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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.04  Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
  • 01.04.02  Respiration equipment

Respiration equipment

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.04  Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
  • 01.04.04  Patient monitoring systems / Measuring stations

Patient monitoring systems / Measuring stations

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.07  Emergency Medicine / Rescue Equipment
  • 01.07.04  Rescue equipment and appliances

Rescue equipment and appliances

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.08  Surgery and Endoscopy
  • 01.08.02  Surgical instruments and products

Surgical instruments and products

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.10  Furnishing
  • 01.10.06  Sanitary installations

Sanitary installations

  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.02  Universal medical commodities

Universal medical commodities

  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.07  Disposable articles for surgeries

Disposable articles for surgeries

  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.08  Disposable articles for hospitals

Disposable articles for hospitals

  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.12  Catheters
  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.18  Dressings for wounds

Dressings for wounds

Our products

Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals

Island Dressing

The Trusted Standard of the Absorbent Dressing Class

The Centurion Island Dressing doesn't stick to wounds, because it's made with a highly absorbent, lint-free pad. The dressing is manufactured with a special non-woven fabric that is very flexible, making it very comfortable for patients.

Benefits for Caregivers, Hospitals & Patients
- Available in different sizes to fit a variety of sites and wounds
- Very easy to apply and remove
- Patient-friendly, non-sensitizing adhesive keeps dressing in place for long wear times
- Highly absorbent, lint-free pad does not stick to wounds
- Fabric "breathes" like skin, and conforms to body's movement

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Product category: Catheters

Central Line Bundle

Complete, Customized Kit for Central Line Insertions

Centurion's CVC Zone Bundle™ is a custom-built central line bundle with everything your team needs - in the desired sequence - to prevent infection, improve outcomes and offer the best patient care possible during and after central line insertion. Every major health agency including the CDC, OSHA and The Joint Commission asserts that a robust prevention strategy including proper techniques, protocols and bundling, significantly reduces CLABSIs.

The defining difference in the CVC Zone Bundle is our Zone Defense approach, which helps facilitate proper sterile technique in the placement of a central line. The equipment and sequencing in this tray anticipates the needs of the inserter, which reduces the need to break the sterile field to find supplies, thereby optimizing the entire insertion process.

Each Zone addresses a step in the central line insertion process and specific objectives that must be met to safeguard against infection.

Zone 1: The Maximum Barrier Zone protects the patient and clinician from cross-contamination.

Zone 2: The Catheter Insertion Zone streamlines the insertion process and anticipates the needs of the clinician during the procedure.

Zone 3: The Site Protection and Accessory Zone supports line securement and post-insertion compliance.

The Zone Defense approach creates a high level of consistency in central line insertion procedures, while allowing hospitals the opportunity to customize where appropriate.

Kits customized with Centurion's innovative products:

- SorbaView® Window Dressings
- SorbaView SHIELD®
- HubGuard® Adhesive Foam Cushions
- Universal Tape Strips
- CVC Tubing Anchor
- WingGuard® Securement Device
- Pre-cut tape strips and rolls
- CHG-based ChloraPrep® and other prep solutions
- BIOPATCH® Protective Disk with CHG

- Drapes, gloves and masks
- Wide selection of products from various suppliers
- Many packaging options including stackable trays, flexible pouches, and wrapped foam trays

SorbaView® Window DressingsSorbaView SHIELD®HubGuard® Adhesive Foam CushionsUniversal Tape StripsCVC Tubing AnchorWingGuard® Securement DevicePre-cut tape strips and rollsCHG-based ChloraPrep® and other prep solutionsBIOPATCH® Protective Disk with CHG
Drapes, gloves and masksWide selection of products from various suppliersMany packaging options including stackable trays, flexible pouches, and wrapped foam traysBenefits For Caregivers, Hospitals, Patients & the Environment

- Centurion CVC Zone Bundles meet IHI recommendations, CDC guidelines and
The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals
- Centurion's Guardian Angel Program provides clinical education designed to uncover any gaps and reinforce essential skills and behaviors needed for central line insertion and maintenance

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Product category: Catheters

Centurion CVC Securement Anchor

Stabilize and Secure

The Centurion CVC Securement Anchor stabilizes and secures central lines to prevent potential movement, dislodgement, and accidental needlesticks, reducing the risk of CLABSIs.

Benefits For Caregivers, Hospitals, Patients & the Environment
• Designed for use with Edwards double or triple lumen catheters only

• Stabilizes the catheter to prevent movement

• Takes the guesswork out of positioning

• Intuitive, easy application

• Adhesive is non-irritating, non-sensitizing and non-cytotoxic

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About us

Company details

Founded in 1961, Centurion Medical Products (formerly known as Tri-State Hospital Supply Corporation) is a privately held company with approximately 1,100 employees and a national sales force of over 145 professionals. 

Guided by direct, one-on-one contact from the doctors and nurses we support, Centurion has led the industry in providing responsive products, and insight. This has enabled Centurion to excel in customization through its procedural trays and other product lines.

In addition, Centurion has worked to capture and maintain the lead in quality and reliability in other mission-critical areas such as single-use instrument trays, catheter securement/stabilization and dressings. As the industry's performance leader, Centurion helps medical professionals and hospitals achieve better care while lowering costs.

At a time of dramatic industry consolidation, Centurion remains strong and independent. Funding its own growth internally, Centurion continually pursues differentiated products and maintains its focus on practitioners' areas of imperfectly-met needs. Today, more than ever, expert-consultative sales representatives make a decisive difference.

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