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Our products

Product category: First-aid equipment


SALI – is a new-breed solution for respiratory and cardiac emergencies. It is the first and only Automated Oxy-Defibrillator that creates a virtual hospital environment at the scene and significantly increases the effectiveness of the medical treatment.

SALI (acronym for SAve LIfe) is a family of innovative devices based on a defibrillator. Designed based on requirements provided by emergency medicine professionals, opinion leaders and distributors specializing in EMS, SALI creates synergy between three modules:

(1) non-invasive airway management,
(2) automated oxygen therapy, and
(3) defibrillator.

As a result, SALI enables real-time effective treatment in the out-of-hospital setting regardless of the patient’s condition, whether conscious or not. This is considered the “holy grail” of out-of-hospital medical emergency devices and it adheres to international first-aid A-B-C guidelines.

SALI is a fully contained device, however it also provides a comprehensive solution via a cloud connection to a remote emergency center, transmitting in real-time the patient’s vital signs (ECG, BR, saturation, pulse, non-invasive blood pressure, CO2, not including personal details of the patient), as well as all medical events occurring at the scene. SALI enables the emergency center to

(1) support the first responder in real-time;
(2) direct and send the data from the SALI device to the EMS personnel arriving at the scene;
(3) send the data from the SALI device to the hospital, providing historical vital signs and critical records of the event.

As a result, a faster and more effective treatment for the patient arriving at the hospital is facilitated, contributing to a better outcome, saving medical staff time and hospitalization costs.

SALI also addresses key limitations in the rapidly expanding use of telehealth for remote patient diagnosis of common acute problems. SALI is gaining recognition worldwide as the next generation solution for out-of-hospital medical emergencies, creating a “virtual hospital” environment at the scene and enabling the effective treatment factor to jump from 16% – addressed by the current Automatic External Defibrillator – to over 70% of all medical emergencies.

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Product category: First-aid equipment


SALI D is the first model of the SALI family of Oxy-Defibrillators for use in public places, smart cities and peripheral settlements. It is a portable, automatic and easy-to-use device which includes non-invasive airway management, automated O2 enrichment, AED, automatic interpretation of vital signs (BR, SpO2, ECG monitoring) and full walk-through instructions. In addition, SALI D provides real-time (cellular/cloud/web) communication with a medical emergency support center as well as a periodical broadcast of all critical components to a remote service center, in order to assure readiness for use.

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Product category: First-aid equipment


SALI DA provides, for the first time, an efficient solution for the management of mid-air medical events. Equipped with an additional NIBP monitoring, SALI DA is designed according to FAA requirements and tailor made to enable real-time satellite communication with an on-the-ground emergency center. A recently published research indicated that most mid-air medical emergencies are untreatable by AEDs, and are a major cause for deviation from route, resulting in excessive expenses to the aviation industry1. The SALI DA caters to this need, providing any crew member with the ability to assist passengers in mid-air medical emergencies and enabling airlines to reduce costs.

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Product category: First-aid equipment


SALI DV contains all the features of the SALI D with the addition of CO2 monitoring and NIV support as well as an appropriate innovative mask able to overcome the common obstacles of non-invasive ventilation. This model is intended for use by trained semi-professional non-medical emergency providers (e.g. lifeguards, fireman, law-enforcement personal, etc.). The SALI DV enables out-of-hospital treatment to patients suffering acute respiratory failures, such as drowning and other lung diseases, when AEDs alone are not enough.

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Product category: First-aid equipment


SALI M offers all the advantages of the SALI DV and is specifically engineered for marine application, with appropriate differentiation between yachts, cruises, cargo vessels and commercial fishing. The real-time communication is performed via local Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and vessel satellite communication. Even if you are miles away from land, SALI-M will create a hospital environment on board, update the relevant medical personals and make sure you will be heading into safety.

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About us

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Invoytec products project 21st century non-invasive critical aid technology that enables you to provide faster, friendlier, and more effective treatment at the out of hospital scene.

Its medical solutions strive to bring innovation to this environment, with products that expand both the survivability and quality of life, and that are user friendly both to the care givers and patients.

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Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology