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Product category: eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry

RAPHAEL-aktiv -The wander prevention system

The SCHUTZENGELSYSTEM Raphael-aktiv makes use of the active transponder technology (RFID) which is an excellent technology for the indoor use. The transponder tags are integrated into watches or pendants and are worn by the inhabitants with desorientation problems. At this point new areas for the mobility of those patients can be defined. Therefore taking a walk inside or in the garden of the facility are made possible.  The system signals when one tag-wearing person is about to leave the defined area. Moreover, the system also notices when one of them returns into the facilty again and the alarm is autoamtically acknowledged.
The Schutzengelsystem can be planned and optimized according to the indivudial requirements of the facility. The installation is easly done and does not necessarily interrupt the daily processes.

Situation 1:  While leaving the entrance area, the transponder triggers an alarm. Via the transponder at the wrist of the patient, the detection unit can lock the door according to the authorisation.

Situation 2: The inhabitant moves in the garden or in the yard infront of the facility. The alarm is triggerd at the point when the yard is left. By using the walking direction detection the alarm is autoamtically acknowledged when then person returns onto the yard. This information as well as a fast signal eases the positioning of the patient. 

Situation 3: In order to keep an archtectural wideness the RFID-technology can be used to secure land boundaries without a fence. Therefore a loop in the ground can be used.

Transponder as wristband:
The tansponder can be worn as a watch - dummy on the wrist. The band is made of leather or a steralizable synthetic. The wristband is equipped with a special clasp, which just allows the staff to open the band by using the magnetic key. Moreover the transponder case is waterproof.

Transponder as a watch:
The transponder can be integratet into a functional watch. Alternatively the band be made of leather as well. The watch surely is equipped with a special clasp, which only can be opened by the magnetic key. The watches are splash water proof.

Reading / Detection unit:
The reading detection unit creates a spherical magnetic detection field surrounding itself. The transponders are detected within this field and therefore an alarm is triggered in case a desoriented person approaches an exit. The width of the detection range can stepless be adjusted between 0,5 meters and 6 meters.

Patented clasp:
The patented clasps only can be opened by the magnetic key. Combined with a very robust syntethic band, a detachment of the transponder is signifcantly hindered.

Magnetic key
The magnetic key is easy to use for the caring staff.

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Product category: eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry


By approaching a room of another inhabitant it often happens than desoriented person lay down in the wrong bed or rearranges everything in the room. Damages and rearranging of closets can lead to tensions. By using  Raphael-select every room door can be assigned to the matching inhabitant. This makes sure that only the caring staff and the owner can enter the own room. This enhances the privacy and reduces the risk of theft. 

Raphael-select - this is how it works:
The inhabitant wears the transponder watch as a key. In case the resident approaches the own door, the door automatically unlocks. Doors of others stay closed. This ensures privacy among the inhabitants. The doors unlock automatically for the caring staff. Naturally the door can be unlocked manually.

The caring facility is equipped with Raphael select.  Resident A (1) is not desoriented. To avoid unauthorized access of other residents a detection unit (Leseeinheit A) is installed beside the door. Only the transponder of the caring staff  (3) opens the door in case it is within the detection field. This creates an effective way to avoid theft. Resident B (2) is desoriented. Since only the own room can be opened, accessing other rooms is not possible anymore.

With the door control of  Raphael-select you can unlock and lock operational rooms, elevators and other exits. This makes sure that the resident can only walk around within the defined area. Furthermore, this grants the staff more security and improves the atmosphere within the faciltiy.

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Product category: eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry

Raphael-EvaCare fall prevention

The Raphael-EvaCare offers two solutions. On the one hand it is an evacuation mat which is placed under the matrace. 
On the other hand the EvaCare is equipped with sensors, which trigger an alarm in case someone is about to leave the bed.

Your advantage:
According to typical movement patterns the Raphael-EvaCare sensors trigger an alarm when a person which tends to slip is about to get up from the matrace.
Due to that, the nurse can assist the resident even before the bed has been left.
This significantly reduces the risk of slipping and injury.

For a functional system at least 3 sensor stripes are necessary. These are placed under the matrace of the patient. A receiving unit evaluates the data from the sensors and triggers an alarm, when the weight moves from the bed centre to the edge of the bed. The Raphael-EvaCare can be used as stand alone system or integrated in a complet wander prevention system.

Further advantages of the Raphael-EvaCare:
It is made to be retrofitted at a nursing bed and works independently form the type of bed or matrace. Furthermore, the sensors adapt their sensibility to loss or gain of the weight of the patient. 

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Product category: eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry

Raphael-dual positioning

The Raphael-dual combines the reliable RFID-technology of Raphael aktiv and GPS-technology. Therefore it offers safety inside as well as outside of the facility.

The principal element of the Raphael-dual is a GPS-device. It contains the functions of the transponder and a common GPS-device. The RFID-technology is used to switch the tracker on, when the building is left and switched off in case someone returns into the facility. This saves energy and the device does not have to be recharged so often. 

The caring staff receives an alarm, when the building is left. By using the tracker you can locate the resident on your mobile phone. 

Via a programmed geo zone, further areas can be defined which grant more moving range for the inhabitant. It triggers an alarm when a defined aria is left.

The resident of the care facility (1) is equipped with a wander prevention system Raphael-aktiv and Raphael-dual. Because of the desorientation of the resident (2) a geo zone was defined where this person can walk around freely. The geo zone contains regions which are familiar to the person that wears the tracking device. In case the person leaves the the zone (3), the staff receives an alam, and the possibility to locate the resident.

How can be the alarm received?

- a DECT-Phone
- a Pager
- a nurse call system
- a sound or light signal

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About us

Company details

For every product and every service we focus on humanity. We are specialized in technology used for elderly care and environmental protection.
For  12 years, Martin Elektrotechnik GmbH constantly develops and produces the dementia protection systems named SCHUTZENGELSYSTEME (eng: Guardian Angel System). This system helps to enhance life quality of dementia patients at home as well as ensuring a save and comfortable life in care centers for inhabitants and employees.

With more than 20 employees, we constantly develope new technology  according to our vision: A care for seniors, where the focus is only put on the human. 

Therefore, this website shows, how our systems helps to increase efficiency and capacity utilization as well as an betterment of the atmosphere in caring facilities.

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