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Product category: Laboratory equipment


ATL is an automatic and compact system for traeability and preparation of blood collection material.
All tubes are correctly labelled with all necessary information(patient id,barcode,warddate,etc.).
ATL has been designed for laboratories,point of care sites,emergency rooms,blood banks and hospital wards with the main target of increase patient safety and process efficiency.
The system is integrated with LOG software for management and traceability of events using the hand-held device is possiple to collect all information on the correct match patient-patient box,operator doing blood collection and times(date and hour).
Moreover,Log software allows to manage several systems at the same time,storing all information in aunique shared database with a history archive and a statistics module.


Prepares all tools for collection (tubes and auxiliary labels)in on tray (One box-One patient concept)
Avoids the risk of incorrect labelling (wrong person or tube)

Avoids errors caused by not adequate tube labelling


Holds up to 9 different tubes types,6 automatically in programmable columns and 3 with manual loading
Sarstedt 13mm tubes management
Presence of dedicated auxiliary labels printer
Sensors in every tubes column alerting near end and end of tubes
Possibity of all patient request re-print or single tube re-print
Modular,it allows to use more systems at the same time


Management and traceability of used tube type,lot and expiring dates
Traceability of operators and phlebotomist through LOG software
Lots are loaded by the barcode reader
The history archive records all patients and allows to search information by patient id,lot,date,type,type of tube,etc.


User friendly and intuitive software
Easy to use system
Linked to any kind of LIS and HIS also via wireless
Small size and ideal for bedside use through phlebotomy cart

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Product category: Laboratory equipment


Cascade analyzer and its specific reagents compose a system to monitor coagulation status of patients treated with antithrombotic drug used to treat angina, infarction, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism and arterial emboli. The system is powered by a common electric socket but, thanks to its on-board battery, it is also portable and suitable for bedside testing. Analysis can be done from finger stitch with only 35µL of blood sample.

The extensive menu of tests available allows for different types of investigations of whole blood or citrated samples, as described below:

Whole blood PT Citrated whole blood or plasma PT
Citrated whole blood or plasma aPTT
Whole blood c-ACT
The system can be interfaced directly to the L.I.S. or even to a middleware dedicated to Point of Care Testing management.
Thanks to an electric thermostating system, after being inserted, reagent card is heated to a temperature of 37°C (body temperature).

The available quality control permit both the electronic verification of the analyzer and measurement’s verification using QC plasma.

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

Drug Patient Kit™

Worldwide key-rules set the standard operating procedures for testing drivers' psycho physic alteration of state as a consequence of psychoactive drug and/or alcohol abuse.
Governments also ordered proper operating procedures for testing substance dependence or abuse in people whose work can expose others to peculiar risks for security and safety.

Workers are periodically subjected to special tests in order to verify if their psycho-physic state has been altered as a consequence of substance abuse, drug misuse or alcohol assumption.
Lab. E.L. System
Drug patient Kit™ – code DPK30 - and Emergency Room Drug Patient Kit™ - code ER-DPK30 - are the best and full answers to the prescriptions given by local jurisdictions.

Drug Patient Kit™ and Emergency Room Drug Patient Kit™, two new brand patented systems for both collection of blood and urine and recording of all proceeding steps, have been conceived to grant operators and people involved the maximum safety, traceability, hygiene and full data management.

The two kits are composed by:
sole packed containers for collecting urine with sample vacuum transfer system
security envelopes identified by a barcode for the carriage of the Drug Patient Kit™ and related report
kit boxes sealed by a security label - identified by a bar code - and containing: ◾security labels with a barcode that matches with the one reported on the kit box security label, that has to be put on the urine container and report
• Urine and Blood vacuum tubes identified with the same bar code of the kit box
• special safety caps to seal the tubes in order to preserve the integrity of the sample and grant the right result for further checking tests
• security seals to put on the tube caps, that, in case the tubes have been opened, would leave the word VOID to indicate that containers have been violated

The system remains closed from collection until the setting tube in the analyzer. In fact, from the urine preservative container the sample is directly transferred into the test-tubes, previously identified by a code printed on labels. By that, you can trace samples, ensure hygiene during the process and preserve the health worker from any biological risk.
Patient Kit

A proper hand held device (code CPH-DPK-01), reading the barcode of each material, traces and records all steps of the procedure. By that, you can ascribe the activities to the health workers that took part in the procedure from the collection till the transport of the specimen. Finally, a proper printer (code BT-PRINTER) will layout a report that schedules all activities done during the process.

Sample Manager Track System SMTS-DPK

With a hand held device SMTS DPK accurately traces all steps requested in different ways to draw, collect and transport biological samples, from the opening kit until they reach the laboratory.
SMTS-DPK is composed by:
Patient Kit a hand held device that records collecting and transport data;
• a bluetooth connected printer that notifies every step of the collection process by a signed receipt;
• a software that files, matches and makes available all information related to a specific sample.

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About us

Company details

EOS srl is an emerging player in Pre-Analytic Phase and Point of Care market and offers innovative products and service.

The company is located in the northeastern area of Italy, founded in 1996 and operating since then in the research & development, production and commercialization of products and instruments in the diagnostic field.

Over the last 8 years, the company focused on the Pre-Analytical Phase, particularly on tube labelling and traceability of blood collection phase through a large gamma of instruments and software.

Lab.E.L. and ATL (presented in EOS booth) are automatic instruments, which prepare rapidly all needed test tubes correctly labelling them with a label that contains all the necessary information; without using human resources and avoiding errors coming from incorrect labelling (mismatched labels/test tubes, labels applied in an inappropriate manner). All materials will be stocked in a closed, sealed and patented kit named Patient kit ® to be delivered directly in patient’s hand.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and all products are CE compliant.

EOS products are exported to more than 10 countries worldwide and we are looking for new partners to expand our business wherever in the world.

Please visit our website for detailed information about our company www.eosbio.com

We are looking forward to welcoming you at MEDICA 2016!

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