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Product category: Incubators

Shvabe has Equipped the Infant Incubator with a Video System

Shvabe medical equipment continues to save the lives of newborns. The Holding has improved the traditional incubator.
The Holding had developed and began production of the video monitoring system with a built-in Web camera for incubators. Thanks to this system, the condition of a newborn can be monitored not only by the nurse in the control room, but also by the newborn's parents via the Internet.

Incubators with video monitoring systems successfully passed all the necessary tests and received positive feedback from medical personnel. Doctors pay special attention to the full compliance with the stated parameters, as well as the ease of use, including from the point of view of emergency care for newborns.

JSC Production Association Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant named after E. S. Yalamov, which is a part of Shvabe Holding Company, believes that its primary objective is to ensure the comfort and safety of young patients. In particular, in order to increase comfort, the incubator was equipped with a gel mattress and several types of "nest" pillows allowing to the newborn to lie in a natural position. Since 1994, maternity institutions received more than 9,000 incubators manufactured by the Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant. 

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Product category: Incubators

Shvabe supplied medical equipment to a hospital in Libya

The IDN-02 intensive therapy incubator for newborns was developed and is produced by Shvabe Holding and is used for nursing and effectively treating premature and fragile infants. The device consists of an infant module with double walls and a transport trolley for free movement. Access to the child is possible through five windows, reclining side panels and a floating transparent cap. In the incubator capsule heat is evenly distributed, the air is humidified, and oxygen supply is regulated. For intensive therapy, ports for connection of additional devices and space for an X-ray film pack are provided in the incubator.

The OFN-02 irradiator allows phototherapy's effectiveness to be increased, and adverse side effects to be eliminated, which may be possible when outdated lamp light sources are used. The phototherapy irradiator operates based on the exposure of the infant's skin to light emission in the spectral range of 450–500 nm (blue emission) leading to the reduction of bilirubin concentration in the blood.

Shvabe Holding intends to continue cooperation with the Libyan partners — the company forwarded its offers to participate in the next tender for supply of over 200 units of medical equipment to the hospitals of Libya.

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Product category: Incubators

Shvabe Incubator Saves the Life of a Cougar Kitten in the Yekaterinburg Zoo

An infant intensive therapy incubator produced by the Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant (part of Shvabe Holding) was used to save the Canadian cougar kitten's life in the Yekaterinburg Zoo.The animal was born premature at a weight of 700 g, and at the time, its condition was classified as unstable. But after 1.5 months of constant care and intensive therapy in the Shvabe incubator, the animal's weight increased to 1.9 kg and now, its life is no longer in danger.

"We are pleased that our neonatal equipment designed for the developmental care of human children found such an unexpected use and is currently being used to help the young animal recover and get stronger. In this case we adapted one of the incubator models produced by UOMP for the zoo's specific needs. In particular, to increase the space, the unit's module was modified and a part of the housing interior's materials was replaced with more resistant material in anticipation of housing the young predator," Anatoliy Sludnykh, UOMP CEO, stated.

At the zoo management's request, the Shvabe incubator was donated to the veterinary hospital for permanent use. The apparatus is planned to be used for the care of other young animals that are born premature.

It is well known that Shvabe Holding equipment makes up about 50 % of the Russian neonatal market. Throughout the country, more than 700 healthcare facilities are equipped with over 20,000 units.

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Product category: Incubators

Shvabe supplied neonatal equipment to the Research and Development Institute of Maternity and Infancy

Under the state contract for equipping the Ural Research and Development Institute of Maternity and Infancy, Shvabe Holding supplied modern neonatal equipment - incubators for newborns.
The delivery of neonatal equipment was carried out by Shvabe-Yekaterinburg LLC. The director of the company Danil Merkulov mentioned that the stable demand for Shvabe medical equipment is explained by the high quality of the products. As of today, medical centers of various levels are equipped with more than 9 thousand incubators from Shvabe.

Intensive care incubators are designed for the effective neonatal resuscitation of newborns and are equipped with microprocessor-controlled monitoring of the temperature, oxygen concentration, humidity, temperature, and body weight of newborns.

It should be noted that within the largest international exhibition of intellectual industry INNOPROM-2014, Shvabe and the Research and Development Institute of Maternity and Infancy signed an agreement aimed primarily at the development of high-tech medical equipment in the Sverdlovsk region and the introduction of innovations into the everyday practice of healthcare institutions.

The contract for the supply of Shvabe innovative equipment to the Research and Development Institute of Maternity and Infancy was concluded on the basis of an open electronic auction. 

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Product category: Incubators

Shvabe rendered aid to rural hospitals of the Samara Region

The first Shvabe-produced IDN-03 inversive therapy incubator for newborns appeared in Kinelskiy Central District Hospital. The same equipment was delivered to maternity departments of Bezenchuk, Novokuibyshevsk, Tolyatti and Chapaevsk along with ODN-01 heaters for newborns.

As emphasized by the Director General of Shvabe, OJSC, Chairman of Sverdlovsk regional department of Russian Engineering Union Sergey Maksin, rural district hospitals require modern equipment as acutely as other institutions, but due to limited budgets cannot afford it. 'The social program of our holding and of the Russian Engineering Union helps rural people to solve this problem,' noted Sergey Maksin.

Owing to off-the-shelf Shvabe equipment, 228 newborn babies with critically low weight have already received the medical aid they need in the Samara Region.

Incubators produced by Shvabe for nursing premature infants, according to the opinion of Samara medical workers, are easy to use, have good technical specifications, are equipped with an automatic alarm system in the case of emergencies and, what is most important, ensure stable temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration for an infant with critically low weight. Heaters can be placed in an incubator, in a cot, on a diaper board.

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JSC «Shvabe»
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Tel.: +7(499) 951-48-32
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 Shvabe Holding is a part of Rostec State Corporation and integrates several dozens of companies, including 19 companies that form the core of the Russian optical industry. The companies produce over 6,500 product types, including science-intensive medical equipment.

Innovative products by Shvabe are applied by doctors in Russia and in many countries worldwide in neonatology, intensive-care medicine, oncology, cardiology, opthalmology, endoprosthetics, orthopedics, diagnostics, and laboratory studies. The Holding has a market share of 50 % in neonatology in Russia. 20,000 items of equipment are installed across 700 healthcare institutions in Russia. Medical products by Shvabe are exported to countries of the EU, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and other regions.

Today, Shvabe has representation in China, Germany, Switzerland, and Belarus. The Holding is a part of Rostec State Corporation, and Shvabe's largest companies are members of the Russian Engineering Union.

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Gorbachev Evgeny
Head of export department

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