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Our products

Product category: Roller bearings

Deep-groove Ball Bearings

Single-row deep-groove plastic ball bearings are the most popular type of plastic ball bearings.

These can handle both radial loads and two-way axial loads with ease.

Thanks to the low friction coefficient, these bearings are suitable for rotations requiring greater stablility.

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Product category: Roller bearings

Thrust Ball Bearings

These plastic bearings are best for handling one-way axial loads. Because the loads are evenly spread, this type of plastic bearing can support loads more stably than any other type of plastic bearing.

Additionally, Ball-retainers can be used separately.

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Product category: Roller bearings

Angular-contact Ball Bearings

Angular-contact plastic ball bearings can support both radial loads and one-way axial loads.

The ball creates contact angles with the inner ring and the outer ring. The larger the contact angle, the greater the acceptable axial load. On the other hand, the smaller the contact angle, the more effective the plastic bearing becomes for rotation-oriented purposes.

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Product category: Roller bearings

Self-aligning Ball Bearings

The trajectory of the outer ring of this plastic bearing is spherical. Because the center of curvature corresponds to the center of the bearing, the inner ring, the ball and the retainer may freely rotate around the bearing center, and thus they are self-aligning.

Self-aligning Ball Bearings are being increasingly used in the latest, most sophisticated devices nowadays (as often as deep-groove bearings).

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Product category: Roller bearings

Miniature Ball Bearings

Here we have Miniature Plastic Ball Bearings.

Due to the trend toward smaller diameters, and for lighter and thinner products, the demand for this type of plastic bearing is rapidly increasing.

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Product category: Roller bearings

Custom-made Ball Bearings

We can provide you with the most suitable products for your conditions. Small orders are possible, and if you cannot find just what you need below, we can probably craft the perfect type.

So, just contact us with your inquiries.

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Product category: Roller bearings

Ceramic Ball Bearings

Ceramic Ball Bearings are perfect for when greater load capacity is required than that provided by plastic bearings in a chemical atmosphere or in water, as more two-way axial loads may be added, in addition to radial loads, than can be added with plastic parts.

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Product category: Roller bearings

Sliding / Plain Bearings (Bushings)

Major Use Cases:
Because plastic plain / sliding bearings (bushings) are highly resistant to friction and abrasion, as well as being self-lubricating, they are basically perfect for conditions where oil or grease can be major issues.

They are most suitable for devices that cannot function well with oil, in parts that get wet, and in areas where grease hardens at high temperatures.

Moreover, because plastic bearings are lighter and more elastic than metallic bearings, they are resistant to shocks and fretting (refer to glossary), and they can be used in diverse shapes, not only as bushings, but also as liners or blocks.

These bearings are used in numerous ways in various fields, including automatic machinery; textile machines; transportation and conveyance machines; chemical and food-processing machines; as well as machines related to ensuring environmentally friendly conditions (e.g., water and garbage treatment).

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Product category: Roller bearings

Pillow Blocks (Bearing Units)

Major Use Cases:
Ordinary pillow blocks include a metallic bearing, and therefore cannot be used without grease or oil.

However, our Plastic Pillow Blocks can be used for a long time without maintenance, in wet places or places exposed to steam, at high temperatures, or under other conditions where normal metallic bearings would have only a short lifespan.

Because our plastic pillow blocks are made in sizes compatible with metallic pillow blocks, you can immediately replace them wherever you currently face problems.

We can supply both the plain / sliding bearing type (bushing) and the ball bearing type.

These pillow blocks are favored for use in diverse use cases including transportation and conveyance machines; food-processing machinery; as well as machines related to ensuring environmentally friendly conditions (e.g., water and garbage treatment).

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About us

Company details

Kashima Bearings, Inc started its business as a plastic product manufacturer in 1961, and we have been manufacturing high-quality plastic products to satisfy our customers’ needs ever since.
Especially with regards to plastic bearings, we have established great trust and attained extremely high levels of customer satisfaction thanks to precision crafting, the best techniques, and the highest technologies in the industry.

Through continuous research and development, we will always strive to support our customers by providing high-quality plastic products, plastic bearings and plastic ball bearings.

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