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Our range of products

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Our products

Product category: Fibreoptics

Fiber Optics

Photop Optics is a leading supplier for micro-optics and bulk optics for telecom, display, laser, and consumer products, as well as a foundation for Photop's vertical integration manufacturing. Photop Optics' micro-optics line serves optical communications. This includes micro lenses for collimating and laser coupling, micro prisms for managing light path and direction, crystal parts for light splitting and combination, waveplate and true-zero waveplate, and optical assembly, such as PBS, Etalon. Our micro-optics products are widely used in telecom compoents, such as 3-port component, optical switch, circulator, PBC (polarization beam combiner).

Photop Optics' bulk optics provides a broad portfolio of advanced optics, including lenses, prisms, filters, mirrors, windows, waveplates, beamsplitters for application in projection and display, LED engines, laser coupling, instrumentation, semiconductor, etc.

Our photonic crystal line grows and provides high quality laser crystal, nonlinear optical crystal, electro-optic crystal, birefringent crystal, and the corresponding crystal parts for application in laser media; OPO & OPA; laser modulation; laser beam splitting and combination.

Equiped with more than 30 sets advanced coating machines from Veeco, Leybold, Optorun, Korea, and China, Photop coating lines provide AR (antireflection), HR (high reflection),PR (partial reflection), and customed coating service for optical communication, laser, commercial and consumer products.
h as marking, engraving, and via hole drilling, Information on proper cleaning and handling of CO2 laser optics, Tutorials on choosing a focusing lens, polarization, and additional topics ... and more.

Photop – our optics, your solutions

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Product category: Fibreoptics

Max Levy Products

Max Levy Autograph, Inc. (MLA) is a manufacturer of high precision, tight-tolerance patterns on optical, metal, ceramic, and various other substrates. Advanced patterning technologies are used to delineate patterns in substrates for resolution targets, machine vision calibration, optical encoders, and quality control equipment. Other unique capabilities include in-house electro-forming and plating for generation of fine mesh patterns with no substrate and our diamond milling equipment which has generated micro-needle arrays for medical applications and aspheric surface arrays for 3D imaging applications. In addition, our proprietary and patented processes can protect products from Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) and Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) can be applied to block specific wavelengths and pass others for unique and custom applications on radomes, ceramics, and polyimide.

MLA was founded in Baltimore in 1872 as a manufacturer of half-tone screens and etched plates for the graphic arts industry. MLA now resides in a modern 30,000 square foot facility with Class 1000 cleanrooms in Northeast Philadelphia. The company operates under the management of Lightworks Optical Systems, a subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated in the Military and Materials business segment.

Currently serving commercial and MIL-AERO customers in a variety of industries, MLA's products derive from high precision phototooling and proprietary patterning methods.

Max Levy Autograph's core development and manufacturing capability falls into these categories:

Small patterned optics and components including reticles and test targets
Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) patterning and design
Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) patterning on radomes, ceramic, and polyimide
Glass and Fused Silica scales and calibration grid plates
Dimensional calibration service for scales and 2D calibration grid plates
High temperature ceramic circuitry and patterning
Diamond micro-contouring / machining
Electroformed parts
Photochemical etching
Film products
Often we employ combinations of processes across these product lines under the direct supervision of the responsible Project Engineer.

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Product category: Fibreoptics

Laser Enterprise

II-VI Laser Enterprise GmbH is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-power semiconductor laser components enabling fiber and direct diode laser systems for material processing, medical, consumer and printing applications. In addition, II-VI Laser Enterprise manufactures pump lasers for optical amplifiers for both terrestrial and submarine applications and vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) for optical navigation, optical interconnects and optical sensing applications.

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Product category: Optical engineering services

CO2 Laser Optics & Consumable Products

II-VI Infrared offers a complete range of products for all of your CO2 laser needs. Please see the menu at left to make a selection from our extensive catalog of co2 laser consumables, as well as optics for scanning laser systems, and other infrared optics products.

CO2 Laser Consumables
Nozzles & Accessories
+ Cut Lenses for Trumpf Laser Machines
+ MP-5 Ultra-Low Absorption Lenses
+ Aspheric Lenses
+ Meniscus Lenses
+ Plano-Convex Lenses
+ Cylinder Lenses
Scanning Laser System Optics
Scanning Laser System Optics
Beam Combiners
Beam Expanders
Collimating Optics
Diamond-Turned Specialty Optics
Reflective Phase Retarders
Prisms & Rhombs
Thin-Film Polarizers
Resonator Optics
+ Output Couplers
+ Rear Mirrors
+ Band-Selective Optics
+ AR-Coated Windows
+ Brewster Windows
+ Protective Windows
Lens Stress Analyzer(LSA)

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Product category: Optical engineering services

Silicon Carbide(SiC)

The Wide Bandgap Materials (WBG) division of II-VI Incorporated is committed to becoming the world’s leading supplier of high performance, high quality silicon carbide (SiC) and other wide Bandgap materials. We pledge to be a customer-driven commercial source of high quality SiC wafers. Towards this end, we continually make significant investments in unique technology, detailed material characterization facilities and manufacturing techniques, along with the development of new state-of-the-art SiC crystal growth and high throughput wafer fabrication processes which are certified to the ISO 9001 quality standard.

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Product category: Optical engineering services

Optical Systems Products

LightWorks Optical Systems, a subsidiary of II-VI, Inc., has locations in both Tustin and Murrieta, California. LightWorks Optical Systems designs, manufactures, assembles and tests precision optical systems and components. Our products have been deployed on military platforms such as submarines, tanks, missiles, fighter jets and UAV’s. LightWorks Optical Systems has grown over the years from a provider of specialty optical materials to a full service provider of optical components and optical systems.

Since its establishment in 1961, LightWorks Optical Systems has maintained a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is achieved by continuous training of our staff with focus on quality, on-time delivery, and cost reduction. From the initial customer inquiry to final delivery, meeting the customer's requirements is our primary objective.

LightWorks Optical Systems' contributions begin during a program's conceptual and production design phases. Engineering and pre-production models are developed during these phases with a focus on product performance and cost effectiveness. Through the life of the program, LightWorks Optical Systems' comprehensive capabilities provide full control over product quality, cost and schedule.

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About us

Company details

Nearly 6500 employees on four different continents are manufacturing optics for our global customers. Since the foundation of II-VI Inc. in 1971 we continuously extended our product portfolio. We are proud to be able to offer our customers cutting edge quality at best rates. We offer an unmatched variety of IR/CO2 optics as well as optical components for a wide application and wavelength range from 300nm to 3µm, using various optical materials and high performance coatings. We are world's largest manufacturer of Protective Windows for cutting and welding applications. Another manufacturing unit produces diode and DPSS laser modules, free beam as well as fiber coupled versions. II-VI MLA specializes in ultra-precision patterned 2D and 3D structures for the photonic, biomedical, mil-aerospace, semiconductor, and metrology industries. Major process capabilities include photolithography, electroforming, diamond milling, and calibration services.
Our products are used in various industrial fields like laser industry, medicine, image processing, telecommunications, metrology or car manufacturing. The top priority for all our products is the consistent quality and a constant just-in-time delivery to our customers. In Germany and neighboring countries this is cared for by the team of II-VI Germany GmbH

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