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Our products

Product category: Respiration equipment

SLE6000 Multi-Mode, Touch-Screen Infant Ventilator with HFOV

Ventilate with Confidence...

The SLE6000’s specialist lung-protective features include SLE’s own High Frequency Oscillation Ventilation (HFOV) using proprietary bidirectional jets, Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV), Volume Targeted Ventilation (VTV) and a choice of non-invasive ventilation modes (NIV) including High Flow Therapy.

SLE specialises in infant ventilation and as with all of our ventilators the SLE6000 is optimised for the smallest of patients. Rest assured that the SLE6000 will keep pace with the ever changing needs of babies - whilst being safe, reliable and easy to use.

Follow the link for more info:

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Product category: Respiration equipment

SLE5000 Neonatal Ventilator with High Frequency Oscillation

The smallest thing does matter...

There are still some neonates who cannot be adequately ventilated with even the most sophisticated conventional ventilation. Indeed, using conventional ventilation with higher rates and airway pressures has often led to an increased incidence of volutrauma and lung tissue damage. High Frequency Oscillation (HFO) has been shown to overcome this problem whilst still allowing excellent gaseous exchange.

A proven technique
Developed in cooperation with nurses and doctors, the SLE5000 uses a unique valveless system that gives both a manageable range of HFO parameters plus the ability to have ‘active exhalation’. Of course, the SLE5000 still has all of the conventional ventilation modes meaning that it can be used on virtually any baby in the NICU.

User Interface
SLE has always worked hard to make our ventilators easier to use. Essential functions are never more than a couple of button pushes away. Our own research has shown that users find it much easier to use a ventilator if there are fewer sub-menus. By reducing the number of menus and sub-menus the SLE5000 is even easier to use when time is critical. The SLE5000 has a high resolution colour touch-screen that is your interface to all the ventilator controls and functions, but in addition allows you to access many new features including trends and dynamic loops.

The SLE5000 also features parameter presetting, meaning that you can choose a ventilation mode and set up all parameter values before accepting these and confirming the mode change.

For further information, please contact your local SLE Distributor, SLE Customer Services or Download it from the link below.

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Product category: Respiration equipment

SLE4000 Infant Ventilator with Touch-Screen Operation

The total solution for conventional infant ventilation

SLE is a world leader in the design and manufacture of neonatal ventilators. Years of ventilation experience have given the company an understanding of the challenges facing clinicians when caring for the tiniest and most critical babies.

The SLE4000 ventilator is the benchmark in conventional infant/paediatric ventilators. Touch screen control and a comprehensive range of ventilation modalities and monitoring modes make the SLE4000 the choice ventilator for today's demanding NICU environment.

The knowledge and experience gained during years of development is evident in the SLE4000 ventilator; the result of SLE’s ongoing commitments to innovation, competency and care.

Modes include: CPAP, CMV+ TTV, PTV, PSV, SIMV+ TTV + PSV

• Ability to preset parameters in all modes of operation
• Full colour, total touch-screen operation
• Integral flow monitoring measuring lung mechanics and displaying of loops and waveforms
• Trending of measured parameters
• Standard patient circuit for all modes (Except with NO therapy, where an adaptor is required)
• Unique, patented valveless technology
• Integral battery with up to 60 minutes operating capability
• Software based, allowing for upgrading to versions with new or improved functions

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Product category: Respiration equipment

SLE1000 - Adaptive nasal CPAP Therapy System

A breath of fresh air

The SLE1000 is a revolutionary new CPAP machine: a servo-controlled CPAP unit with intelligent alarms and modern electronics.

The new SLE1000 incorporates a complete rethink of the way CPAP is delivered.

Using modern technology, it allows the user to set the desired pressure, and make the driver do all the hard work of adjusting the flow.

The new SLE1000 is designed to be easier to set up and to use. The servo-controlled flow ensures a more consistent pressure even when the baby is moving a lot. Using computer-controlled feedback means that the Work of Breathing (WoB) is kept to a minimum and can cope with varying leaks.

Staff are finding that once they’ve set the CPAP level, the machine can accurately track it, leaving them to get on with caring for the baby and not spending all of their time adjusting the equipment.

The illustration below shows the difference between the SLE1000 (with servo-controlled CPAP) and a conventional fixed flow CPAP.

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About us

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SLE specialises in the design and manufacture of infant ventilators. With its new SLE6000 (released Autumn 2016) the company continues to push the boundaries in the design and development of ventilation systems. A commitment to supporting our customers also means that SLE runs a series of highly popular Advanced Training Courses around the world.

Products include the SLE1000 infant nasal CPAP system, the SLE2000, SLE4000, SLE5000 and SLE6000 Neonatal Ventilators.

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