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Our products

Product category: Reports and analyses

Optical Based Elastography Detector - Elastography Detector for Breast Tumor Detection

Characterizing and locating sub-surface tumors will greatly enhance the detection and treatment of breast cancer. In this research, a novel tactile sensation imaging system, that is capable of detecting and characterizing the sub-surface object, was designed, implemented, and tested. In addition, using the salient features of the captured tactile sensation image, we estimated inclusion characteristic such as size, depth, and Young's modulus. The experimental results showed that the proposed system can detect inclusions and provide the relative values of inclusion's mechanical properties. Using these relative values, we can discern malignant and benign tumors.

Locate and determine the mechanical properties of the inclusion under the tissue using the tactile sensation imaging method.

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Product category: Reports and analyses

Heart Care Beat Sensor / Telemedicine System - Wireless Patch-type ECG sensor device

•As a patch-type ECG sensor, uses technology which can diagnose arrhythmia through arrhythmia-detecting algorithm is the arrhythmia database by transmitting ECG to a receiving end through wireless communications to medical hospital computer system.
•The patch-type ECG sensor system is a computer-assisted arrhythmia diagnose system by comparing signals measured and transmitted through the optimal arrhythmia-detecting algorithm and sensor in the arrhythmia database established, and distinguishing arrhythmia.

- Implantable wireless ECG sensor device
•As, a non-battery in body ECG sensor, helps medical workers instantly diagnose arrhythmia by implanting small-size sensors of 30X5mm at three parts of the body including precordium, lower collarbone and arm, delivering it to a receiving end and central server through wireless communications.
•Development of a non-battery in-body ECG sensor.

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Product category: Reports and analyses

Phototherapy Treatment Device - Phototherapy Treatment Device for Jaundice of Newborn Child

•It is developed based on the principal known as the Phototherapy- When the bilirubin gets a particular wavelength
(Blue Light: 450-460nm) that is changed to water soluble and excreted.
•You can turn on/off and control all functions through mobile phones-need to download app.

The result of after treatment with blue light and white light into two groups targeting male and female 50 new born children
in SCH University Hospital in S. Korea.

Averagely the blue light was more decreased in bilirubin than white light when we check by 48hours.
(White Light: 1.03, Blue Light: 2.26)

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Product category: Reports and analyses

Transparent OLED 3D Medical Image Display - Transparent OLED 3D Medical Image Display for Operating Room

An OLED transparent display without a backlight and can achieve high transparency ratio and enables surgeons to see
preoperational planning images and simulation images and MRI, CT scan and X-ray compare to actual surgical part.

Transparent display’s surgical guides and specific medical images to minimize surgical errors during surgical procedure.

* Features and Benefits
•Allows surgeons to perform safe and precious surgery with close contact approaching medical image.
•High quality image and high resolution video processing.
•Designed for the digital operating rooms- RS232C Communication, VESA compliable for mounting on surgical rooms.
•Optimized for 3D simulation images of cosmetic surgery and orthopedic surgery.
•Displays medical images from MRI, CT Scanned, X-rays, and simulation image.

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Product category: Reports and analyses

Hand Tracking 3D Medical Image Display - Motion and Movement recognizable, image-guided surgery control viewer using 4K UHD resolution Displays

•As a medical image-guided control technology is used to help medical workers directly control medical images including CT images at an operating room, it can prevent errors and lower time delay of the existing image-guided method which has been indirectly controlled by an assistant of operation.
•In addition, it can also control medical images in detail, essential at the operating room, by producing motion-tracking data,
a hand gesture-tracking model, a finger-tracking model and a gesture-recognition model based on unity and leap-motion programs.

* Features and Benefits
• The technology has raised sensitivity of motion recognition 200 times compared with the existing Kinect method at a low cost by suing 2-camera- and 3-infrared light LED-built in leap motion, so it can precisely recognize motions. Therefore, it can not only control images also recognize motions necessary for robot-guided surgery.
•The hand & finger gesture recognition mainly controls 4 types of motions by producing script files based on C# Language and applying it into the unity.
•Circle-drawing motion: Realize uniting and dividing images since images to be drawn consist of combination of slides or objects.
•Straight line motion: Realize a screen able to be rotated up and down, and left and right when recognizing a straight line movement through leap motions.
•Finger-bending motion: Realize expanding and reducing a screen when recognizing the whole finger-bending movement through leap motions.
•Touch motion: Select desired images, or choose detailed sections in the images and move it.

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About us

Company details

Misson / Vision

We specialize in designing, developing and manufacturing professional medical equipment in the field of U-Healthcare system. We offer you innovative technology, world-class value and reliability communication software solution and U-Healthcare system with our medical products that come in various smart sensor system, mobile communications and software solutions.

•We provide the best customer services as well as support and design high-quality and top-valued products to meet the needs of our customers.
•We support our customers in terms of achieving their goals by providing them with technological advices and services.
•We establish long-term and mutual beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers.
•We continue our commitment to enhance the long-term value of Micro Medi Inc., and share its success with our customers, partners and employees.

Vision / Values

Total Advanced U-Health Care Solutions: Customized solutions for smart sensors, software solutions, LED optical light wave length with innovative technology.

•We provide you with maximized convenience and sustainable growth with technology, quality, and cost-competitiveness.
•We are a Global Hidden Champion in the field of professional/U-healthcare applications and businesses.

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