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  • 02  Electrical and electronic components
  • 02.28  Switches


  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • 10.02  Manufacturing equipment
  • 10.02.07  Coating


  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • 10.02  Manufacturing equipment
  • 10.02.08  Drilling


  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • 10.02  Manufacturing equipment
  • 10.02.17  Enclosures, humidity and temperaturecontrolled
  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.03  Machining
  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.05  Coating


  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.15  Extrusion
  • 11.15.03  Mould tool-making

Mould tool-making

  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.15  Extrusion
  • 11.15.12  Injection moulds

Injection moulds

  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.15  Extrusion
  • 11.15.15  Tool development

Tool development

  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.16  Forming
  • 11.16.37  Tooling


Our products

Product category: Enclosures, humidity and temperaturecontrolled

Wearable enclosures

OKW wearable enclosures are ideal for electronic components and sensors that are worn on or close to the body – the new generation of ‘wearable technologies’. Our ergonomic and aesthetic enclosures enable wearable computers and other on-the-body electronic devices to function simply and elegantly, without restricting the user. Their simple operation by means of keys, touch screens or push buttons offers users complete control in all situations – reinforcing their feelings of security and well-being and reducing stress. Larger versions have a convex design to match the curves of the body and offer a generous surface area for interfaces. Our smaller enclosures are highly practical and unobtrusive. Accessories include comfortable wrist straps or hand straps, belt/pocket clips and fastening eyelets for attaching lanyards and belt straps etc.

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Product category: Enclosures, humidity and temperaturecontrolled

Handheld enclosures

The manufacture of advanced and ergonomic handheld enclosures has been the major focus of our programme for many years. Today, we offer an exceptional variety of sizes and styles to suit both indoor and outdoor electronic devices. OKW handheld enclosures have an aesthetic and timeless design and are very comfortable to hold, which guarantees safe and fatigue-free operation. Our standard enclosures have many in-built features which makes them compatible with modern electronic assemblies. Options include: battery compartments for N, AAA, AA, C and 9 V type cells, mounting points for PCBs,  display modules, PCMCIA cards and connectors, high protection classes  from  IP 54 to IP 65, recessed areas for protecting membrane keyboards and product labels, plus moulding in reinforced, impact-resistant plastic for industrial use, or infrared-permeable material for remote control signals.

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Product category: Enclosures, humidity and temperaturecontrolled

Wired enclosures

OKW’s wired enclosures are ideal for cable connected applications, whether hand-held, desk-top, wall mounted or freely suspended. The integrated cable glands made of soft TPE material are suitable for round cables from ø 3.4 – 5.9 mm and represent a seamless continuation of the high-quality design of the enclosure. If required, a strain relief device can protect the flexible cables from mechanical stress.

Depending on the type of enclosure, options include holding clamps for hanging the devices on to round tubes, wall suspension elements for permanent or short-term storage, double-sided cable routing on each end of the enclosure and much more.

The range also includes hand-grip style enclosures with an integrated trigger action push button for startup, operation and stand-by mode switching.

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Product category: Switches

Tuning knobs

OKW Gehäusesysteme has over 40 years' experience in the development and production of potentiometer knobs. Today we can offer a wide range of modern and traditional tuning knob designs for spindles from 3 to 8 mm.  Our latest operating elements combine special technical features with a contemporary appearance. This includes optional LED illumination, flush-fitting installation, a main body which is slightly inclined towards the internal axis, function-oriented marking elements, modern colour selection etc.

The OKW range of tuning knobs is well tried and tested for rotary potentiometers with round and flattened shaft ends in accordance with DIN 41591 or 6/4.6 mm. The knobs are fitted using the proven collet fixture, lateral screw fixing or simply by pushing them on. Choose from round knobs, wing knobs, spindle-shaped knobs, pointer knobs or simple rotary switches. Different sizes and combinations offer a wide range of possible solutions.

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Product category: Enclosures, humidity and temperaturecontrolled

Desktop enclosures

OKW desktop and keyboard enclosures feature ergonomically designed sloping front sections which allows the controls, keypads and displays to be positioned at a perfect viewing and operating angle. As a result, the operational data to be collected and entered quickly and reliably. All the enclosures have a highly attractive appearance which makes them ideal for applications where external design is very important. From our wide range of models you can select an enclosure that will fully meet your requirements i.e. control panel size, viewing angle, PCB size etc.
Standard options include: protection class IP 54, battery compartments for AA or 9 V cells, separate terminal compartments, recessed areas for membrane keyboards, separate lids for installing card/bar code readers, wall mounting sets etc. Front panel housings are also available for installing complete prefabricated electronic assemblies.

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Product category: Enclosures, humidity and temperaturecontrolled

Aluminium enclosures

The new SYNERGY range of enclosures combines the advantages of the attractive material combination of aluminium and plastic with an extremely elegant look. The purist enclosure design uses the basic geometrical shapes of square, rectangular, circular and oval. The combination of three sizes for each basic shape, each in three different heights, means 36 enclosures which offer optimum protection as well as the sophisticated presentation of the electronics. The potential applications include computer peripherals, network technology, building and safety technology as well as medical and therapeutic applications, to name but a few.

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Product category: Enclosures, humidity and temperaturecontrolled

Portable instrument enclosures

OKW mobile instrument enclosures are available with an integrated handle or with an external tilt/swivel carry handle. The enclosures with the integrated handle have extra large operating panels for pushbuttons, membrane keyboards, displays or touch screens. They are also ergonomically inclined by 15° when in an upright position. Protective side bags provide space for instruments, sensors and cable attachments. Accessories include wall/desk stations with contacts for data transfer and battery charging. Alternatively, enclosures fitted with the tilt/swivel carry handle allow the user to set the device at different view angles to suit the work location. Depending on the material chosen, these enclosures are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

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Product category: Enclosures, humidity and temperaturecontrolled

Table-top enclosures

OKW table-top and instrument enclosures have been designed to provide an almost unlimited number of opportunities for packaging your electronics. The enclosures can be configured in different designs and combinations, not only for compact applications but also for larger systems. Our instrument enclosures are characterised by their high-quality finish and installation-friendly design, which allows rational assembly of the components. Anti-slide feet also ensure reliable positioning on the desk.
Depending on the type of enclosure, standard options include: battery compartments for AA and 9 V cells, ergonomically sloping control panels, recessed areas for membrane keyboards, front / rear panels made of plastic, aluminium or perspex, ventilation slots for good heat dissipation, integrated handles as well as adjustable carry handles, which allow the units by be canted at an ergonomic angle.

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Product category: Enclosures, humidity and temperaturecontrolled

Wall mount enclosures

OKW wall mount enclosures are available in an extensive range of sizes and individual styles. Firstly, you can select your enclosure with or without a separate terminal compartment, which provides plenty of room for the wiring. Also, many versions have an ergonomic sloping control panel which means that once the enclosure is mounted at a suitable height, the displays and control legends can be very easily read by the operator. High quality materials like ABS, ASA+PC (UL 94 V-0) or polycarbonate allow the enclosures to be used in many different applications on walls, machines or on any level surface.
Other options include: protection classes from IP 54 to IP 67, hinged lids and covers, recessed surfaces to protect membrane keyboards and product labels, security kits, aluminium front panels, glass panels for touch screen applications, coloured cover strips for colour-coding functions etc.

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Product category: Machining

Enclosures for suspension arm systems

OKW operating and display enclosures are ideal for mounting on tripods and suspension arm systems. Several models have integrated handles, which are particularly suitable if the display and control panels have to be realigned frequently. Effortless swivelling, tilting, inclining, turning, pulling etc. – all this is no problem. Alternatively, there are also flat housings for operating panels. The narrow design of these, as well as the finger recesses on the back, ensure that the unit is securely held during positioning.
These enclosures also offer generously dimensioned operating panels for displays and touch screens from 16 cm (6.4 inches) to 34 cm (13.4 inches). The rear interface mounting allows tidy cable routing via the enclosure connection, the system is partly compatible with the VESA standard (100 x 100 mm).

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Product category: Coating, Drilling, Enclosures, humidity and temperaturecontrolled, Machining, Coating, Mould tool-making, Injection moulds, Tool development, Tooling


We can supply the enclosures exactly to your requirements, ready to install all your components and assemblies. Tell us what you need to complete your product design using our case. We can process and modify our enclosures and tuning knobs according to your exact specifications. And what if your requirements go beyond our standard range of services? No problem. 35 years of experience in the development of enclosures is on hand to help you realise your own individual product. From conception or development to series-type production, we can offer you the solution you need, for any quantity.
Your advantage: one supplier with global coverage for the complete "Electronic packaging solution”. All you have to do is to install the electronics in the case.

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Company news




Aug 4, 2016

CARRYTEC M - Enclosure with flat bottom part

The CARRYTEC M, the enclosure with the handle, is now also available as a flat version as an alternative to the existing version with the high bottom part. The new version has a reduced installation depth and is ideally suited to devices in which a flat volume has to be packaged. However, it still offers enough room for interfaces while retaining its slim appearance.

The CARRYTEC M is available in two different materials - ABS (UL 94 HB) in off-white (RAL 9002) and in a reinforced, impact-resistant plastic material, ASA+PC (UL 94 V-0), in lava. The dimensions of the flat version are 270 x 247 x 42 mm (W x H x D) and are thus ideal for holding a tablet computer, for example. Thanks to the optionally available sealing, the enclosure offers protection class IP 54, and is thus ideal for many different requirements and tasks, both indoors and outdoors. The CARRYTEC offers a perfect non-slip grip thanks to a soft TPE insert in the handle. The special feature of this group of products is a large surface which can be used for user interfaces. The recessed operating area offers optimum protection for membrane keyboards. Besides the mobile version, the CARRYTEC can also be used on a bracket or tripod by means of a 180° rotation. The existing holding clamp for hanging the enclosure on round tubes and equipment rails (DIN EN ISO 19054) can be used on the high as well as on the flat bottom part.

Numerous processing and finishing options, for example mechanical processing, lacquering or printing, allow the enclosure to be individualised according to customer's wishes. The applications of the CARRYTEC include medical and laboratory technology, data acquisition and safety technology, measurement and control technology, and much more.

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Aug 4, 2016

CONNECT - The optimum connection

With the new CONNECT, OKW Gehäusesysteme presents a versatile and compact plastic enclosure for wired applications. It consists of two enclosure shells which are easily and reliably joined together by means of a concealed locking edge. The two end sides are designed in such a way that either they are closed or they can be fitted with cable glands. The possible applications include security and building services systems, computer peripherals and network technology, data transfer, measuring and control engineering as well as medical technology.

On account of their functions, the CONNECT enclosure shells have different shapes: the one is convex, the other somewhat flattened with a recessed panel for accommodating operating units. They have identical recesses at both ends for end elements. To connect the two shells, they are simply snapped into each other, which means time savings during assembly. The absence of screws enhances its appearance, on the one hand, and on the other hand the front face of the enclosure can be freely selected. Cable glands and/or end parts are optionally available to complete the enclosure shells. It is for example possible to suspend the enclosure by using an end part on the one side and a cable gland on the other. Two cable bushings are also possible if the enclosure is to be used as an interface between several devices. The cable gland kit contains an integrated strain relief device, that is, the cables are clamped within the gland. A holding clamp which has a concealed attachment to the enclosure is available for hanging the enclosure on pipes and on common round profiles. The flattened enclosure shell has four attachment domes for mounting PCBs and built-in components.

Robust, UV stabilised plastic material ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0) in the colour off-white (RAL 9002) is used to manufacture the enclosure. They offer protection class IP 40 and are available in 3 sizes (L x W x H): 76 x 54 x 22 mm, 116 x 54 x 22 mm and 156 x 54 x 22 mm.

For optimum modification of the CONNECT for different applications, processing and finishing techniques are available such as mechanical processing (e.g. for additional cutouts on the long sides), printing, lacquering or EMC coating by the in-house service centre.

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Aug 4, 2016

BODY-CASE – Small enclosure with flair

The new BODY-CASE is the first wearable enclosure by OKW Gehäusesysteme and is ideal for applications on or near the body. Thanks to its small, compact format, it is perfect for wearing on the body: on your arm, around your neck, in shirt and trouser pockets or carried loose in an article of clothing. The enclosure fulfils its function in the simplest way, without restricting the user in his or her activities and without being conspicuous.

The body case has a three-part design consisting of a top and a bottom part and a matt TPE sealing ring. The enclosures are made of ASA material in the colour traffic white (RAL 9016) and have a modern appearance thanks to highly polished surfaces. The top parts are available from stock, either with or without a recessed surface for decor foils or membrane keyboards. The sealing ring is available in the colours vermilion (RAL 2002) as well as lava (similar to anthracite) and allows protection classes IP65 and IP67. The dimensions of the enclosure are 54 x 45 x 17.5 mm (L x W x D). Internal power can be supplied with round or button cells which are mounted directly on the PCB. Alternatively, It is possible to charge the device inductively after the installation of a rechargeable battery with copper loop.

The BODY-CASE can be worn comfortably on the arm with the help of optional accessories, for example a black silicone wrist strap or a hand strap. A fastening kit, consisting of belt / pocket clip, fastening eyelet, e.g. for a lanyard, and two covers for closing the rear wrist strap attachment, is also available. The enclosure can also be worn loose in an article of clothing. Possible applications include mobile data recording and data transmission, measuring and control engineering, digital communications technology, emergency call and notification systems as well as bio-feedback sensors in the fields of health care, medical technology, leisure and sports etc.

The enclosure can also be modified further for different applications. Processing and finishing techniques by the in-house service centre are also available, such as mechanical processing, printing, EMC coating and much more.

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The core competences of the Odenwälder Kunststoffwerke Gehäusesysteme GmbH (OKW Gehäusesysteme GmbH) are the development and distribution of solution-oriented standard cases and tuning knobs.

The OKW range of plastic enclosures covers many different applications, for example handheld enclosures, wall mount enclosures, flush mounting / DIN rail enclosures, desktop enclosures, table top enclosures, instrument enclosures, standard mounting rail enclosures etc. Choose the enclosure whose design, size and configuration best meets your particular requirements. Modern electronics packaging by OKW is characterised by ergonomic design, user-oriented functionality and high-quality moulding and finishes. 

With all conceivable technologies available in-house, we can finish and process the plastic enclosures and adapt them to your requirements.

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