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Product category: Professional institutions


CrossCheck is an extensive online worldwide criminality and regulatory risk database that helps public and private entities receiving applications make informed decisions regarding candidates. A fully-owned subsidiary of the DataFlow Group, CrossCheck offers comprehensive criminality, regulatory and terrorism risk coverage, in addition to specialised datasets that encompass medical staff and diploma mills. CrossCheck tracks and updates information from various public sources across the globe and stores it in a single searchable database, making it both simple and convenient for subscribers to conduct critical pre-employment and due diligence checks, thereby protecting citizens and official entities from potential fraudsters, criminals and others who may pose a threat.

CrossCheck has created a number of extensive databases detailing individuals and companies that pose a risk to governments, multinationals and other parties conducting business in emerging markets. Today, CrossCheck is one of the largest databases for international criminality and regulatory risk information in the world. With over 5.7 million records obtained from government, court and other data sources, many CrossCheck records are translated from their original language to English. In order to ensure excellence across all aspects of its diverse operations, CrossCheck adheres to best global practices when conducting background checks, whether it be for immigration, pre-employment or ‘Know Your Client’ screening purposes. CrossCheck may be utilized to screen: criminal records, visa applicants, employees and contractors who have lived or worked abroad and employees and contractors working at entity subsidiaries.

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Product category: Professional institutions


DigiFlow - a fully-owned subsidiary of the DataFlow Group - is a secure web platform that provides online access to education verification information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. DigiFlow was primarily developed to assist universities in minimizing the workload related to qualification verifications.

The intuitive user interface of DigiFlow is simple and effective, with verification implemented either by cross checking against the digital records of a university or by a university officially logging into the platform and screening given documents.

The DigiFlow verification process is conducted online according to four simple steps: Sign Up, Request Verification, Upload Letter of Authorization and Payment, whilst ensuring: fast Turnaround Time, optimum Security and guaranteed Authorization.

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Product category: Professional institutions

International Employee Repository (INER)

The International Employee Repository (INER) is an extensive online employment record database that allows fast yet accurate real-time employment verification for authorized users. Created and promoted by CrossCheck, the around-the-clock INER system is a secure collaborative platform that enables employers to verify the following:

- Employment details of a job applicant

- Employment details of a visa applicant

- Current salary details of a loan applicant

The INER obtains relevant data from private and public companies; banks and financial institutions; travel, hospitality and education sectors; logistic and medical service providers; as well as non-government and government agencies; thus making it simpler and faster for organisations to conduct background verifications on existing employees or potential job applicants.

Furthermore, the INER consolidates data shared by contributors - namely prominent Member Companies such as HP, Dell, Cognizant, Fullerton and Perot, among others - who have agreed to supply restricted staff employment records. The mentioned information is stored on a secure platform that can be accessed solely by registered users, and only then be referenced for specific searches, consequently benefiting contributors by freeing their HR personnel from verification-related administration procedures.

In order to ensure the controlled and secure distribution of shared information presented by contributors, the INER system is only available to pre-screened subscribers who have provided correct supporting documentation to conduct a verification. Ex-employee data is shared based on four core principles: security, neutrality, transparency and efficiency

Alternatively, the INER helps subscribers conduct reliable and instantaneous verifications through simple and quick access to previous employment details of candidates, whereas candidate interests are served more effectively given the significantly lower processing time for employment, visa, loan and mortgage applications.

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About The DataFlow Group:

The DataFlow Group is a leading global provider of specialised Primary Source Verification (PSV) solutions, background screening and immigration compliance services. DataFlow partners with clients across the public and private sectors to assist them in mitigating potential risk by exposing fraudulent education degrees, employment certificates, practice licenses, work permits and passports.

To ensure that hired professionals have the qualifications they claim, DataFlow utilises cutting-edge technologies and leverages an expansive network of over 60,000 issuing authorities throughout more than 185 countries and territories to liaise with primary sources and verify the authenticity of documents submitted by candidates, in accordance with global industry best practices and Joint Commission International guidelines. Employee fraud may potentially result in financial losses, regulatory implications, reputational damage and internal risks.

The DataFlow Group undertakes hundreds of thousands of immigration compliance screening and verification service transactions for professionals each year on behalf of various government, quasigovernment, regulatory and large multinational organisations worldwide. The DataFlow Group has partnered with ministries, educational institutions, immigration departments, professional licensing authorities, healthcare regulators and facilities, financial institutions and commercial business sectors and science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) authorities.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, the DataFlow Group has established offices in multiple regions across the globe to cater to its growing business and client base. Through its worldwide locations, the DataFlow Group provides clients across more than 185 countries with multilingual services that are uniquely tailored to their local markets and native languages, which include Arabic, Bangla, Cambodian, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi/Urdu, Italian, Japanese, Malaysian, Nepalese, Portuguese, Somali, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese. Furthermore, the DataFlow Group utilizes the expertise of proficient language partners to further enhance its linguistic capabilities for the purpose of processing documents and certificates.

Over the years, the DataFlow Group has emerged as the leading international provider to solely focus on background screening and immigration compliance solutions. Leveraging extensive intellectual property expertise in its field, the DataFlow Group has cultivated skills and processes that guarantee the highest levels of information integrity, as well as time and cost-efficient results for clients.

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