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  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
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Our products

Product category: Surgical instruments and products


The VLS EDGE represents the durable, affordable, handheld model of IntuBrite’s VLS line of modular video laryngoscopes.  Removable, rotatable 3.5 inch monitor displays high resolution images, and includes unique recording capability of still images and video to a removable SD card.  Durably constructed of high quality stainless steel and aluminum throughout, the VLS EDGE utilizes IntuBrite reusable video blades in 3 sizes, or IntuBrite wand/disposable sheath designs.

Superior Visualization
•Large Screen: 40% larger than any competitor device
•Patented IntuBrite White/UV LED illumination
•High resolution camera and display
•Record both still images and high quality video

Flexible Recording
•Option for automatic video recording of every intubationIntubrite-80
•Stainless steel and aluminum handle and blade materials
•Manufactured to withstand rough service
•Download files by cable or removable mini SD card

Durable Construction
•Stainless steel and aluminum handle and blade materials
•Manufactured to withstand rough service

Flexible Configurations
•Monitor available in fixed or removable/rotatable mountIntubrite-89
•Video handle operates all IntuBrite reusable and disposable
•VLS video and direct laryngoscopy blade systems

•A fully featured video laryngoscopy solution at a budget friendly price

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Product category: Surgical instruments and products

Disposable Laryngoscope Blades

Dual Lighted Disposable Blades with Dual UV/White LED Technology
Patented combination White/UV LED lighting produces an optimized bright, high definition laryngeal view, enabling airway structures to be clearly visible and vocal cords to stand out. Reflectivity from fluids and tissue in airway is also dramatically reduced when compared to incandescent lighted blades, even fiber optics. Available in sizes MAC (1, 2, 3, 3PLUS, 4), MILLER (00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4) and PHILLIPS (1, 2)

Disposable Stainless Steel Blades
Disposable blades are made from surgical-grade stainless steel. Potential for cross-contamination and blade malfunction are eliminated.

Reusable and Disposable All-Metal Handles
IntuBrite’s disposable blades fit and are powered by all of our reusable and disposable handle models. Our reusable handles are available in lifetime-warranted ergonomic models, and also standard designs. When coupled with our high quality aluminum/stainless steel disposable handles, our disposable blades provide simply the highest quality and strongest performing fully disposable intubation systems available.

Fluorescent Coated Stylette
Fluorescent-coated, custom single-use stylette fluoresces under the ultraviolet light to help guide positioning of the ET tube into the tracheal opening.

Cost Effective Technology
Affordable for EMS programs and in-hospital programs alike, IntuBrite’s disposable products can reduce inventory tracking and sterilization cost while providing improved, state of the art technology.

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Product category: Surgical instruments and products

Premium Laryngoscope Handles

IntuBrite is the first company to design a handle with the functions of the user in mind. These “pistol-gripped”, ergonomically designed handles offer the perfect combination of ease of use and stability. Machined out of solid aluminum, these handles feature a lifetime warranty. IntuBrite’s premium handles are available in 3 custom styles to meet the demands of any intubation.Power Supply: 3.7v AA-size lithium battery or IntuBrite Custom 4.5v Alkaline Battery for up to one year of life.

E-Max Handle
IntuBrite has completely redesigned the laryngoscope handle in order to deliver a better lift angle, a more positive gripping surface, a more reliable and substantially longer life power cell, and a precision driving circuit for the dual-LED blade set-up. Constructed of solid aluminum and offering a robust, click-in, hardened steel connecting head.

All IntuBrite Premium handles (E-Max, E-Flex, E-Classic) come with a lifetime guarantee.

E-Flex Handle
Originally designed as a pediatric handle, many practitioners prefer the control they feel and leverage attained with the E-flex handle while attending to both children and adults. The E-flex offers a slightly shorter handle with deeper finger grips. The gentle arc in the handle provides a perfect angle for proper technique and mandible lift. The top thumb groove allows for a lighter grip and greater control while attending to patients.

E-Classic Handle
During the process of development and field trials, a few anesthesiologists and seasoned paramedics alike requested the option of a “straight” handle; The E-Classic is IntuBrite’s version. The E-Classic handle retains our signature “pistol” finger grips and adds a subtler angle for an ergonomic mandible lift in a more familiar design. Like all of IntuBrite’s innovative handles the E-classic is machined from a solid piece of block aluminum and the blade clicks onto a stainless steel bar mount providing a stable and secure fit for the blade.

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Product category: Surgical instruments and products

VLS 8800

VLS 8800 Features:
•Viewing and Recording: Still picture and video recording capability via removable SD card for documentation, record retention and training
•“Video Out” for video transmission to other external monitors
•Integrated rechargeable lithium battery

Best in Class Video Capability
•Near-high definition images feature 2X the resolution of competitive technologies
•“Instant On” video monitor for immediate functionality.
•“Video Out” for video transmission to external monitors.

Ease of Use
•Move seamlessly from traditional direct laryngoscopy to video view with the click of a blade and flip of a switch.
•Convenient, easy to view 8-inch monitor mounted on custom roll stand with storage trays and electronic strip.
•Video blades available in VLS sizes 2, 3 and 4A for more difficult, anterior laryngeal anatomies.
•Disposable blade cover also available: the VLS 4000 disposable plastic sheath system in VLS 4A design.
•VLS handles fit and power all IntuBrite direct and video laryngoscopy blades. Move seamlessly between traditional direct laryngoscopy to a video view with the VLS handle by simply changing blades.
•Easy sterilization of components.

•High tech, yet simple components designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in challenging environments.
•Video blades and handles constructed of durable, stainless steel and aluminum materials, and drop tested to 48 inches.

•Still picture and video recording via removable SD card-based documentation and record retention.

•Higher quality with more capability at far less cost than competitor devices.

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Product category: Surgical instruments and products

Reusable Laryngoscopy Blades and Systems

Dual Lighted Reusable Blade with UV and LED Technology
Patented combination White/UV LED lighting produces optimized high definition viewing area, causing airway structures to be clearly visible and vocal cords to stand out. Reflectivity from fluids and tissue in airway is also dramatically reduced when compared to incandescent lighted blades, even fiber optics. Available in sizes MAC (1, 2, 3, 3PLUS, 4) and MILLER (00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4).

Easily Sterilized Equipment
Reusable laryngoscope blades and handles can be reliably sterilized through most standard techniques, including anti-microbial soaks, STERRAD/Steris and steam autoclave processing.

Ergonomic Handles with Pistol Grips
Ergonomically designed handles deliver optimal entry angles and improves instinctive lift-direction to help avoid oral cavity damage. Each handle features an advanced power management system for extended use and a lifetime warranty.

No New Training
No new training required. ET placement is performed with the time-tested, standard protocol which has been proven to deliver airway patency and improved patient outcomes.

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About us

Company details

IntuBrite is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with superior ease and success in life-sustaining endotracheal intubation procedures for their patients.

We are the only company that focuses exclusively on the development and manufacture of a full line of direct and video laryngoscopy products. IntuBrite is also proud to be the sole developer and manufacturer of “Made in America” video laryngoscope products.

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