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Product category: Batteries


DYNAMIS LEAD-LINE - Maintenance free AGM batteries for standard usage.

The main advantages of this battery type are, the absolute maintenance free construction,
the high reliability and perfect quality in combination with the long usage life at an excellent
price ratio.

The battery is designed for standard use and available with capacities between 1 Ah to 100 Ah.

Standard values are available ex stock.
The more important types are also VdS-approved.
We offer also the correct charging technology for the entire range.

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Product category: Batteries


Our DYNAMIS Lithium Manganese 9 Volt Block provides a high nominal capacity of typically 1300 mAh (@ 900 Ohms,
cut-off 5.0V). Under these conditions the working voltage at 9 mA discharge is widely constant around 9.0 Volts (starting from approx. 9.5 V) and the energy density is high. The block can be used in a temperature range from -30 deg C
(- 22 °F) to +85 deg C (185 °F).

The high performance of the LM9V-P product is completed by a very low self discharge (less than 0.17 % per month
@ 23 deg C) and a 10-year service life. High pulse current capability is also a major feature.

Ideal areas of application are Medical Devices, Alarm Systems and Security Equipment, as well as Smoke Detectors, Meters and Gas Emission Alarm Devices. In addition to that we supply to many kinds of Measuring Devices, Control Systems, Audio and Industrial applications.

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Product category: Batteries


DYNAMIS LIX-Batteries = High Capacity Lithium battery + Supercap
= High Capacity and High Pulse Capability

The new DYNAMIS battery product line, LIX, is especially optimized for pulse applications and
contains a high capacity Lithium battery and a supercap.
The product combines the high-capacity advantage of both technologies: A superior capacity
and exceptional pulse reliability.

With a value of 2 A max. the pulse capability is especially high.

The high charge current of the Supercap means the recharge is particularly efficient and
allows a high pulse rate. This product is also very suitable for discharge terms to 1s. 

LIX Batteries Nominal Voltage 3.6V = High Capacity Lithium Battery + Supercap
Types LIX-110-1150 to LIX-160-1520 with various terminals

Supercaps (Capacitors) Voltage 3.95V
SCX-1020 to SCX-1550 with various terminals

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Product category: Batteries


Lithium round cell from DYNAMIS

Long term power supply security for wireless applications.

Typical cases for long term presence of energy for small loads or current absence at electronic applications
are scope for the use of our Lithium primary cells in huge amount.

The Lithium primary cells are available in large quantities for electronic applications requiring long-term
power supply with low energy loads or no current requirements.

- Primary cells are reliable and low-cost solution for a wide range of category groups.
- In size from the classic ½ AA size (14250) up to the DD (341270).
- Nearly 25 variants are available with a temperature range of up to +85°C for general purpose
  applications or as high temperature cells, useable in temperatures as high as +150°C. 
- The high power cells are also available in most sizes, designed for discharge currents 4-5 times that of standard value.
- Available with a choise of terminations (i.e. T, P, PT, PTV or ERP).

Customized compositions of this product range can be designed and produced.

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Product category: Batteries


Lithium coin cells offer an outstanding shelf life and excellent performance over atemperature range -20°C to +70°C. Beside a stable discharge voltage, the cells have an extended serice life due to low self-discharge rate of less than 0,3% per year. The shelf life is 10 years or more. The batteries are available with and without tabs.

Standard sizes are available ex stock.

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Product category: Batteries



120 mAh - 8500 Ah 
Prismatic cells in Standard and High Cycle versions
Special High Power type - recharcheable

- Space-saving assembling in various sizes and capacities
- Packs with nominal voltage from 3.7 up to 66.6V possible.
- Custom versions of protection circuit (PCB) with various possibilities for
   parameter registration to ensure safe operation
- Optional: charge state gauge, cell balancing

In our DYNAMIS Test Laboratory we execute and certify Transport Safety tests according to UN 38.3
requirements and Safety test for the use in applications according to IEC 62133 requirements Chapter 7 and 8.

Cell LP 553770G 3.7V and 1700 mAh with housing, developed for ambitious applications 
e. g. medical applications. For this cell tests according UN 38.3 and IEC62133 are already 
executed and certified. Part-no. 60.10262.

We are pleased to offer our customers technical support and design-in solutions.

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Product category: Batteries



550 ~ 3350 mAh 
Lithium-Ion Accus based on Li-Iron-Phosphate Material

Especially robust cells with nominal 3.2 V voltage per cell.

- Standard drain is 3C to 5C while cycling capability is very high.
- High Power versions with 10C/20C drain rate capability.
- Manifold assemblies available as packs or cells,
  with protective circuits or BMS. 

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Product category: Batteries


Cylindrical and Prismatic cells, rechargeable
- Superior and stable source of power concerning the high cell voltage
- Packs with nominal voltage from 3.6 to 66.6V and capacities to 40 Ah and above.
- Standard execution with protection circuit (PCB)
- Without PCB for systems with integrated safety circuit preventing overcharging
  resp. deep discharging
- Customary version of PCB, with integrated charging module
- PCB construction position on top or on side, as well as possibility of individual

Lithium-Ion Standard Packs
We assemble Li-Ion batteries from cells of well-known manufacturers and
UL-recognized components.
All batteries (in shrink tube) are equipped with PCM and 150mm wire
For easy implementation in your application, all batteries already comply
with UN section 38.3 transportation test.
The custom-built PCM ensures high safety during operation.

Other sizes upon request.

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Product category: Batteries



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Growing demand to use batteries in medical devices increases the need for highly adaptable, small and portable accumulators of optimum performance.

As a manufacturer of batteries and accu-systems DYNAMIS Batterien GmbH offers designs to meet modern standards as well as high performance customized designs for challenging applications.

For systems using different chemicals (like NiMH, Lithium ion on Cobalt, NMC or iron phosphate, Lithium Polymer, etc.) we work with our customers from the design phase right up to successful serial implementation. We provide constant support while the project is active, remaining on standby ready to help should optimisation or changes be required.

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