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I2A (Intelligence Artificielle Applications) S.A.

Parc Eureka, 401, avenue du Walhalla CS 83406, 34060 Montpellier Cedex 2

Telephone +33 4 67504800
Fax +33 4 67170906

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Our range of products

Our products

Product category: Bacteriology

RECITALS™: Total Bacteriology Lab Automation


The new range of analyzers allows complete automation of bacteriology lab. RECITALS is defined by several analyzers :

PRELUD™, pre-analytical analyzer including automatic culture plates streaking, as well as automatic preparation of antibiograms (plates streaking and disks dispensing).
MAESTRO™, incubator-reader of culture plates. MAESTRO includes incubation of culture plates under different conditions, the automatic reading of plates, the results interpretation and sorting.
SIRSCAN™ Automatic perfoms the incubation and reading of AST on round or square plates.

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Product category: Bacteriology

PRELUD™: Automated Plate-Streaker

Prelud, for clinical labs

Automatic culture plates streaker with high capacity
Continuous sample loading
Accepts tubes with or without caps
Accepts most samples: sample collection and dispensing by loop, pipette or swab
Customizable streaking by loop or bead
Direct printing on plates
Agar lots management 

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Product category: Bacteriology

MAESTRO™: Automated Incubator

MAESTRO™ Automated Incubator

Automatic culture plates incubator with high capacity
Incubation under different conditions (O2, CO2, temperature)
Automatic loading and unloading of plates
Automatic reading after incubation by image processing
Results interpretation
Plates sorting Images storage
Validation on remote computer

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Product category: Bacteriology

SirSCAN micro™

Disc diffusion susceptibility tests micro-reader
Compact and easy to use Ultra-fast and standardized Inoculum with INOCLIC Identification of most of organisms
Antibiogram of all bacteria
Low Investissement and operation cost
Safety and reliability
Traceability: images, visual controls
Customizable expert system
Previous results management
Exists also only for identification (Sirscan micro-Id)

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Product category: Bacteriology


Blood cultures and sterile liquids

detection of all bacterias measuring O2 consumption 
and CO2, N2, H2 gas production
each position can be adapted to blood culture,
sterile liquids and mycobacterias 

detection of all mycobacterias measuring O2 consumption and CO2, N2, H2 gas production
mycobacterium tuberculosis susceptibility test realisation

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About us

Company details

20 years of expertise

For more than 20 years, i2a is specialized in microbiology and develops, manufactures and sells a range of instruments, software and reagents dedicated to clinical microbiology and infectiology.

PRELUD®, a new automated pre-analytical instrument

Last analyser of the range, PRELUD® automates the pre-analytical part of a microbiology lab: it inoculates culture plates and prepares agar susceptibility tests (inoculating media and depositing discs) on round or square plates.

How i2a grew up

1988: From the beginning, i2a develops and commercializes microbiology expert software.

1993: the first SIRscan is developed and sold in 1994.

1996: Actor of microbiology in France, i2a signs its first international agreements.

1998: Regular increase of sales and constant investment in R&D lead i2a to new facilities.

1999: i2a prepares entry to the new millennium developing the SIRscan 2nd generation and obtains FDA approval. Launches a range of reagents, signs new distribution agreements..

2001: SIRscan leadership in France.

2003: Launching SIRscan2000 auto.

2004: range of susceptibility discs.

2005: SIRscan Micro.

2007: SIRscan Micro Plus & TAXIDEN. 2009: SIRWeb MALDI-TOF.

2010: SIRWeb Bacterio, middleware for complete management of bacteriology.

2012: PRELUD® , pre-analytical analyser.

... to make future a reality now !

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Company data

Sales volume

1-9 Mio US $

Export content

max. 25%

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Area of business
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Diagnostics