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  • 06  Information and communication technology
  • 06.06  Communication systems
  • 06  Information and communication technology
  • 06.06  Communication systems
  • 06.06.05  Light-signalling equipment

Light-signalling equipment

  • 06  Information and communication technology
  • 06.06  Communication systems
  • 06.06.06  Emergency call systems

Emergency call systems

  • 06  Information and communication technology
  • 06.06  Communication systems
  • 06.06.08  Nurse call systems

Nurse call systems

  • 06  Information and communication technology
  • 06.06  Communication systems
  • 06.06.09  Intercom systems, public address systems, walkie-talkie systems

Intercom systems, public address systems, walkie-talkie systems

Our products

Product category: Communication systems

full ip nursecall

How to build the most flexible nursecall system?
iCall is the answer
iCall is the first nursecall system in the world based on the open IP-standard. The distributed architecture ensures the highest degree of flexibility without any limitation. All of the connection options that can be used for a data network can also be used for iCall: the intelligence is distributed in the IP units, at room level if desired. Furthermore, management is made easy accessible via theiMaster management tool.

The flexible topology makes it possible to implement iCall in new construction or renovation, making optimal use of existing cable infrastructure. All types of call units can be combined into a single system: Wired or wireless, monitored or standard. 
Every existing call system can be extended with iCall, furthermore, any type of alarm system, fire alarm installation and communication system can be fully integrated.

All intelligent call units are monitored, can be programmed separately, and comply with the VDE 834-1 and 834-2 standards.

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Product category: Communication systems

full ip nurse desk

How do you notify your nursing staff?
In an environment in which every second is literally of vital importance, it is essential that you can rely on a high-performance nurse call system.
Individual or in group
Our iCall units communicate with the Netrix Message Server over IP. - If desired, iCall can be linked with any notification server using the Espa protocol. – This fact makes iCall able to alert pagers, phones, DECT- and Wifi-hansets and mobile phones. Also, fire and intrusion alarms can be integrated. 

Each unit can be defined as a part of a section and includes time-based call routing.
The nurse's desk unit offers a call view of all units belonging to its section, and the staff can change routings manually depending on personnel time shifts or the intensity of care required by specific patients. At time shifts with lower staff coverage, one unit can overview more sections.
Clear visibility
It is of vital importance to keep an overview at all times. iCall therefore provides several means to notify your staff of incoming calls. 

The PC nurse desk displays all ongoing nurse calls and its status, including all mentioned call routing capabilities. Via the intercom on the SIP room units or the telephones, direct contact can be made with the patient or resident from the Master station or any other telephone. For ease of use, the user can also create a floor plan, which allows you to view the room status.

iCall 290 MS-PC

iCall Master-Station PC. Real-time, full-colour, touch-screen event-display with speech. Full-duplex and handsfree. Incl. live floorplan and software to create this interactive floorplan. 15.6" touch screen, 4 USB-connectors, integrated microphone and speakers, 1 LAN-connector and USB-phone.
1 corridor display (NWCBES0200) can be connected.
iCall 290 SIP-Touch

Linux based, Full IP address unit with interactive resistive touch-display with call, presence, emergency (Code blue), assistance and cancellation buttons, iButton-reader for nurse  identification/ presence and full-duplex speech (VoIP). Communication with Netrix message server. 24/7 supervised. Includes integrated FTP-server, reassurance & finding LED and buzzer. Is remotely and individually programmable via browser.
Power supply via Power Input, Power Injection and/or POE.

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Product category: Communication systems


Alert any user, anywhere
Unified technology: Netrix message server
In any critical environment, staff needs to be alerted immediately. The Netrix full-IP Notification Gateway collects alarms from iCall and any other fire detection-, alarm- or other nurse call system. Netrix can collect alarms using TCP/ IP, RS232, with Espa 4.4.4. or Espa-X, or dry contacts. 

Various alert routines can be programmed depending on the time of day using different types of profiles for different types of receivers. Netrix notifies single or multiple users of Dect- or Wifi handsets, pagers and smartphones.

The Netrix Notification Gateway is directly integrated into Alcatel- Lucents’ OXE and NEC’s IP-Dect server, offering the complete range of messaging capabilities to any device. 

Netrix can send messages over IP to any receiver and can combine iCall with different nurse call systems towards one single ESPA 4.4.4.-output to connect to other vendors’ notification servers.

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Product category: Communication systems

Novilog Nursecall Event Reporting

Measuring the time invested by the staff is extremely important to every care establishment because over- or understaffing must be avoided. With Novilog you know immediately how quickly a call is answered and how much time each care incident takes. It is the way to optimise the staff efficiency. It could also be vital for legal issues.

The complete integration of all components in the total care communication plan enables Novilog to register and request various elements, such as time and type of call, assistance, cancellation and so on.

You are provided with a detailed summary of data, time and call types per patient or resident, per nurse and so on. Novilog is web-based so that you can request your reports via a browser no matter where you are.

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About us

Company details

IndigoCare is a European manufacturer of unique Full-IP nursecall systems. The headquarters are located in Belgium and Houston, Tx (USA). IndigoCare was founded in 1977 as a company specialized in both cable and wireless telecommunication on the Belgian market. In 1982, the first nursecall system was installed. In 2007, the first installation of iCall (the very first Full IP nurse call system worldwide!) was a fact. IndigoCare is now an active player in Europe, the Middle East and the USA. The philosophy behind the development of iCall was to have only one (OPEN) platform for all healthcare communications (Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living,...) iCall is designed with 30 years of experience in nursecall. Every situation we faced during these 30 years became the basis of the development of a very flexible nursecall system. Our mission in healthcare communication is to make sure that every healthcare and telecommunication system can be fully integrated with each other. Only then a satisfying result can be obtained for the resident or patient.

IndigoCare is now introducing speech with the new VoIP nursecall unit.

IndigoCare is Application Partner and integrated directly with Alcatel-Lucent, NEC, Aastra, Aeroscout, Bosch Wireless and Zenitel/Stentofon.

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10-49 Mio US $

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Information and Communication Technology