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Product category: Analyser appliances, Piston pipettes, complete, Laboratory equipment


Capp Bravo automatic single-channel pipette combines lightweight ergonomic design with the latest innovations in single channel pipettes, making it one of the most user friendly automatic pipettes on the market today. Capp Bravo is both available as variable volume pipette (9 volume ranges starting from 0.1µl up to 10mL), as well as a fixed volume pipette. Constructed of the highest quality autoclavable materials, this mechanical pipette features feather light plunger and ejection forces, as well as smooth tip mounting. Ergonomically constructed hook ensures comfortable handling. The built-in oversized indicator makes volume monitoring and precise adjustment easy. Capp Bravo manual pipette offers ultra micro volumes with metal shafts and double o-rings to increase the durability of the pipettes. Experience Capp’s symphony of precise measurements and see for yourself why it is called Bravo!

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Product category: Analyser appliances, Piston pipettes, complete, Laboratory equipment

CappTrio Single Channel

CappTrio fixed volume pipette is world's only fixed pipette with multiple interchangeable fixed volumes within one pipette unit! The volume mechanism of this fixed pipette is placed in the small, detachable volume knob on the top of the pipette. CappTrio fixed volume pipettes come with 3 fixed volume knobs, allowing you to easily switch from one fixed volume to the other by simply removing the volume knob and putting the other one onto the pipette. CappTrio fixed volume micropipette is ideal for routine work. All Capp fixed volume micropipettes are fully autoclavable expect for the detachable volume knobs. You can easily clean them with commonly used cleaning and disinfection agents.

CappTrio fixed volume micropipettes are also available in customized volumes. Additionally each Capp fixed volume pipette can be easily upgraded to a variable volume pipette, simply by putting the variable volume knob onto the pipette. Having bought CappTrio fixed volume pipette, you can always order additional variable volume knobs with Capp. Simply write to

Experience Capp quick volume switch: 3 fixed pipettes in 1! Test CappTrio fixed volume micropipette for free!  

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Product category: Analyser appliances, Piston pipettes, complete, Laboratory equipment

ecopipette Single Channel

ecopipette is the perfect micropipette for laboratory. This ergonomic and accurate pipette has a unique construction with detachable volume control knobs, enabling switching between a fixed and a variable volume pipette within the same pipettor unit. You simply exchange the knobs! Additionally, the lockable variable volume controller knobs require 50% fewer turns. The display is fully visible during pipette operation and the large pad ensures easy tip ejection. Ecopipette is a fully autoclavable lab pipette (except for the detachable knobs) and requires no disassembly before autoclaving. Wide range of micropipette sizes starting from 0.2µl up to 5mL is available. This ergonomic pipette will ensure ultimate comfort in your daily work. Double o-rings make the pipettor compatible with major pipette tip brands ensuring optimal tip seal and low force tip mounting. Metal pipette parts, such as the tip cones are made of anodized aluminum and prevent breakage resulting from accidental dropping or tips mounting. Ecopipette is made of biodegradable materials and packed in recyclable boxes. Additionally we offer the ecotrade program: Return any brand of old pipettes in exchange for discounted new ecopipettes. At Capp, we will ensure an environmentally safe waste discharge of your old pipettor.

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Product category: Analyser appliances, Piston pipettes, complete, Laboratory equipment

CappAero 96 Multichannel

CappAero multichannel pipette has a unique construction, ensuring extremely easy tip mounting and ejection. Both the 8- and 12-channel pipettes have an external ejection lever, assuring ergonomic and effortless tip ejection. This unique construction of Capp multichannel pipettes enables the thumb to rest under tip ejection and helps to activate the other fingers, considerably reducing the thumb workload. Tip ejection is simply a matter of applying light pressure to the levered ejector arm. Excessive thumb workload by multichannel pipetting is one of the major causes of repetitive strain injuries and user discomfort. Apart from the external ejection lever, the lower part of each 12- and 8-channel pipette is slightly bent in order to eject only 2 tips at a time! This happens so smoothly, as if all 8 or 12 tips were ejected in one take, but this special construction of the lower part distributes the pressure and minimizes the workload. Each tip cone of Capp multichannel pipettes is made of anodized aluminum and has double O-rings, which all together eliminate the need to ‘hammer’ the pipette into the tips rack to secure the optimal tip mounting. The 'hammering' is quite a common issue by multichannel pipetting with many other brands. With Capp multichannel pipette you only need to apply a slight even pressure to perfectly attach the tips to the nose cones.

CappAero multichannel pipettes guarantee single channel accuracy and precision across all channels due to the special design and construction of the Capp piston assembly. Capp 8- and 12-channel pipettes are incredibly robust and fully autoclavable, offering easy maintenance. The use of anodized aluminum and metal nose cones instead of plastic ones substantially reduces risk of breakage due to accidental dropping and tip mounting. The lightweight metal components and stainless steel pistons ensure a highly robust performance for ultimate stability over time in terms of accuracy and precision. This smart and highly ergonomic multichannel pipette is built to last!

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Product category: Analyser appliances, Piston pipettes, complete, Laboratory equipment

Capp Microbiology Pipette


Capp Microbiology Pipette is an ideal straw pipette for viscous liquids. Perfect for microbiology tests in the food industry, Capp microbiology pipette is supplied with three fixed volume knobs at 100µl, 900µl and 1000µl and has a modified tip cone suited for use with a sterile extended length straw. With Capp straw pipette, you will be able to easily reach and pipette viscous liquids such as milk, cream, yoghurt and cosmetics. Contact us for a free trial pipette and experience yourself how to pipette viscous liquids effortlessly and precisely. Protocols involving dilution of 1:10 will be done easily with Capp microbiology pipette. Except for the detachable fixed volume knobs, Capp straw pipette is fully autoclavable and requires no disassembly before autoclaving.

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Capp ApS is manufacturer and developer of pipettes, pipette tips, micro plate washers and other liquid handling solutions of highest quality and unsurpassed design.

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