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  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.05  Operating technology and equipment
  • 01.05.02  Medical lighting

Our products

Product category: Medical lighting


Bone Conducting Wireless Headphones
Never Miss a Beat!

With Racon™, you can listen to music or take phone calls while still being able to hear what is going on around you. Whether on the job or out for a jog, Racon will always provide high quality audio and comfort without sacrificing ambient noise.

Racon Specifications
• Battery Life: 6 Hours
• Standby Time: 10 Days
• Charge Time: 2 Hours
• Effective Range: 33 Feet (10 Meters)
• Bluetooth Version: 3.0 + EDR
• Weight: 1.5 OZ (43 g)
• 1-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Product Codes
• BFW 1000: Racon™ Headphone System

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Product category: Medical lighting


50-Watt LED Light Source
Compact, Clear, White, and Bright

A compact LED light source that eliminates bulb changes and decreases intensity less than 15% over its lifetime. ChromaPRO™ offers 6,000°K daylight–white color temperature, a 4 port rotating turret – Wolf, Olympus, Storz, ACMI and is compatible with our XtremeBEAM™ fiber optic headlight. It is also approved for fiber optic instrumentation use. This little powerhouse uses half the energy to produce twice the output of any halogen light source in its class.

Additional Features
• Illumination Output: 60,000 LUX
• Analog Dimmer Controls Output
• Universal Power Supply
• Small Footprint
• Optimizes Light Transmission Through Any Cable
• 2-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Product Codes
• BFW 5500: ChromaPRO™ LED Light Source
• BFW 9886: Mobile Stand for ChromaPRO™
• BFW 1500: XtremeBEAM™ Classic w/ 10' Cobra Cable™

Safety, Regulatory Compliance
• CE, IEC 60601‐1
• UL 60601‐1
• CSA C22.2 No 601.1
• IEC 60601‐1‐2

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Product category: Medical lighting


High-Intensity LED Light Source
A New Beginning in Surgical Illumination

Tested and cleared for use with headlights and endoscopes, Hatteras™ is designed to perform when failure is not an option. Its robust and ergonomic features make for a powerful and dependable light source that sustains brightness and K color levels well beyond 10,000 hours, reducing costly bulb changes.

Hatteras™ provides a unique standby feature: when a fiber optic cable is removed from the port, illumination stops – eliminating distracting light in the OR. Simply replace the cable in the proper port, press the standby keypad and Hatteras™ instantaneously illuminates. Its custom milled, 4-port stainless steel turret accepts BFW/ACMI, Olympus, Storz and Wolf cables.

Additional Features
• 3 digit LED Brightness Display
• Compatible with BFW Mobile Stand or Stackable with Most Endoscopic Carts and Booms
• Push Button Membrane with Controls for Fower, Standby, Brightness Up/Down, Display Brightness Levels
• Overheating Prevention System That Shuts Down the Unit in the Event Device Gets Too Hot and Will Enable Fans to Cool The LED
• 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty with Extended Warranty Options Available

Product Codes
• BFW 1600: Hatteras™ LED Light Source
• BFW 9893: Mobile Stand
• BFW 1500: XtremeBEAM™ w/ Classic - 10' Cobra Cable™
• BFW 1552: XtremeBEAM™ w/ Key West™ "Bikini" - 10' Cobra Cable™

Electrical Specifications
• Input Voltage 100‐240 VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 1A
• Hospital Grade Line Cord, IEC 60320 Approved
• Two High Breaking Capacity, Slow Blow Fuses, 4A, 250VAC

Safety, Regulatory Compliance
• IEC 60601‐1 Edition 3 (2008)
• IEC 60601‐1‐2 Edition 3 (2007)
• IEC 60601‐2‐18 Edition 3 (2009)
• AAMI ES60601‐1 Edition 1 (2005)
• CSA C22.2 NO 60601‐1:08 Edition 2 (2008)

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Product category: Medical lighting


Our New High-Intensity Fiber Optic Headlight Provides Outstanding Performance, Fit and Comfort

AtoN™ is the latest in fiber optic headlight technology today offering the most clean, crisp spot from its advanced low profile design. AtoN™ fits all BFW™ light sources and will fit any fiber optic light source with an ACMI port.

Its air-tight two-piece construction, allows AtoN™ to be cleaned both inside and out. It comes standard with our 10-foot Cobra Cable™ offering a virtually indestructible internal aluminum coil positioned at the lower half of the cable where it is most likely to sustain damage from heavy use and is available with our regular 7 or 10-foot fiber optic cables.

AtoN™ is available with our Classic or Key West™ “Bikini “headbands.

AtoN Specifications
• Fully Adjustable Iris Offers Crisp Spot Size from 0.5” to 4.25” measured @ 16” from the Lens
• Low Profile, Lightweight Optic 1.5 oz. (43.4g)
• Robust For Toughest Conditions
• Uniquely sealed two-piece construction allows cleaning both inside and out
• BFW/ACMI cable enables use with other light source brands
• Designed and Built in USA
• Custom Fiber Optic Cable with more than 9,000 strands delivers high light transmission and affords usability with up to 30% damage

Product Codes
• BFW 1200: AtoN™ Classic w/10’ Cobra Cable ™
• BFW 1252: AtoN™ Key West™ w/10’ Cobra Cable™
• BFW 1255: AtoN™ Classic w/10’ FOC
• BFW 1257: AtoN™ Key West™ w/10’ FOC
• BFW 1260: AtoN™ Classic w/7’ FOC
• BFW 1262: AtoN™ Key West™ w/7’ FOC
• BFW 1248: AtoN™ Optic Only

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Product category: Medical lighting


Our Brightest LED Portable

Named after the oldest and brightest lighthouse in America – dubbed a “Life-Saving” tool of its time, Montauk™ is engineered to outperform any portable LED headlight system available today. Its exceptionally bright, cool-white, clear illumination with a fully adjustable spot provides output to 60,000 LUX measured at a 16” (40 cm) working distance. The sophisticated snap-in LED engine will retrofit any existing XtremeBEAM™ fiber optic headlight, transforming it into a powerful, portable headlight in a “snap.”

Available with our Classic or all new Key West™ ”Bikini" headbands and Comfort-Fit battery belt.

Montauk Specifications
• Color Temperature: Cool White – 6,000K
• Spot size : 1in. – 4in. diameter (2.5 cm – 10 cm)
• Weight: 5.6 oz (158 g) Optic and Light Engine
• Input: 3.6 V, 20 W Max
• Brightness Control: 4 Levels Plus Turbo
• 1-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

System Includes
• XtremeBeam™ Headlight (If Needed)
• Montauk LED Light Engine
• Controller
• Two Batteries and Holster
• Charging Cradle
• Classic or Key West "Bikini" Headband
• Comfort Fit Battery Belt

Product Codes
• BFW 9050: Montauk™ Classic
• BFW 9052: Montauk™ Key West™ "Bikini"
• BFW 9060: Montauk™ Retrofit Kit for Existing XtremeBEAM™
• BFW 9015: Replacement Battery

LUX / Battery Life
• Level 1: 15,000 LUX/ > 10 hours
• Level 2: 25,000 LUX/ > 6.5 hours
• Level 3: 35,000 LUX/ > 5 hours
• Level 4: 45,000 LUX/ > 3.5 hours
• Turbo: 60,000 LUX/ > 2 hours

LUX / Battery Life
• Level 1: 15,000 LUX/ > 10 hours
• Level 2: 25,000 LUX/ > 6.5 hours
• Level 3: 35,000 LUX/ > 5 hours
• Level 4: 45,000 LUX/ > 3.5 hours
• Turbo: 60,000 LUX/ > 2 hours

Battery Specifications
• Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
• Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
• Output: 24 VDC, 2.5 A
• Weight: 8.75 oz (234g)
• Output Voltage: 4.4 V
• Capacity: 3.1 Ah, 45 Wh

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BFW offers high intensity surgical light sources, portable LED headlight systems, and headlight mounted video systems.  Come by our stand to see the new Bristol and Dover portable LED headlight systems - Unmatched performance in an Ultra-Portable LED Headlight system, the Montauk Light - Exceptionally bright portable headlight system with a surgical grade optic and the CoAX headlight mounted video camera system and high resolution medical grade monitors that provide high definition images from the surgeon's point of view. We are also introducing Hatteras, our high intensity light source featuring LED technology.

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