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  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.05  Operating technology and equipment
  • 01.05.01  Surgery Room Equipment

Our products

Product category: Surgery Room Equipment

Surgical washbasins

Wall mounted surgical washing basin available in different materials

The wall mounted surgical washing basins are available in different materials: stainless steel or Corian. They are available with one, two or three sizes and the dispenser can be controlled manually or electronically.

Possono essere dotati di distributore di sapone liquido con comando a gomito o comando elettronico.

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Product category: Surgery Room Equipment

Door modules

The opening sections in the removable wall partitions include single-leaf automatic sliding doors and hinged doors

The opening sections in the removable wall partitions include single-leaf automatic sliding doors and hinged doors.
All Door modules have a three sided door frame, complete with adequate seals and, where necessary, heavy-duty hinges. Specialist control devices ensure the correct operation of the door panel.

- Automatic closing system designed to meet all your requirements.
- A door that has been tested for tightness according to EN 1026 (achieving class 2 in pressure testing and class 4 in depression testing).

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Product category: Surgery Room Equipment

Raised floor

TrueSpace Floor can be finely adjusted to accommodate any floor height

The frame is comprised of pedestals which can be finely adjusted to accommodate any floor height. It is supplied with special adhesives to anchor it to the existing floor. The core of our patented steel panel is made of calcium sulphate or wood fibreboard, and catalysed resins.
Its six sides are covered with sheet steel. The panel is sealed with a top parametric joint to ensure its carrying capacity and its resistance against shocks is maintained in exposed areas. The top finish is made of 4-mm thick electrostatic dissipative or conductive PVC.

- 25% weight reduction
- Over 50% reduction in installation time on site, compared to traditional screeds.
- It bears high loads, both point and dynamic (weight capacity: 2,000kg/sq.m.).
- Excellent reduction of impact sound, as well as air-borne sound between floors and connecting rooms.
- High thermal insulation index.
- Height adjustable between min. 7 cm and max. 150 cm

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Product category: Surgery Room Equipment


Endless customization
Prefabricated TrueSpace system has been designed to attain the highest possible quality standards in terms of aesthetics and comfort.


The TrueSpace system provides maximum flexibility in designing critical area facilities. In terms of aesthetics and comfort, the prefabricated TrueSpace system also delivers the highest possible quality standards. Our approach enables customers, working with us, to design customised solutions which provide an enhanced experience in an enriched environment for patients and healthcare professionals. Using customised digital prints or other artwork sources, the solid and glazed panels can be silk screened to give rooms a unique, warm, and contemporary feel.

The use of multi-colour LED backlight glazed modules provides another interesting option. The hanging colour options make it possible to customise the appearance of the inside and outside walls of the operating theatre. This enhances the comfortable environment for healthcare professionals and patients.

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Product category: Surgery Room Equipment

Prefabricated modular wall

The modular, interchangeable and removable 100mm thick TrueSpace wall makes installation and inspection faster and easier.

The vertical posts are made of 2mm of galvanised steel with a special fastening system. This system allows all types of finishes to be used: metallic, HPL, Solid Surface Acrylic and glass. The metal substructure made with special FlexPosts allows the modular prefabrication system to be used in every surgical setting, including operating rooms, sterilisation areas, relaxation rooms, and ICU, first aid and radiology departments.

Antibacterial finishing panel.
These panels are made with co laminated steel obtained through hot processing with polymer film charged with silver ions. The natural action of these agents inhibits the growth of germs and eliminates those already present.

Screw-less fastening system.
A slide-in fastening system enables any qualified person to remove and install the partition panels very easily. A rack locking system allows fastening of the partition panels and accessories. The specially shaped hooks make the system

“self-centring” preserving the quality and tightness of the seals, preventing the unpleasant imperfections associated with traditional systems.

 Self-Supporting system.
The steel support structure is not fixed to the ceiling and is free standing, simplifying the installation of facility services above the ceiling.

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About us

Company details

The extensive experience of Trumpf Med Italia in providing turn-key solutions for critical areas of hospitals has led to the creation of a new company, Operamed, which is dedicated to the development of TrueSpace projects in Italy and across the world.
The comprehensive approach offered by Operamed in creating specialised areas like operating theatres, intensive care units, critical areas, sterilisation, diagnostic departments, dental offices and clean rooms, is based on a prefabrication system called TrueSpace. The TrueSpace platform supports, and is able to seamlessly integrate existing systems and technologies.
Operamed handles each project with the utmost care and attention in order to find the solution that best suits individual customer needs. In particular, we offer customised solutions through an initial design phase carried out in cooperation with the company’s technical department that leads to an extremely accurate detailed design.
Operamed's mission is to offer innovative solutions while maintaining a strong focus on the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. Our goal is to create cosy, ergonomic and comfortable spaces by pursuing excellence and innovation through continuous improvement and seeking simple solutions.

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