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Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.02  Imaging proceedings
  • 01.02.05  X-ray devices and accessories

X-ray devices and accessories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.02  Imaging proceedings
  • 01.02.05  X-ray devices and accessories
  •  Fluorescent screens, X-ray visualisers

Fluorescent screens, X-ray visualisers

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.09  Hospital and Care equipment
  • 01.09.01  Lighting systems and equipment

Lighting systems and equipment

Our products

Product category: X-ray devices and accessories


The negatoscope is used to view medical images produced by a chain of high-tech equipment. This device, designed to read X-rays, is classified as a radiology accessory. It is nevertheless a decisive link in the quality chain. The accuracy of the radiological diagnosis and the radiologist's efficiency depend on the film reading conditions.

The negatoscope, probably due to its technical simplicity compared to the extremely complex nature of radiological equipment, is belittled in radiology departments and is not given the attention it deserves. Despite the undisputed technical progress achieved in medical imaging, the quality of the films can only be made full use of if they are read on a perfectly illuminated and homogeneous device.

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories

ABS range

ELLA LEGROS company offers ABS negatoscopes. The advantages are numerous :

Screw-free assembly : easy accessibility for any type of personnel for maintenance purposes (this condition is necessary to maintain the device's performances).

Lightness : hassle-free installation possible on any type of partition. "Logistic" interest of a lighter product.

Rustproof product : no risk of rust on box frame.

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories

tole range

These conventional negatoscopes appeal to customers due to their strength and classic design. They are available in combined models (incorporating several negatoscopes in the same unit) and provide time saving for multi-films examination.


Sheet steel metallic white box frame. Special white optical paint
Straight fluorescent tubes "daylight type" light source, colour temperature > 5500° Kelvin.
1700 cd/m² minimum
Electrical controls on front
Halogen spotlight built-in as standard
Transverse nylon wire
Electric controls by main switch on the side of the unit.
Lighting controls by bipolar switch with built-in indicator light or electronic dimmer on front.
Horizontal models with 6 or 8 areas and vertical model with 2 areas (36 x 120 cm).
High frequency available for models with extended areas only

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Product category: Lighting systems and equipment


Specific aspects associated with mammography

Breast X-rays are dense: therefore, a high level of luminance and perfectly homogeneous lighting are essential for reliable screening. Some micro-calcifications can only be detected with an excellent contrast and no glare.

While many manufacturers have focused on the light power,Ella Legros has chosen to concentrate on meeting new expectations expressed by radiologists, giving priority to lighting quality and homogeneity on the entire illuminated area.

The French health authorities have issued a quality control protocol for mammography installations (revised in July 1998). It is important to note that this protocol itself refers to the European protocol "European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Mammography Screening" dated May 1996 and the DIN standard, but is more demanding in terms of homogeneity criteria.

Naturally, Ella mammoscopes dedicated to this activity comply with this protocol.


Epoxy treated 10/10 sheet steel metal box frame with anodised aluminium uprights
Straight fluorescent tubes "daylight type" light source, colour temperature 6500° Kelvin
2 manual horizontal and vertical shutters (motorised version also available). This system makes it possible to obtain a well-defined illuminated area, varying in size, at any point of the entire reading surface.
Light intensity: may vary to 7000 cd/m² depending on model
High frequency electronic ballasts. Allows light intensity regulation from 10 to 100%.
Adjustable transverse nylon wire to hold small formats in place
Switched on with dimmer

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Product category: Lighting systems and equipment

Slim led negatoscopes

Ella Legro is also the distributor of Weiko Slim led negatoscopes in France.

Specifications :

3cm thickness
Body composed of anti-scratch anodized aluminium sections
Light source: led technology temperature of color 7200 Kelvin
3500 cd/mq
Dimmer : luminance adjustment with range by 30% up to 100%
Horizontal models 1 to 3 separated áreas and workstations with 1 area.

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About us

Company details

The ELLA Legros company has been specialized in medical imaging since 1946.

Radiologists have long benefited from their product innovations and their creative spirit. ELLA Legros is a leading manufacturer on conventional illuminators and is now emerging in the digital field. Its proficiency in providing technological solutions to practitioners worldwide remains unchanged.

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1-9 Mio US $

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max. 75%

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Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology