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Miniature tubings

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PTFE tubings

  • 03  Tubings and tubing equipment
  • 03.37  Polyimide tubings, coated and uncoated

Polyimide tubings, coated and uncoated

  • 03  Tubings and tubing equipment
  • 03.49  Composite tubings

Composite tubings

Our products

Product category: Braided tubings


MicroLumen offers custom braid and coil reinforced PTFE and polyimide tube shafts. Primary advantages of using PTFE and polyimide tubing include increased column strength, torque transmission and increased burst strength. Reinforced PTFE and polyimide tubes are available in a wide range of diameters and configurations. The construction of a typical reinforced tube consists of a substrate layer, a braided or coiled layer, and an exterior layer. Substrates can include Polyimide, PTFE Composites, or Pure PTFE liners. Pure PTFE liners and PTFE Composites offer reduced surface friction. The exterior layer is typically constructed of Polyimide, but can consist of thermoplastics like Pebax®, Nylon & Urethanes for varying durometer & color.
Steel Coil Reinforced PTFE and Polyimide Tubing Specifications
The most common braid/coil material is 304V stainless steel.
Both round and flat wires are available. Common wire sizes:
Round wire 0.0010" to 0.0020"
Flat wire 0.0005" x 0.0025" and larger
"PIC" count = per inch crosses (Braid)
"WPI" count = wraps per inch (Coil)
Higher PIC counts improve flexibility, while a lower PIC count increases longitudinal stiffness
The PIC count can be varied within a specific length to provide variable flexibility (this can also be achieved via selective laser removal of OD layers)
Selective laser removal of Polyimide top-layers increases flexibility and helps in secondary processes & assembly
Coil reinforced designs offer better overall flexibility
Axial reinforcement provides added tensile strength and minimized elongation
Band swaging facilitates visualization during clinical use

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Product category: PTFE tubings


PTFE Liners
Our PTFE tubing expands the capability of our medical tubing, allowing us to combine physical properties of multiple materials into one high-performance product. PTFE has one of the lowest coefficients of friction against any solid.
Our liners are typically built with a thickness at 0.00075" +/- 0.00025".
We can supply tubing with the PTFE liner or provide an etched OD PTFE on a mandrel for catheter building at your facility.
ETO sterilization is required with PTFE liners.
PTFE Composites
Our unique process of incorporating fluoropolymers with Polyimide provides excellent mechanical properties while reducing the coefficient of friction.
PTFE Composite Tubing can withstand gamma and e-beam sterilization.
Coefficient of Friction
Both PTFE composites and ultra-thin PTFE liners reduce the coefficient of friction:
Coefficient of friction:

Pure PTFE = 0.1
PTFE composite = 0.3
Polyimide = 0.5

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Product category: Polyimide tubings, coated and uncoated


Polyimide is a polymer thermoset plastic that has exceptional thermal stability, chemical resistance, and tensile strength. These characteristics make polyimide an ideal material for high-performance surgical and medical tubing applications. The tubing is lightweight, flexible, and resistant to heat and chemical interaction. Surgical tubing requires the high quality physical properties of polyimide to make it possible to achieve thin walls, tight tolerances, low friction, transparency, stiffness, and strength.
Typical Applications
Cardiovascular catheters
Urological retrieval devices
Neurological applications
Fiber optics
Intravascular drug delivery
Balloon angioplasty & stent delivery
Polyimide Features
Superior pushability & tractability
Flexibility & kink resistance
Column strength
Ultra-smooth surface & transparency
Chemical inertia
Torque transmission
Gamma, EtO & E-beam sterilization tolerant
Color selection
USP Class VI Compliance
Standard Size/Tolerances
Standard ID sizes from 0.004" to 0.086" (0.10mm to 2.18mm)
Wall thickness from 0.0005" to 0.008" (0.0127mm to 0.2032mm)
ID Size/Tolerances
ID > 0.0200" (0.51 mm) Tolerance: ± 1% of Nominal
ID < 0.0200" Tolerance: ± 0.0002" (0.005 mm) of Nominal
Wall Thickness/Tolerances
Wall > 0.0010" (0.025 mm)
Tolerance: ±0.00025" (0.006 mm)
Wall < 0.0010"
Tolerance: +0.00025", - 0"
Material Property Information
Thermal Rating @ 20,000 Hours: 220°C Minimum (428°F)
Thermal Endurance: 400°C Minimum (752°F)
Tensile Strength: 20,000 PSI Minimum
Hoop Stress: 11,000 PSI Minimum
Burst Strength: (Hoop Stress x Wall Thickness)/OD Radius
Chemical Resistance: Excellent, most solvents/solutions
Radiation Resistance: 3.0 X 109 Gamma Dose rd
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity: 35.0 X 10-5 Cal/sec/cm2/°C/cm
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 4.0 X 10-5/°C
Elongation @ Break: 50% Nominal
Dielectric Strength: 4,000 Volts/0.001" Minimum
Dielectric Constant: 3.4
Melting Point: Nonexistent
Density @ Room Temp: 1.41 g/cc
Coefficient of Friction: 0.5
MicroCut Trimming Services
Replace in-house trimming operations and reduce lead time with our automated trimming service. Applications include markers, spacers, washers, bushings, and insulative sleeving. Contract trimming available upon request. Our MicroCut trim process provides:
Precise, custom short lengths with square ends
Trim capabilities as short as 0.0100" (0.25 mm)
Tolerances of +/- 0.005" (0.13mm) to +/- 0.15% of length
Minimal profile distortion and end flash
MicroView diagnostic capabilities.

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Product category: Polyimide tubings, coated and uncoated


Sub-Assembly / Composites
MicroLumen medical tubing products offer a tremendous range of options to address the most complex medical tasks. Sub-assemblies and composites allow us to provide the multi-functionality you want in a product that is still minimally invasive, repeatable and reproducible. Sub-assemblies reduce your number of suppliers and can increase the speed to market. The most common thermoplastic materials used are Pebax®, Nylon and Urethanes. Our value-added sub-assemblies offer:

Variable flexibility throughout the length of the shaft via multi-durometer constructions
Combining different materials within a tube can optimize performance
Marker bands embedded for radiopacity
A-traumatic tips
Tapered and flared tube ends
Multi-lumen profiles

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Product category: Composite tubings


MicroLumen offers custom laser machined tubing to accomplish specific tasks. This value-added process speeds time to market and customizes the tube shaft. Whether you need precision holes to deliver drugs or a reduced OD to bond; we give design engineers solutions.

Precise removal of polyimide layers to expose braid/coil wires
Selective OD ablation allows variable flexibility within a given length
Selective removal of layers aids secondary processes and assembly
OD surface reduction offers a "step-down" effect; multiple OD diameters in one shaft
Custom drilling of holes, slots & shapes for precise liquid or gas delivery
Custom hole diameters
Holes as small as 15 microns without delamination or discoloration
Laser etched markings without the use of ink
Micro-machining and very tight length tolerances
Custom wire stripping

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About us

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Founded in 1987, MicroLumen is the International Leader in the manufacture  of high performance Polyimide tubing. Our Polyimide tubing is a thermoset plastic providing the ultimate in mechanical, thermal, chemical, and electricalproperties. Our products are used in a wide range of critical applications suchas cardiovascular catheters, stent delivery, urological retrieval devices and  drug delivery. MicroLumen Polyimide tubing is ideal for electronic requiring thin walls, small diameters, and high dielectic strength. We accommodate   many specialty products including braid reinforcement, coiling, FEP & PTFE coatingsthermoplastic TopCoat, radiopaque, and MicroCut lengths. Custom diameters and wall thickness are also available. 

We will provide you with innovative solutions for your product design needs. Our engineering staff is dedicated to new material explorations and welcomes inquiries.

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