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QD Laser, Inc.

Keihin Bldg.1F, 1-1 Minamiwataridacho,Kawasaki-ku, 210-0855 Kawasaki, Kanagawa

Telephone +81 44 3333338
Fax +81 44 3333308

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Our products

Product category: Visual support systems

1240-1310nm quantum dot lasers

Quantum Dot FP/DFB Lasers
1240 to 1310 nm wavelength
TO-56 CAN package
Ideal for Telecom, Datacom and Interconnection

Lasers with quantum dot active layers drastically reduce temperature sensitivity of light output characteristics of 1300nm communication wavelength lasers. The characteristics provide much easier handling for customers in evaluations and adjustments than conventional quantum well lasers. QLF1339 is a 1310nm Fabry-Perot (FP) laser, and QLD123x is 1240 – 1270nm Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser. These lasers are mounted in a TO-CAN package with a lens cap.

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Product category: Visual support systems

1300nm high temperature quantum dot lasers

Quantum Dot FP Laser
1300nm wavelength
Up to 175 degrees C
TO-56 CAN package
Ideal for plants, oil and gas exploring fields

Reduced temperature sensitivity of quantum dot lasers enables higher temperature operation than conventional lasers. QLF1335 series are temperature-resistant 1300nm wavelength FP lasers for >100°C operation. The laser is mounted in a TO-CAN package.
These lasers are suitable for a variety of applications such as data communication and sensing in harsh environments such as deserts, plants and oil and gas exploring fields.

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Product category: Visual support systems

1030-1180nm DFB lasers for material processing and sensing

Wavelength 1030, 1053, 1064, 1120, 1180nm etc
Short pulse operation(picosecond, nanosecond)
Narrow spectral linewidth
Embedded isolator
Picosecond pulsed driver
1060nm gain chip for tunable lasers

QLD1x6x series are single mode DFB lasers with high power capabilities in a 1000 to 1180nm wavelength range. These lasers are mounted in a standard 14pin butterfly package with an optical isolator. The package is pigtailed by a polarization-maintaining optical fiber (PMF). These DFB lasers show excellent single mode stability and are quite suitable for both CW and short pulsed operations.
The features are ideal for a seed light of a fiber laser system for precise material processing, gas sensing, SHG (second harmonic generation) applications combined with PPLN (Periodically Poled LiNbO3) etc.
Picosecond pulsed driver is available for evaluation and development of psec fiber lasers.

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Product category: Visual support systems

640-940 nm high power lasers with monitor PD

640, 660, 785, 830 ,940 nm wavelength
30 – 120mW CW output power
TO-56 CAN package
Anode common / Cathode common
Ideal for factory automation

QLF0x3x series are high power FP lasers. The laser is mounted in a TO-CAN package with a monitor photodiode. Both anode and cathode common types are available. These models are ideal for markers of factory automations, particle counting, and various sensing applications

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Product category: Visual support systems

532, 561, 594nm Compact visible laser module

532, 561 and 594nm wavelength
High speed modulation
Narrow spectral linewidth
Second harmonic generation with DFB technology
Low power consumption
Compact package

QLD0593 series are Compact visible laser module, which integrate 1064-1188nm lasers with SHG (second harmonic generation) devices of PPLN (Periodically Poled LiNbO3). Different from a DPSS laser (Diode-Pumed Solid-State laser), this laser utilizes DFB laser technology, which provides video rate amplitude modulation capability and narrow spectral linewidth. These features are ideal for projectors and microscopy and also suitable for spectroscopy and sensing applications.

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About us

Company details

QD Laser, Inc. is a leading provider of highly efficient semiconductor laser solutions for Telecom/Datacom, consumer electronics, and industrial use. We distinguish ourselves in the marketplace by our product values of finely tuned wavelengths from 532, 1000 to 1310nm, high-temperature operation and stability, and mass production capability on GaAs platform. Our products with reliability help our customers create new laser light markets in a variety of applications such as LAN/FTTH, optical interconnection, material processing, sensing, laser projection, etc.

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