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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.06  Disinfectants
  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.06  Disinfectants
  • 05.06.01  Disinfection of medical devices

Disinfection of medical devices

Our products

Product category: Disinfectants

Anylox-S (miscellaneous)

• Indications Multiple Disinfectant
• Storage Therapeutic Classification: disinfectant of medical appliances.

Drug Characteristics

sterilizing power - gram-positive coccus, intestinal bacteria, glucose unfermented bacteria, yeast (mycete), spore-forming bacteria, mycobacteria (tubercular bacillus).
Safety - no toxicity due to low concentration, no irritation, allergy, cytolytic effect or carcinogenicity.
Simplicity - simple application as liquid without need for melting powder or dilution, different from other disinfectants.
Eco-friendliness - no environmental contamination because it works by electrolysis of water and a small quantity of additive.

Dosage- cleaning and sterilization of various kinds of medical appliances, catheters, floors, walls, toilets and door knobs.
- cleaning and sterilization in kindergartens, day care centers and rides including beds, tables, chairs or sofas.
- cleaning and sterilization of tableware, chopping boards or various kinds of kitchen tools.
- cleaning and sterilization of incubators for premature babies or in newborn units.
- cleaning and sterilization of hands to prevent infectious pathogens.
- cleaning and sterilization of vegetables, fruits and food materials.

Active IngredientsHypochlorous acid
(active chlorine concentration over 60ppm)

Indications and Usescleaning and sterilization of various kinds of food materials, kitchen tools, medical appliances, beds, floors and toilets.

Packaging Units4L

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Product category: Disinfectants

Aciclovir Cream

• Indications Dermatologic Disinfectant
• Storage Airtight Container. Keep at room temperature (1∼30 ℃),

Drug Characteristics

1) Apply five times a day (affected areas) at 4 hour intervals.
2) Apply for 5 consecutive days. If healing has not occurred after this 5-day application, apply an additional 5 days.

Active IngredientsPer 1g

Indications and Usessimple herpes (blisters), virus infections (including initial or recurrent genital herpes infection (blisters) and oral herpes (blisters))

Packaging Units5g

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Product category: Disinfectants

Sweatrol Pad Solution

• Indications Hyperhidrosis
• Storage Airtight Container. Keep at room temperature (1-30℃)

Drug Characteristics

DosageLightly rub one pad on the affected area approximately five times. Do not use on eyes, nose or mouth. Apply once a day for adults. Before application, the affected area must be cleaned and fully dried. Do not wash the affected area within 4 hours after application.

Active IngredientsPer 1.17mL

Indications and UsesFace hyperhidrosis (polyhidrosis)

Packaging Units5sheets/package

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Product category: Disinfectants

Air Pas Cool

• Indications Burn Treatment & Pain Relief
• Storage Pressure-resistant Airtight Container. Keep away from inflammable objects and store in a cool place.,

Drug Characteristics
Dosagespray on the affected areas once to several times a day.

Active IngredientsPer 100mL
L-menthol………………… 5.020g
Methyl Salicylate………… 2.750g
Diphenhydramine………… 0.063g
DL-Camphor……………… 4.710g

Indications and UsesAlternative therapy for wrenches, bruises or muscle pain.

Packaging Units200mL

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Product category: Disinfectants

Beberax Solution

Drug Characteristics

DosageChildren (3 years and older) and adults: 5mL per application. Insert into rectum. For adults, insert again if one application is not effective. (For children 3 years or younger, use half the adult dosage). Open cap and lightly press until a drop of liquid medicine comes out. This facilitates the insertion into the anus.

Active IngredientsPer 100mL
Sodium Citrate Hydrate…………………………9.0g

Indications and UsesTreatment of constipation

Packaging Units5mL

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