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Our products

Product category: ABS, Copolymers, Polycarbonate

CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate (PC) Resins have unique attributes that cross markets.

CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins from Trinseo offer a distinctive combination of properties for applications that span a broad spectrum of markets, including lighting, medical devices, consumer electronics, electrical, and more.

CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins offer an excellent blend of clarity, heat resistance, and impact resistance. They are offered in a variety of melt flows and tints and can be modified with additives to enhance specific performance attributes including ignition resistance, UV stability, stiffness, light transmission, color, and mold release.

CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins are produced using a proprietary production process to give the material very high ductility and toughness over a wide temperature range.

Learn more about Trinseo’s polycarbonate blends and compounds and why they are the best choice for a wide range of applications. Get in touch with a Trinseo representative today.

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Product category: ABS, Copolymers, Polycarbonate

CALIBRE™ MEGARAD™ Polycarbonate Resins for Devices Requiring Sterilization

CALIBRE™ MEGARAD™ Polycarbonate (PC) Resins are an advanced material for devices requiring gamma or electron-beam irradiation.
During these irradiation processes, it is typical for polycarbonate to become discolored. CALIBRE™ MEGARAD™ Polycarbonate Resins from Trinseo use our patented color-compensation technology to dramatically improve color recovery following irradiation with a technology that has proven to be successful for over 25 years.

Trinseo offers a range of polycarbonate polymer tints that are designed to provide the appropriate amount of color compensation for a select number of irradiation sterilization cycles to meet final desired color specifications.

Learn more about CALIBRE™ MEGARAD™ Polycarbonate Resins from Trinseo and why they are the best choice for color recovery.

Get in touch with a Trinseo representative today.

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Product category: ABS, Copolymers, Polycarbonate

EMERGE™ Advanced Resins offer top performance in a well-balanced material.

By bringing together the excellent processability of polycarbonate (PC) with selected polymers and additives such as ABS, PET, or colorants, EMERGE™ Advanced Resins from Trinseo deliver compounds and blends with special properties needed for a variety of applications.

The materials can be designed for special performance requirements, including:

Outstanding toughness and impact strength
Color and aesthetics
Chemical resistance
Better processability
Improved ignition resistance (including halogen-free, chlorine-free, and bromine-free options)
UV stability
Improved mold release
Improved thermal stability
Design flexibility
Made to fit diverse requirements, EMERGE™ Advanced Resins are used in many industries and markets, including consumer electronics, electrical, lighting, medical devices, and home appliances.

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Product category: ABS, Copolymers, Polycarbonate

MAGNUM™ ABS Resins Produced with Mass Polymerization Technology

For decades, MAGNUM™ ABS Resins from Trinseo have helped designers and fabricators differentiate their products and provide end-user satisfaction.
Trinseo’s MAGNUM™ ABS Resins are manufactured with continuous mass polymerization technology as opposed to an emulsion process. This yields a resin with a highly consistent, white color base resulting in a very cost efficient resin for self-coloring.  In addition it also results in a purer polymer.

With many advantages, MAGNUM™ ABS Resins are preferred by cross-industry designers. Our thermoplastic materials provide an excellent balance of processability, impact resistance, and heat resistance.

Thermally stable with a wide processing window, MAGNUM™ ABS Resins ensure excellent processability. The superior natural whiteness of the resins makes in-house coloring easy, requiring less pigment.

Medical devices made of MAGNUM™ ABS Resins can be sterilized by gamma radiation, ethylene oxide (EtO) gas, and electron beam radiation and will maintain their essential properties following exposure. (Steam autoclave is not recommended.)

Learn more about MAGNUM™ ABS Resins. Contact a Trinseo expert through the Get In Touch section.

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Product category: ABS, Copolymers, Polycarbonate

STYRON™ Polystyrene Resins

For over 75 years, the family of STYRON™ Polystyrene from Trinseo has continued to evolve and remain a strong option for a diverse range of applications.
The incredible versatility of polystyrene (PS) polymers has allowed their use in everything from insulation materials and television housings to refrigerator liners and plastic service ware.

Our line of polystyrene materials includes:

STYRON™ General-Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS) offers performance and processing that make these resins well suited for clear or foamed applications in packaging and sheet and profile extrusion.
STYRON™ High-Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) combines toughness with other features, such as gloss and processability, for packaging and home appliances. Trinseo’s family of HIPS resins also includes STYRON A-TECH™ Polystyrene, STYRON™ C-TECH Polystyrene, and STYRON™ X-TECH Polystyrene for advanced levels of performance.
Trinseo offers a complete line of polystyrene materials in Europe and Asia Pacific. Polystyrene resins are available in North America through Americas Styrenics, a joint venture equally owned by Trinseo and Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP.

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About us

Company details

Trinseo is a global chemical materials solutions provider and a manufacturer of plastics, latex binders, and synthetic rubber.
Trinseo focuses on delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to help our customers create products that are intrinsic to how we live – products that touch lives every day across a wide range of end-markets.

We are passionately dedicated to helping our customers meet their most complex materials challenges – whether they are creating electronics that are thinner and lighter… or cars that weigh less and use less fuel. Our plastics enable manufacturers to create LED lighting that is brighter and cooler and reduces energy consumption … and medical devices that are impervious to the harsh chemical cleansers used in sterilization. Our synthetic rubber allows tire manufacturers to make high-performance tires with low rolling resistance and improved wet grip for greater fuel efficiency. And, our latex binders enable manufacturers to deliver tailored solutions that enhance packaging materials and help highway infrastructure last longer.

Our global footprint – with 15 manufacturing sites and 11 research and development facilities in 27 countries – gives us the ability to respond quickly to our customers’ needs, no matter where in the world they are.

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