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Izumi Nakamura

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • 01.17  Endoscope parts
  • 06  Valves
  • 06.11  Valves, check
  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • 10.02  Manufacturing equipment
  • 10.02.18  Gearheads
  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.15  Extrusion
  • 11.15.09  Precision moulding

Our products

Product category: Endoscope parts

Micro forceps and other endoscope components by μ-MIM

We are experienced in manufacturing different metal components of endoscopy.
For example, we are able to make micro-forceps with various shapes. 
Other components such as holders are also made by MIM technology.
Do you have small metal parts for endoscopy that you`d like to produce? 
Please ask us!

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Product category: Gearheads

Micro gear production is one of our speciality

Taisei Kogyo has manufactured wide range of small gears for various industries.
Some of them, such as the new internal helical gear cannot be made by other manufacturing technologies. 
We also have experice in pinion gear, sun gear, external helical gear, inner gear, bevel and miter gear.

For small gears, Taisei Kogyo can solve your technical issue.

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Product category: Precision moulding

Precision moulding is important for μ-MIM

In order to produce very high precision parts with MIM technology, the design of the mould is very important.
There are many points to consider when designing the mould for MIM parts:

We need to take the defect rate of injection moulding process and sintering process into consideration at the design of mould.
It is a lot more sensitive question where the gate should be placed compared to that of the plastic injection moulding.
For example, jetting can occur with plastic injection moulding as well, however, with MIM there are different causes and results.
With MIM, which handels metal powder, inertia of injection moulding is an issue due to the weight of the metal powder. Therefore, when there is too much pressure at the time of filling of material into the mould, the distribution of the metal powder can be uneven due to inertia. This may cause problems such as cracks at the time of sintering. 
As the green parts (parts after injection moulding, before de-binding and sintering) are very small, with slight difference in the position of the gate can cause worsening of defect rate and other cost increase.
Because Taisei makes detailed simulation in order to prevent above mentioned possible technical challenges and from our milliions of experience of MIM parts production, we are able to maintain the high level of μ-MIM technology, which nobody else can achieve.

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Product category: Valves, check

Micro check-valve by original SP-mould technology!

We have developmed a micro check-valve that can be used for various applications.

The size is:
Outer diamter 2.25mm
Wall thickness 0.2mm

This is realised by Taisei`s original SP - mould technology, which cannot be made by conventional MIM.


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About us

Company details

Taisei Kogyo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese metal components manufacture of metal injection moulding (MIM) process.

From our forty–year experience of plastic injection moulding, we have developed our original binder system, which leads higher cost efficiency and wider range of materials selection such as stainless steels, titanium (Ti), copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), those alloys and so on.

Our MIM process is suitable to mass production of sophisticated profile components with smaller dimensional tolerances allowance. We have established a manufacturing process for extremely fine metal parts so called “μ–MIM”. It is possible to design metal components with less than 0.2mm thickness.
Our products are applied for many industrial fields, including IT-communication, medical appliances, and microelectronics.

In 2012, Taisei Kogyo started operation in Thailand to expand manufacturing capability. We are setting up our European representative office in Germany.

At COMPAMED 2015, we will exhibit some of the new developments.


MIM Applications:
micro gears ( pinion gear/ helical gear/ bevel gear etc. )
forceps and other medical parts, endoscope parts

adaptors, micro check-valves , sensors, connectors
nozzles, cam parts, dental products, bio-medical parts

high-frequency surgical parts, blades and scalpels
regulators, actuators, forceps and other medical parts
prototype parts (of MIM parts)

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Company data

Sales volume

1-9 Mio US $

Export content

max. 25%

Number of employees




Area of business
  • Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Valves

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