those two with the term “industrial gases”.
The story of the formation of the industrial gas industry and its growth in applications and uses for the gases is told in the report “The Invisible Industry” published by IOMA. From two patents related to the liquefaction of air into its major components – oxygen and nitrogen, grew the attractive worldwide industrial gas industry and all of the applications for the gas products which the industry has continued to develop and grow.
Industrial gases are used in a wide variety of applications, from the Steel Industry, Cement Automotive, Water Treatment, Welding to the Chemical industry, construction, manufacturing, transportation equipment, food and tobacco, rubber & plastics, medical…

Industrial gases include atmospheric gases and process gases. Nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, ozone, neon, helium, krypton, methane, hydrogen, and nitrous oxide are some commonly use industrial gases in different industries.

The world industrial gases market has a turnover of approximately USD 45.0 billion in 2014.

Within Europe, the industry employs 45,000 people, has 4 million custom­ers and 4.5 million delivery points. The gas production is approximately 220,000 tons per day. The industrial gases market is mainly driven by the growing population and industrialization in emerging economies. According to Zion Research new 2016 report, global industrial gas market is expected to reach USD 65.0 billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR of above 6.0% between 2015 and 2020.

Most products are manufactured by the industrial gases companies in plants, and then supplied to customers by one of three basic methods of supply: pipeline, bulk, pressure in metal cylinders. Cavagna Group has invested years of intensive work to develop a range of valve and regulators for industrial gas containers. The reliability of this range of equipment not only assures the highest level of performance in its field of application, but it guarantees the safety and security of communities around the world. The skills and expertise of the Cavagna Group R&D department have delivered numerous preparatory products to gas industry leaders.

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Product category: Oxygen equipment

Cavagna Group adopts Biomaster antibacterial technology

Thanks to the Cavagna Group’s Viproxy Biomaster antibacterial technology, it is now possible to protect handles on medical gas cylinder from the risks of bacterial surface contamination

– Ponte San Marco (Brescia – Italy), November 9th, 2015 – Did you know that medical gas cylinders are particularly exposed to the risk of bacterial contamination, especially oxygen tanks? Indeed, they are among the most touched, handled and transported of all medical instruments. In particular, the handle is exposed to the hazards of bacterial cross-contamination. Most of the time, cleaning and disinfecting is simply not enough. There are many dangerous situations that can occur in health care facilities and during the performance of paramedical services, be it in hospital wards, emergency rooms, hospices, pharmacies or cylinder handling. Yet at the same time, even the patient’s own home presents numerous occasions for bacterial contamination to build up, such as contact with nurses providing home care to the chronically ill and the elderly, family members who personally tend to their loved ones, assistive personnel providing services at home, or people who are merely paying a visit to a sick person.

For all these reasons, the handle on the Cavagna Group’s Viproxy valve has adopted the innovative protection that only Biomaster antibacterial technology can provide; yet another first for the Cavagna Group, which has reaffirmed its leading role as a manufacturer of technological solutions for the regulation and control of gas worldwide. The application of Biomaster protection technology to the Viproxy handle is the result of a partnership between the Cavagna Group and Biomaster ADD UK, a British company that specializes in incorporating silver ions into all kinds of materials and products in order to make them antibacterial. Biomaster ADD has pioneered the development of permanent antibacterial protection around the world, and it is a recognized leader in antimicrobial additives for polymers and coatings.

By incorporating this special silver ion technology into its polymers, the Viproxy Biomaster inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and makes the plastic parts of its handle completely safe to contact. Whether in health care facilities or at the patient’s home, it provides permanent, around-the-clock antibacterial protection for the lifetime of the product, no matter how the cylinder is handled.

For thousands of years, silver has been known and appreciated for its natural antimicrobial properties; indeed, it has been used and developed to prevent the growth of bacteria, while presenting no toxic effects on humans.

Biomaster provides rigorously tested protection: in fact, silver and nanoparticles are successfully used as antimicrobial protection in a wide range of industrial applications.

Biomaster silver ion technology is even effective against several species of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE), as well as E.coli and Legionella. Biomaster antimicrobial protection acts by binding itself to the cell wall and disrupting DNA replication in the bacteria; yet while it is merciless to bacteria, it remains harmless to human beings. Biomaster protection complies with the latest ISO standards and is frequently subject to strict quality control. In addition, this antimicrobial system has been approved by the FDA and the EPA. Biomaster protection is incredibly durable, long lasting and highly active for the entire lifetime of the product.

Biomaster Protection acts in the following places:
1.on the cell surface – The silver ions bind themselves to the cell surface of the bacteria, destroying the cell wall and preventing its regeneration; the enzymes – The silver ions are attracted to the bacteria’s enzyme cells, where they inhibit the energy produced by the bacterium itself. the DNA chain – The silver ions disrupt the DNA of the bacterium’s cell; in this way they prevent DNA replication and the creation of new cells.

About the Cavagna Group

The Cavagna Group has been supplying industries and consumers worldwide since 1949, and it is today’s leading manufacturer of equipment and fittings for compressed gases, gas storage and gas control. The Cavagna Group offers the most complete and reliable line of products in the sector, as well as the most dynamic services.

Both the experience and reliability of the Group’s product range have led to long-lasting partnerships with virtually all major oil/gas companies, in addition to producers of compressed gas containers and gas appliance OEMs. The Cavagna Group employs approximately 1,000 people worldwide. The Group is made up of nine vertically integrated production companies in Italy and nine other companies spread out across five continents. With a distribution network consisting of an additional fifteen fully-owned distribution companies, the Cavagna Group now sells its products in more than 135 countries worldwide. For more info, please visit:


Each year there are over 3 million cases of hospital-acquired infections in Europe.

Research conducted by the Stockholm-based European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) found that on any given day, one in 18 patients acquires an infection in a health care facility, amounting to about 3.2 million cases a year.

Infections represent an increasing threat to health care environments, especially those stemming from antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA. However, the majority of these infections could be avoided, if only hospitals would implement some additional measures of prevention and control. For this reason, the European Centre for Prevention and Disease Control has urged hospital administrations to strengthen the fight against bacterial contamination.

The above-mentioned survey involved 1,000 health care facilities in 30 European countries, and the number of hospital-acquired infections was estimated to be 15 thousand. The main causes of the infections were found to be Klebsiella pneumoniae, a gram-negative bacterium that causes pneumonia, and fecal bacteria, such as Escherichia coli (or E. coli). Another bacterium found in the survey was Staphylococcus aureus, better known as MRSA because of its acquired resistance to the antibiotic Methicillin.

It is believed that MRSA is the cause of infection for about 53 million people worldwide every year. According to a research made by Royal College of Physicians every case of MRSA costs the National Health Service an extra £9,000. It is estimated that the total cost to the NHS has exceeded £1billion.

Hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA are the most common complications during hospital stays, as well as one of the most serious problems for patient safety.

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Product category: Oxygen equipment

Medical Gas

For over 60 years Cavagna Group has been designing and manufacturing medical valves and regulators for the healthcare industry. Our mission has been, is, and will continue to be, aimed towards delivering high performance equipment to hospitals, homecare services, and clinics. Our medical gas’ equipment is designed to provide safe and reliable operating conditions, in this way also contributing to the quality of life.

Read the articles about our product applications

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About us

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Since 1949 Cavagna Group has been supplying industries and consumers all over the world, becoming a leader in the manufacture of equipment and fittings for compressed gases, gas storage and control. Nine vertically integrated production units in Italy, nine units more in the five continents and a 140-country distribution network guarantee the most reliable products and dynamic services. The know-how is proved by a long-lasting cooperation with most major Oil Companies, producers of compressed gas containers and OEMs of gas appliances. Cavagna Group products are acknowledged by most recognized national and international standard agencies.

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