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  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.03  Therapie and physical medicine
  • 01.03.02  Electro-therapy equipment

Electro-therapy equipment

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.03  Therapie and physical medicine
  • 01.03.15  Ultraviolet and Infrared radiation equipment

Ultraviolet and Infrared radiation equipment

Our products

Product category: Electro-therapy equipment

dermalight SAD

The pleasant energy of light

Almost everyone knows the symptoms
Many people suffer from listlessness and lack of energy - especially in autumn and winter. You feel nerveless and tired, sleep longer and nevertheless don't feel well rested, the motivation decreases, you feel a deficiency in concentration. Into the bargain you feel a ravenous appetite for carbohydrates. The weight gain adds to the moodiness . Sometimes these results are hidden behind headaches, rheumatic pains and arthralgia.

Lack of light is the cause
The problem is the lack of daylight. The light is absorbed by the eyes and forwarded to the brain as nerve impulse. In the brain hormones are released, which have influence on our sleeping rhythm and our emotional life. If our body gets not enough daylight, the release of the hormone Serotonin decreases. The body produces now the sleeping hormone Melatonin. The consequence: the metabolism goes down and the mood sinks.

dermalight® SAD works inartificially
The unit emits flicker-free light with a spectrum similar to daylight without UV-spectrum. The light is absorbed through the eyes and activates the release of Serotonin in the brain. The inner clock adapts itself to the changed environmental conditions. By this the well-being can increase and fatigue and listlessness can disappear.

High spirits along the way
The treatment is supposably simple. Put the unit on the table at a distance of 50 cm and look directly into the light every minute for some seconds. If you treat yourself this way some days per week for one or two hours, can feel an amelioration already after 3 or 4 days. And the best is: during the treatment you can read, work etc. very easily.

dermalight® SAD is available in 2 types:

The top-table unit dermalight® SAD Tower is space-saving and suited for general well-being dysfunctions. The bigger top-table unit dermalight® SAD Flat as high-performance unit is mainly suitable for SAD-patients. 

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Product category: Electro-therapy equipment

idromed5 GS and PS

The effective iontophoresis appliances for the treatment of hyperhidrosis

Direct current (GS) or pulsed direct current (PS) at idromed5
The direct current and pulsed direct current iontophoresis-therapy is an internationally established and scientifically acknowledged treatment procedure, which is known for years.

In scientific studies the therapy with pulsed direct current with the idromed® 5 PS is rated as the optimum therapy method, thanks to its new current type, especially for very sensitive patients, children and young people. The therapy current is almost not percepted. Possible side effects are clearly reduced.

The hands can be taken out of the basins during the therapy without the usually known "electric fence effect" (electric shock).

Current instead of pharmaceuticals

The iontophoresis treatment with idromed® 5 GS or PS is performed using hand- and foot-baths. The affected parts of the body are put in a treatment basin, filled with usual tap water. A weak DC electrical current is conducted through the baths by electrodes. This current is increased gradually to a certain intensity, so that the patient experiences a pleasant tingling sensation. The weak current inhibits the secretion of the sweat glands whithout damaging the glands themselves. In the armpits the current is applicated via wet sponge electrodes.
Optional sponge electrodes for armpits
Art.-No. 995100
With the special sponges it is also possible to treat hyperhidrosis in the armpits. In the armpits the current is applicated via wet sponge electrodes.

Economic and comfortable therapy – also at home
idromed® 5 GS or PS is not only suitable for the iontophoresis-therapy at the physician's practice. Thanks to its secure and easy handling the idromed® 5 GS or PS is the ideal home therapy appliance. Precondition is an exact introductory training and constant supervision by the patient's physician.

Easy and quick use against sweating
In the early stages of treatment, the affected parts of the body should be treated once a day for about 10-15 minutes. Generally 10 – 15 treatment sessions are sufficient to normalize the moisture content of the skin. After that the treatment frequency can usually be reduced to once or twice a week.

All-in-one treatment basins and suitcase
The idromed® 5 GS or PS is packed in a suitcase, which does not only help to store and to transport the appliance comfortably and safely. The two parts of the suitcase can easily be separated and are used as treatment basins for the iontophoresis therapy.

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Product category: Ultraviolet and Infrared radiation equipment

dermalight 80

The new UV-comb for the effective phototherapy

• Light-guiding, rounded comb attachment for a smooth and precise spot treatment of the scalp
• Wide treatment area
• Lightweight and handy construction
• Short treatment time
• Easy and quick to clean
• Ideal for in-home therapy
• High-quality workmanship
• Ageless design

The scope of delivery contains the UV-comb, the comb attachment, the UV-protective googles and the LCD-timer.

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Product category: Ultraviolet and Infrared radiation equipment

Philips BlueControl

Innovative treatment device using blue LED light against psoriasis vulgaris.
Philips BlueControl is the world`s first wearable phototherapy for mild to moderate psoriasis vulgaris. Convenient and gentle – ideal for everyday use.

Psoriasis: the skin suffers – and quality of life, too
Psoriasis vulgaris is a frequently occurring chronic skin disease characterized by red, scaly plaques on the skin. The plaques have a strong negative impact on the quality of life for patients.1
The majority of psoriasis patients are not satisfied with their treatment.2 The frequent application of ointments is perceived to be inconvenient and time-consuming. Anxiety about possible side effects lead to low compliance with the intake of pharmaceuticals.3, 4

How does blue LED light improve psoriasis vulgaris plaques?
Blue LED light controls the processes that cause psoriasis vulgaris plaques. It has anti-proliferative properties which reduce the accelerated proliferation of psoriatic skin cells and supports their differentiation.5
Additionally, blue LED light has anti-inflammatory properties. Immune cells such as T-cells are inactivated and the release of inflammatory mediators is reduced.6, 7 Hence, blue LED-light interferes with the vicious cycle of self-enhancing inflammatory processes which cause the sustained inflammation in psoriasis vulgaris.

Philips BlueControl: An effective therapy option – convenient and gentle
Philips BlueControl combines the beneficial effects of blue LED light (453nm) in one small battery-driven device. It has 40 integrated LEDs with special features that exceed those of conventional LEDs. These LEDs have been optimized for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases through in-depth research that covered several years.
Philips BlueControl activates natural processes in your body without making use of active ingredients or chemical substances. It offers a UV-free treatment with blue LED light without the possible side effects of medication.
Thanks to the innovative design of Philips BlueControl, patients with mild to moderate psoriasis are now able to treat their plaques with a gentle, UV-free phototherapy at home.The rechargeable medical device is convenient to use. With the specially designed accompanying textile strap, Philips BlueControl can be worn comfortably on arms and legs as well as on elbows and knees – anytime and anywhere. The recommended treatment time per plaque is 30 minutes. Thanks to its gentle mode of action, Philips BlueControl can be used to treat several psoriasis plaques per day.

The efficacy of the innovative treatment device is clinically proven:
• Significant effects of blue LED light on psoriasis vulgaris plaques proven
in two clinical studies8, 9
• On average 50% improvement of the local PASI (Psoriasis Area
Severity Index) during the 12 week treatment9
• Treatment compliance was excellent – 98% of the patients followed
the introductions of therapy9
• No side effects of the blue LED light treatment were observed9

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For almost 35 years, the company Dr. Hönle Medizintechnik GmbH has specialized in the sales and service of high-quality UV irradiation devices for the treatment of skin conditions. The company also sells iontophoresis units for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. Following its merger with the company A.L.T. Lichttherapietechnik GmbH, Dr. Hönle offers one of the most diverse product line available in the field of high- and low-pressure technology on the UV market. We have succeeded in perfecting our therapy systems and reducing side-effects to a minimum through years of experience conducting research in cooperation with practicing and clinical dermatologists. We could optimize therapy technics and put them to practice in our innovative products. Thanks to the ongoing vigorous exchange of ideas and experiences with patients and business partners we are constantly improving our products.With our worldwide sales network we are always available to serve the needs of our customers.

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