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Our products

Product category: Moulded parts

Medical Technology: Better Quality of Life and Certified Technologies

Our products and systems open up new possibilities in the life science and healthcare industries.

In the field of medical technology, new methods are constantly being researched to ensure better prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Rising life expectancy and the increasing awareness of health and quality of life have brought the issues of life science andhealthcare into public focus.

Jenoptik offers numerous products for use in medical technology based on its wealth of technological expertise. Our diode and solid-state lasers are ideal for the areas of ophthalmology, dermatology and surgery. Our optical and optoelectronic systems and components fordigital imaging and our microscope cameras have also proven to be effective solutions in these medical disciplines. Since we are also able to mass produce polymer optical components, we can offer cost-effective systems for such applications as blood glucose measurement or endoscopic diagnosis.

The fields of micro-material processing and industrial metrology are equally relevant to medical technology. These high-precision and efficient technologies enable even the smallest components to be produced in a cost-effective way. You can check the quality of the workpieces and instruments even during the production process. Our systems meet high medical technology standards and are certified in accordance with the ISO 13485 standard.

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Product category: Moulded parts

Polymer Microoptics: Miniature Polymer Optical Components

The diffractive components and micro lens arrays from Jenoptik represent the state-of-the-art in microoptics.

Components and assemblies are becoming ever smaller and more compact. That is why Jenoptik strives to constantly refine its optical elements and technologies. Our microoptics help you to meet the strict size and weight requirements in your industry and optimize your products.

Polymers open up a host of new opportunities in microoptics. Polymersare the main components in the production of new, lightweight elements. Using our state-of-the-art injection molding technology and the appropriate finishing process, we create micro-components that can be adapted to your exact needs. The special micro injection molding machines at Jenoptik offer maximum precision and make all microoptical components according to your requirements.

Find out more about the diffractive microoptics and micro lens arraysavailable from Jenoptik. Our experts will support you from the design stage right through to series production.

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Product category: Moulded parts

Industrial Metrology: Modern Measuring Systems for Monitoring Quality in Production Processes

Our industrial measuring technology enables you to efficiently monitor the quality of your workpieces throughout the entire production process.

Jenoptik develops and constructs industrial measuring technology that you can use to monitor and optimize your production processes. Our tactile, pneumatic and optical measuring systems are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and can be used for a wide range of measurement tasks, depending on requirements. The systems analyze the surface, shape and dimensions of your workpieces—at every stage of the production process, during the final inspection or in the measuring room, providing you with precise measured data within the shortest time frames.

As a leading manufacturer and system supplier, we offer a broad spectrum of services. Choose the system that best meets your needs from awide range of standard products. If required, we can also develop systems that are precisely tailored to your requirements. Thanks to our extensive expertise and decades of experience, we know exactly what our customers want and need. We work together with you to find the right system—contact our experts for advice.

Our customer service team are on hand around the clock to provide worldwide support, servicing and repairing your systems with a high level of reliability.

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Product category: Moulded parts

Jenoptik solid state lasers for precise material processing

Our disk and fiber lasers deliver perfect processing results of consistently high quality.

In the area of solid-state lasers, Jenoptik offers disk lasers and fiber lasers. Both technologies impress with excellent beam quality, high peak pulse power and precision. Because of their compact design, the lasers can be easily integrated into your existing systems. They are particularly efficient, thus saving you both operating and rework costs. Furthermore, the solid-state lasers are extremely reliable and ensure high productivity and availability.

Disk laser technology: Solid-state lasers for industrial micro material processing and medical treatments
Our disk lasers are fitted with thin disk like Nd:YVO4 or Yb:KYW that function as the laser medium. They are available as cw, short-pulse and ultrashort-pulse laser sources. Because of the high pulse energy and peak pulse power, excellent processing results are achieved and consistent optical parameters are ensured. Our disk lasers are perfectly suited for machining of small structures or difficult materials, as well as for medical purposes.

Fiber laser technology: Solid-state lasers for cutting and welding applications
Our fiber lasers can be used safely and reliably for laser material processing. Due to their excellent beam quality and precise beam guidance, you consistently obtain optimal processing results. Fiber lasers are available in cw and pulsed versions.

Customer support
We will support you in integrating our lasers into your laser systems. To do so, we establish contact with Jenoptik engineers and independent system integrators. Make use of our comprehensive worldwide customer service. We evaluate processes with regard to productivity and quality, and create samples for you in our application laboratory. We will be happy to arrange a free individual application test with you.

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Product category: Moulded parts

High-power diode lasers: tools of light for industry and medicine

Efficient, reliable, robust – our high-power diode lasers impress with their excellent quality and long service life.

The entire process and technology chain in diode lasers
Jenoptik develops and produces high-power diode lasers – ranging from semiconductor material, Mounted Diode Lasers and laser stacks to fiber-coupled diode laser modules. We thereby cover the entire process and technology chain for laser material processing. Our diode lasers have been well-established as high-quality machine tools in industry, medicine and science for many years – for example, in welding plastics and cutting metal sheets.
Our diode lasers are characterized by their high efficiency and reliability. They also reach high output powers into the kilowatt range. Because of their compact and robust design, they are extremely durable, easy to integrate and can withstand even the harshest conditions. Therefore, theyrequire minimal maintenance and no follow-up costs apply. The radiation can be coupled to light guide cables and transported.

We use semiconductors produced in-house for our diode lasers. This ensures the highest possible quality and a long service life, allowing you to achieve output powers up into the kilowatt range and save operating costs.

We have a wide selection of high-power diode lasers. Our diode laser selector will make it easier for you to find the appropriate product. You can select the specific data you are searching for and quickly get an overview of our range. If the results are too extensive, you can refine or change your entries, even at a later time.

If required, we can develop individual diode lasers tailored to your specific requirements.

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About us

Company details

Being a manufacturer of polymer optical, optomechanical and optoelectronic single and system components, we have all essential competencies. Optics and product design is the basis for polymer subsystems. For producing plastic components we use various replication technologies based on our competences in tool design, mold construction and surface technologies, as well as in assembly and packaging technologies. Development and production of photodiodes and LEDs complete our scope of services.

We have special know how in series production of particular high quality. During the past ten years we have produced more than 100 million optoelectronic modules and components for applications in the fields of automotive & mobility, lighting & energy, health care & life science and machine vision.

Our location in Rochester, NY (USA) offers North American customers the same complete process chain capabilities we offer the European market.

In the centre of our thinking and strategy we focus on humans as customers, as employees, as suppliers as well as service providers. This principle is anchored in our Corporate Policy.

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