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Our products

Product category: Endoscopes and accessories

Transnasal EG16‑K10 Video Gastroscope

The EG16-K10 is designed to provide excellent image quality and handling with a slim distal-end design that may improve patient comfort and expand clinical applications.

Latest technology in endoscopic imaging

The EG16-K10 incorporates the latest imaging sensors for uncompromised image clarity.
The EG16-K10 also has a 140-degree field of view that improves exam efficiency by allowing physicians to see more tissue without maneuvering the scope.

Improved comfort and balance

The redesigned EG16-K10 control body provides an ergonomic interface, and key controls have been optimized to provide efficient operation and control.

Slim distal-end design for patient comfort

The slim distal end of the EG16-K10 eases insertion and provides access through tight strictures, which may improve patient comfort. The EG16-K10 is the optimal endoscope for transnasal endoscopy or in constricted lumens.

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Product category: Endoscopes and accessories

EG‑3870UTK Ultrasound Video Endoscope

The outstanding image quality of the EG-3870UTK ultrasound gastroscope offers an optimal foundation for infiltrated lymph nodes detection and tumor staging in the gastrointestinal system. The EG-3870UTK is engineered with both excellent image quality and a large instrument channel for a variety of therapeutic procedures.

State-of-the-art images

The EG-3870UTK utilizes a curved, linear-array ultrasound transducer that provides a large 120° field of view with an outstanding image quality providing the endoscopist with a high level of diagnostic precision for all indicated application areas. Supported by various imaging modalities such as Hitachi Real-time Tissue Elastography (HI-RTE) and Doppler function, a more accurate localization and targeting of lesions is possible.

Engineered for advanced maneuverability

The high flexibility and advanced maneuverability of EG-3670UTK allow more precise navigation. A one-touch balloon, two-stage suction and three-stage air/water valve provide easy control for more efficient procedures.

Multifunctional design

The EG-3870UTK incorporates a unique 3.8 mm instrument channel for a wide spectrum of procedures from diagnostic EUS to EUS-guided therapeutic interventions. This large instrument channel accommodates even challenging therapeutic procedures such as EUS-guided drainage, dilation, injection and laser or radiofrequency (RF) ablation therapy.

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Product category: Endoscopes and accessories

The EB‑J10 Scopes

A ground-breaking endoscopic advancement

The PENTAX Medical Video Bronchoscope EB-J10 product range offers sharp and clear High-Definition image quality. Combined with a High-Definition processor offering i-scan technology, the bronchoscopes support faster detection, precise demarcation and support the adequate patient treatment.
The unmatched ergonomic design and flexibility of the bronchoscopes offer you ease of operation in daily use. Complying with increasing hygiene requirements and STERRAD® compatibility the EB-J10 bronchoscopes provide greater patient and user safety.

Advanced assessment
Sharp imaging for detailed visualization
• Offers fast and detailed bronchial system investigation
• Leads to more precise detection of abnormalities
• Supports precise demarcation of lesions or tumors

Designed for precise sampling
• Facilitates smooth and easy insertion of accessories for diagnosis and treatment
• Efficient removal of secretion and control of bleedings
• Strong suction even with accessory in place

Reliable for increased user and patient safety
• New single-use suction control valve to minimize cross-contamination
• STERRAD® compatibility: clearing of multidrug resistant and extreme drug resistant Mycobacterium

Unmatched ergonomic design for ease of operation
• New-design lightweight control body with ergonomically positioned suction valve, angulation lever, and remote control buttons
• Soft light guide cable for easy handling
• Easy maneuverability thanks to a very small distal tip bending radius
• Easy access to right upper lobe due to 210° tip deflection

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Product category: Endoscopes and accessories

The VNL‑J10 Scopes

High-Definition and high performance at its best

The PENTAX Medical VNL-J10 product range offers a complete solution for advanced flexible endoscopy needs.

Used with PENTAX Medical HD video processors equipped with i-scan technology the new VNL series will provide support to both diagnostic as well as therapeutic procedures. The VNL product range can be used in a wide variety of applications in ENT such as FEES examinations and functional video stroboscopy examinations.

Advanced assessment
Better orientation and support of diagnosis due to
• latest chip technology
• improved design of distal tip with improved light distribution
• i-scan technology

Increased patient’s comfort
• Smallest outer diameter for better tolerance
• Improved tapering of distal end for optimized insertion

Enhanced and safe diagnosis
High performance diagnostic & therapeutic devices
• New mechanical design of instrument channel for smooth insertion of endoscopic devices
• Bifurcated umbilical cable to allow for stroboscopy

Optimized patient and user safety
• Innovative single-use suction control valve design
• STERRAD compatibility

Easy endoscope control & excellent ergonomy
• Newly designed control body
• Flexible light guide cable

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Product category: Endoscopes and accessories

ECY‑1575K Video Cystoscope

The ECY-1575K Video Cystoscope brings state-of-the-art features to day-to-day urology. It is perfectly suitable for a wide range of diagnostic as well as therapeutic applications. Excellent image quality can be combined with i-scan enhanced visualization for detailed inspections of tissue structures  which may help to increase disease detection.  The design of the scopes helps make urologic procedures easier for physicians and more comfortable for patients. STERRAD®compatibility increases patient safety.

High-resolution images, i-scan enhanced visualization

The ECY-1575K delivers bright, clear, high-resolution images for detailed visualization of the bladder and urethra. When combined with PENTAX Medical’s i-scan, software-based, HD image enhancement, physicians can switch in real time between three settings algorithms (i-scan 1, i-scan 2 and i-scan 3) for enhanced tissue surface structure and blood vessel visualization which may help increase disease detection.

Increased patient safety, faster sterilization

The ECY-1575K cystoscope can be sterilized using the STERRAD® (50/100S/NX) system to increase patient safety. The short sterilization time allows physicians to use the ECY-1575K frequently throughout the day.

Ergonomic design, working comfort

The 210°-up and 130°-down deflection of the ECY-1575K helps orient physicians and enables complete bladder-urethra junction examinations. The combination of a very small distal-tip bending radius and the maximum flexibility of the insertion tube make maneuvering in the bladder and urethra easier for physicians and more comfortable for patients. The ergonomically designed and lightweight control body increases physician`s comfort and procedural efficiency that may reduce hand fatigue.

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About us

Company details

PENTAX Medical is a division of HOYA Group delivering endo-imaging solutions. Established in 1919 in Japan, PENTAX Medical is a globally diversified company with R&D innovation and manufacturing centers in Japan, Europe and the United States. Through leading-edge optical technologies, PENTAX Medical is providing the most advanced clinically relevant endo-imaging solutions. Together with comprehensive customer service offerings, PENTAX Medical is collaborating with customers worldwide to create long-term partnerships and customer satisfaction.

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