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  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • 10.02  Manufacturing equipment
  • 10.02.26  Solvent dispensers, solvent recovery systems

Solvent dispensers, solvent recovery systems

  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.04  Sourcing and management

Sourcing and management

  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.16  Forming
  • 11.16.10  Laser marking

Laser marking

Our products

Product category: Laser marking

Laser Marking System

• PERMANENT Laser marking is permanent and indelible marking process, which stands against wiping, scuffing, impacts, wear and tear, can only be removed by grinding or surface removal. Thus laser - marking sustains authenticity of your brand against sort of tempering
• NON-CONTACT TYPE Laser marking is non-contact type process. It does not produce any deformation in product unlike in punching, stamping, pneumatic pin, vibratory pencil etc. This gives accurate and aesthetic marking independent of hardness of material.
• FLEXIBILITY Laser marking is highly flexible process compared to any other marking processes. It can mark any images and fonts without changing any punch, die, stencil etc. unlike other conventional processes.
• AESTHETIC/ACCURACY Since laser can produce very fine beam with accuracy in micron, many accurate and micro details with precision can be marked with laser marking. Laser can produce aesthetic images which otherwise difficult to create with other marking process.
• NO PRE/POST PROCESSING Since Laser marking is non-contact type, no pre or post processing is required, which in turn significantly increase marking productivity.
• LOW OPERATING COST Laser marking helps significantly in cutting operating cost by reducing labor cost, tool cost, consumable cost, set up time, rejection improved cycle time.
• AUTOMATION One of the prime advantage of laser marking is that it can be automated and can be integrated with any online process. With support of software, even variable serial nos., batch nos., date of bar code can be marked.

The machine is controlled and managed by a control cabinet with a PLC controller and its interface with display touch screen for main settings. The machine interface is for setting different programs ( nr of printings, spacing etc.)and for the machine supervision including diagnostic messages shown in case of problems in the system, eg. machine not ready, no start signal, or other situations that need the operator's intervention. In add to this a signal will be needed from the cutting unit for the complete control of the system.

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Product category: Solvent dispensers, solvent recovery systems

Solvent Dispensers

Tecnoideal produces a complete range of Solvent Dispensers to obtain a safe, reliable, and quick solvent bonding in the assembly of medical devices such as: blood lines, infusion and transfusion sets, bags, filters, oxygenators, heat exchangers, reservoirs, stopcocks and many others customized devices. Our DS Solvent Dispensers are designed to work with the most used types of medical grade solvents (like cyclohexanone, Tetrahydrofuran, Methylethylketone, etc).


Solvent is continuously recirculated through dispensing bushes by means of an electric pumping system.
The dispensing bush is the “heart” of the dispenser. Its special shape allows the dispensing of solvent on the internal or external surface of soft and rigid drip chambers, needles and various types of connectors and components.

BENEFITS OF DS Dispensers over traditional methods

Easier and quicker solvent dispensing than any other traditional method or procedure: solvent is dispensed by just inserting the tubing or component into the relevant bushing and immediately pulling it back for assembly operation. According to our customers experience, dispensing times can be reduced by 10% to 40%.

Reproducible bonding:
when the tubing (or component) is pushed into the bushing, a dead stop determines the right dispensing length and a film of solvent is accurately and uniformly dispensed all around the surface of the tubing (or component).

Operator training is minimal: the dispensing system guarantees reproducible solvent quantities and fail safe operation.
No waste of solvent and clean dispensing: the closed configuration of the dispenser reduces the evaporation of solvent in the working area. Solvent is dispensed only where necessary, thus avoiding solvent excess on assembled parts. A protective ring (or cap) is provided to close dispensing area, and to prevent release of solvent when dispenser is not in use. A solvent usage test made by some of our customers has shown a 60% reduction in solvent use (test was made for one month, comparing the DS2 model with traditional sponge and dish method).
Minimum environmental contamination: the optional Vapour Conveyor System cuts off the solvent vapour contaminating the working environment.
Flow adjustment: each dispensing bushing is designed according to the tubing or component specs provided looking to dispense the proper quantity of solvent. Any dispenser is provided completed with a full set of dispensing pins in order to gently set the solvent flow to the bushings. In addition EFR dispensers also allows to setthe pumping frequence electronically, which tunes the solvent flow too.
Safe, noiseless and practical configuration: power supply from the transformer to the dispenser is low voltage and with a solvent-resistant electrical cable.
Bench-top configuration gives the customer the possibility to quickly and easily move the solvent dispensers to wherever they are needed.

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About us

Company details

Tecnoideal is a leader in the development of products and innovative solutions for production, assembly and final testing of medical device products.

Impressive know-how, gathered in over 30 years of experience, enables the company to offer a great range of standard and customized equipment for the biomedical industry.

Tecnoideal stands as a full-scale partner in growth of its customers by investigating unique production solutions and interpreting every specific requirement.

The company has state-of-the-art technology for the manual as well as the automatic assembly of plastic components and tubing devices used in the production of medical devices.

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Company data

Sales volume

1-9 Mio US $

Export content

max. 75%

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