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Product category: Rapid tests - Immunochemistry

Artron Fast Detect Multi-Drug Cup

The use of illicit and prescription drugs is on the rise. With Artron's Fast Detect Multi-Drug Cup, screening for drugs of abuse has become quicker and more convenient. There's no hassle of transferring urine samples. Simply deposit your sample directly into the collection vessel to receive test results for up to 14 different drugs in just 5 minutes!

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Product category: Rapid tests - Immunochemistry

Artron Detect 3 HIV/HCV/HBV Combo Test Kit

There are about 34 million people living with HIV around the world. HIV compromises these individuals' immune systems, making them more susceptible to other infections such as the Heptitis B and C viruses. With Artron's Detect 3 HIV/HCV/HBV Combo Test Kit, detect for the presence of antibodies against HBV, HCV, and HIV respectively.

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Product category: Rapid tests - Immunochemistry

Artron One Step Zika Virus Test Kit

In less than 9 months, the Zika virus has infected 1.3 million in Brazil. With a single bite from an infected mosquito, the virus spreads into one’s blood stream and poses a severe threat when transmitted to a fetus from a pregnant woman. This has lead to 3,893 suspected cases in Brazil of fetuses with microcephaly, a fetal deformation associated with Zika virus. Use Artron’s One Step Zika IgG/IgM Antibody Test and detect for the presence of antibodies against the Zika virus.

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Product category: Rapid tests - Immunochemistry

Artron Sperm OK Male Fertility Test

50% of infertility cases are due to male infertility. Artron's Sperm OK is a rapid and convenient home-use male fertility test designed to indicate sperm concentration in human semen. It provides a visual and quantitative result that is both easy to read and to understand. Use it within the privacy of your own home without the hassle of taking a trip to the doctor's office.

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Product category: Rapid tests - Immunochemistry

Artron Procalcitonin Diagnostic Test

PCT is the most accurate biomarker for the diagnosis of sepsis. Sepsis or septicemia (blood poisoning) is a potentially fatal condition that is usually associated with a bacterial infection. In order to detect sepsis before it becomes life-threatening, a sensitive and rapid diagnostic test that can test for an accurate biomarker is required. Artron Rapid PCT diagnostic test is a convenient colloidal gold immunochromatographic assay designed to detect PCT concentration in the human body. In addition, it can be used to assess the effectiveness of antibiotic treatments.

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Artron Laboratories Inc. was founded in 2002 by a team of dedicated and talented research scientists. Today, Artron is one of the leaders in the progression of in vitro rapid lateral flow test that revolutionized the market for disease diagnosis and analyte detection.

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