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Rehabilitation equipment and devices

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Product category: Rehabilitation equipment and devices

Stabilometry Platforms

The clinical Stabilometry is used to study the body’s oscillation on conditioned orthostatic position (foot at 30°) and to evaluate the body strategies utilized to keep the position in a specific time (maximum 51,2 sec).

Clinical Stabilometry is performed on Linear, Slim and Ultrasensor pressure platforms from 25 up to 100 Hz. A thorough and detailed stabilometry software allows to analyze the various tests with eyes open / eyes closed / with glasses / with byte / etc.

Clinical Evaluation
This exam is useful to comply the diagnosis of:

  • balance disorders, vestibular peripherals pathologies, cerebellar disorders, cortical lesions, sightseeing apparatus disorder, osteo- muscular pathologies
  • monitoring rehabilitative or pharmacological therapies, as a not invasive investigation, to evaluate the influences of some drugs with action on the NCS system
  • in forensic evaluation and establishing the effective and the authenticity disease while observing cervical lack of lace or similar pathologies.
The Stabilometry analysis is also a suitable method while observing disease causing imbalance, referring with extreme precision chaotically factors as incorrect disclosure of the dental arch and while studying the tensor- muscle cephalalgia or back pain.

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Sa.Ni Corporate, a leading manufacturing Company of medical devices, has ideated the D.B.I.S. technology (Digital Biometry Images Scanning®) for specific investigation of posture, used for clinical activities by Postural Biomedicine Team, which includes over twenty Italian and International Universities and Research Centres.

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