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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.03  Therapie and physical medicine
  • 01.03.04  Infusion technology equipment

Infusion technology equipment

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.03  Therapie and physical medicine
  • 01.03.04  Infusion technology equipment
  •  Insulin syringes and injectors

Insulin syringes and injectors

Our products

Product category: Infusion technology equipment


The board contains two Xilinx® Virtex® -5 FPGAs:
• Main FPGA – XC5VLX330-2FFG1760C
• Service FPGA – XC5VFX100T-2FFG1136C
• PCIe x 4 Lane interface
• 2 x Gigabit Ethernet interface to the MicroTCA backplane
• Front plate Mini USB-UART shared interface for FPGA 1 and FPGA 2
FPGA communication bus
• 128-bit parallel bidirectional bus between FPGA
• Operating clock at 156.25MHz provided for data clocking
• PCI Express Gen2
• 1 bank of 512Mbyte x 8 x 2 DDR2 SDRAM
• 2 banks of 512Mbyte x 8 x 2 DDR2 SDRAM
• 4 banks of QDR-II SRAM 4Mbyte x 18
• Programmable clock 50-250MHz
• Clock 125MHz to FPGA1 and FPGA2
• Clock 156.25MHz for MGT Transceivers of FPGA1
Configuration & JTAG
• Service FPGA Xilinx® BPI Platform Flash memory for the configuration in 8-bit Select MAP® mode for rapid configuration
• Main FPGA SPI NOR Flash for configuration
• JTAG interface on the faceplate for FPGA configuration and monitoring
• All on-board FPGAs linked by the FPGA JTAG chain
• Support IPMI version 1.5 embedded controllers version 2.0
• FPGA core temperature monitoring support
• FPGA core voltage monitoring support
• FPGA core current monitoring support
Form Factor
• AdvanceMC (AMC.0 R2.0) under the specifications of PICMG®
• Single Width
Target application:
• Image Processing
• Telecommunication
• Inter-FPGA Bridge
• PCI Express bridges
• General Purpose Prototyping
• Ethernet/Internet applications
• Embedded controller

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About us

Company details

Miracle Machines Pte Ltd is incorporated in 2003 with a paid up capital of one million dollars, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Miracle Management Pte Ltd. The group owns 6500 sq feet of office and assembly space at Ubi Techpark for the assembly, integration and testing of MIRANI™ servers and other high performance computing products and applications. As proof of our capabilities in producing high performance computers, Miracle Machines Pte Ltd delivered the Miracle-48 Micro-Supercomputer with more than 12 TeraFlops performance in the very year of its incorporation.

In 2004, Miracle Machines begin the manufacturing of its MIRANI™ range of Intel Itanium2 and Xeon servers and clusters. Miracle Machines also offer other high performance computing applications, each tailored for specific tasks that require reliability, stability, high speed data transfer and raw computing power from the system.

Miracle Machines’ Vision Systems, using high resolution cameras and proprietary intelligent software, have many applications for both commercial and public use. Traffic reinforcement systems, such as LIDAR™ (Light Detection and Ranging), ATCS™ (Arterial Traffic Count System) and BLECS™ (Bus Lane Enforcement Camera System) are effective systems based on the same vision system, which is also used in semiconductor vision inspection systems for the commercial sector.

Another product line is the MIRANI™ Machine Translation System™ (MTS™) which is capable of transcribing and translating from video news programs in a foreign language into English text. This ability empowers the user by breaking down language barriers, thus opening many other avenues in business, education and security previously unavailable due to language differences. With another new product (MTS ®) in our inventory of high performance computing applications in year 2005, we are set to achieve even greater heights.

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