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Biomedical machined parts

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  • 09  Raw materials and adhesives
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Metals, alloys

  • 09  Raw materials and adhesives
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Metals, precious

Our products

Product category: Biomedical machined parts


Micro machining is a key enabling technology for medical components. Our production floor is filled with precision CNC Swiss Machines operated by trained specialists to produce the highest quality, micro-machined parts for medical applications.

Our development cell is ready to produce your first articles for approval. And, machinery is identical in the development and production areas to allow for easy transfer to full-line production.  Our expanding capacity for high-volume wire EDM machining offers precision repeatability of the smallest parts with complex shapes, fine holes or other special designs

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Product category: Biomedical machined parts


Johnson Matthey is the leading expert in materials development of precious metals and other base metal alloys.  Our ongoing development of the new BioMed™ Series of Platinum-substitution Alloys is just one example of our commitment to developing a range of alloys to offer the lowest cost and highest performance for Medical Device Applications.  BioMed™ Alloys use other Platinum-Group Metals (PGM) including Palladium, Iridium, Rhenium and others to provide equal or better characteristics at a lower cost that Platinum.

We provide precision machining and fabrication services for virtually all materials, ranging from metals to specialty medical-grade machined plastics.  We can also support your material selection and consultation services needs.

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Product category: Metals, alloys


Nickel Titanium (also known as Nitinol or NiTi) is in the unique class of shape memory alloys. A thermoelastic martensitic phase transformation in the material is responsible for its extraordinary properties. Nitinol properties include the shape memory effect, superelasticity, and high damping capability. These technical properties of NiTi shape memory alloys can be modified to a great extent by changes in composition, mechanical working, and heat treatment.

Johnson Matthey has accumulated over 20 years of specialized Nitinol research that gives us the expertise to exploit Nitinol shape memory and superelastic properties and design products for your medical devices which can meet the most exacting specifications . We specialize in high volume applications where we can implement automated processes to produce your component at minimal costs. And, we develop the custom fixtures to provide efficient shape setting of the final design. We offer Nitinol wire and tubing in a variety of sizes, and our Nitinol sheetis the thinnest in the industry. We also provide precision Nitinol micromachining to create a limitless array of shapes and sizes.

For more information on Nitinol properties, visit our Nitinol Resource Library, or if you already have an application in mind contact us to obtain a quote.

Popular Applications
Catheter Shafts
Orthodontic guidewires
Endoscopic Guide Tubes
Distal Protection
Vavle frames
And many more!
How Does Nitinol Work?
Nitinol Shape Memory Alloys undergo a phase transformation in their crystal structure when cooled from the stronger, high temperature from (Austenite) to the weaker, low temperature from (Martensite). This inherent phase transformation is the basis for the unique properties of these alloys - in particular, Shape Memory and Superelasticity.

Shape Memory
When shape memory alloys are in their martensitic form, they are easily deformed to a new shape. However, when the alloy is heated through its transformation temperatures, it reverts to austenite and recovers its previous shape with great force. This process is knows as Shape Memory.

The temperature at which the alloy remembers its high temperature from when heated can be adjusted by slight changes in alloy composition and through heat treatment. In the Nickel Titanium alloys, for instance, it can be changed from above +100 deg. C to below -100 deg. C. The shape recovery process occurs over a range of just a few degrees and the start or finish of the transformation can be controlled to within a degree or two if necessary.

Learn more about Nitinol Alloy Shape Memory Properties

These unique shape memory alloys also show a Superelastic behavior if deformed at a temperature which is slightly above their transformation temperatures. This effect is caused by the stress-induced formation of some martensite above its normal temperature. Because it has been formed above its normal temperature, the martensite reverts immediately to undeformed austenite as soon as the stress is removed. This process provides a very springy, "rubberlike" elasticity in these alloys.

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Product category: Metals, precious

Precious Metals

Johnson Matthey is the leading supplier of Precious Metal components for medical device applications.

Precious Metals, in a large variety of alloy compositions, can be fabricated as tubing, rod, foil, sheet, ribbon, or wire to be incorporated into medical device products. Precious metals, particularly Platinum, are characterized by their high temperature melting points, radiopacity, resistance to corrosion, electrical conductivity and biocompatibility. As a result, Platinum and its alloys are finding increasing use in medical implant applications.

We use advanced melting, extrusion and wire and tube-drawing processes to provide a vertically-integrated process to solve our customer’s complex challenges. We offer the largest inventory, range of sizes and selection of alloys in the industry, and JM is your primary source for thin-walled precious metal tubing. Johnson Matthey is also the largest supplier of marker bands and ring electrodes used in implant applications requiring radiopaque metals.

Johnson Matthey is a long established producer of component parts and feedstock materials used by manufacturers in the medical device industry.  These parts include high quality precious metal tube, wire and micromachined components. The range of materials and size limits are detailed below. We make any size within the range specified to your individual requirements using classic deep drawing techniques employing tungsten carbide dies and steel mandrels.

Typical applications for our platinum and gold alloys include radiopaque marker bands, electrode tips, electrode rings, tip coils, pacemakers and defibrillators, and much more.

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About us

Company details

Johnson Matthey Noble Metals has extensive capabilities in fabricating medical device components from:

Precious metals and alloys (available in tube, wire, sheet and micro-machined form) Nitinol (available in tube, wire and sheet) Engineered plastics.

With more than 180 years of metallurgical development experience, and a global presence, we are a trusted partner among medical device OEMs andmanufacturers worldwide. We use innovative manufacturing processes to provide exceptional quality of fabricated component parts, including EDM, laser cutting, grinding and milling.

With four manufacturing plants across the world, we have the capacity to meet high volume demands from the largest medical device manufacturers. And our strong financial position allows us to quickly increase output when you are ready to move your design into full production.

Further information about our medical device products can be found on our specialised Johnson Matthey medical website

Johnson Matthey Piezo Products develop, produce and market piezoelectric ceramics, piezo components and piezo modules in accordance with the individual requirements and kinds of application specified by customers world-wide. Our main products are bending elements, atomizers, modules and devices. We customize products for different actuator and sensor applications – as well as for energy harvesting. We are a leading manufacturer of piezo bending actuators (bimorph/trimorph). Johnson Matthey Piezo Products has produce over 100,000,000 piezo products and has over 40 years of experience. All Piezo products are manufactured at the dedicated facility in Redwitz, Germany.

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