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Disposable articles for surgeries

Our products

Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries


Since 1981, Sapi Med has been the reference point in the field of coloproctology, due to its continuous research into new, technologically advanced solutions.

The Sapi Med hospital line offers a wide range of disposable medical devices dedicated to proctology and treatment of the pelvic floor. The wide range of instruments includes anoscopes, sigmoidoscope, anal retractors and haemorrhoid ligators.

Disposable self-lighting diagnostic and operative devices for anoscopy, outpatient and day surgery surgical procedures.

Disposable and sterile devices, dedicated to surgical procedures for complex anorectal pathologies.

Diagnostic devices and operating disposable, graduated, of various sizes and with detachable handle.

Haemorrhoid ligators
Disposable suction and traction devices for haemorrhoids elastic ligature.

Disposable devices dedicated to outpatient and surgical therapy of haemorrhoids, fissures, fistulas, prolapses, abscesses, etc.

Steel surgical instruments
Re-usable steel surgical instruments for surgery theater and day surgery.

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Our history

Sapi Med was born in 1981 with Dilatan, a medical device used for dilation technique in anal fissure treatment that finds great support among surgeons all over the world. This was the spring-board that paved the way for Sapi Med to become, at first in Italy and then in several countries in the world, the reference point in the sector of colorectal surgery. It is just in the Eighties that we saw, on the national territory, a dramatic change in the medical approach to proctology, always considered a minor branch of surgery and a subject that didn’t deserve the interest paid to the study of other organs like rectum and colon. Sapi Med, regarded as the leader in this sector, has strongly contributed to the development of this discipline devoting itself to the research of new technologically advanced solutions, taking advantage of the co-operation with qualified colorectal surgeons and increasing and differentiating its product range. Nowadays its catalogue offers 70 disposable items created to meet surgeon operative needs in the full respect of patient requirements. The wide range of devices with which to operate has also made possible to treat in outpatient department a large number of patients suffering from simple and benign anorectal pathologies, so easing operating theatres.


SAPI MED has a worldwide reputation for innovation in coloproctology. In the development of effective therapeutic product solutions, the specific needs of surgeons and patients are considered. The SAPI MED product range consists of diagnostic and therapeutic devices with the following characteristics: disposable, hygienic, easy to handle, simple to use and orientated towards a modern and advanced conception of proctology.


The product design protocol is based on the close examination of diagnostic and surgical procedures on specialist’s and medical staff’s needs. By listening to and interacting with proctologists, diagnostic and therapeutic devices are designed to be more functional. SAPI MED aims both to respond actively to customers’ needs and anticipate their future requirements.


Research and development of materials and the evolution of prototypes takes place at the Centre of Culture for Plastics Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino, Alessandria branch. In collaboration with research specialists and with operational control system, the close conformity of the prototype to the user’s needs (as revealed by a feasibility study) is assured. Systematic development and repeated corrective action ensure the gradual technical perfection of the product.


SAPI MED’s commitment to innovations has produced a diverse range of high-quality, specialised instruments, which are both reliable and easy to use. This has led to optimisation Of surgical performance, and to the consistent improvement of day surgery techniques in coloproctology. All of this is the result of research in the medical-clinical and technological field which has led SAPI MED to achieve a leading position in specific instruments for coloproctology.

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1-9 Mio US $

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max. 50%

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Commodities and Consumer Good for Surgeries and Hospitals