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Our products

Product category: Ultrasound diagnostic equipment

eZono® 4000

The eZono® 4000, is eZono’s flagship product, offering unique solutions
to address the real life challenges facing clinicians every day, when using ultrasound at the point of care.

Using the latest technology to provide advanced functionality with the simplicity and reliability requested and required by clinicians providing point of care services, the eZono® 4000 represents a new era of imaging, needle guidance and education, at a price point reflecting the needs of healthcare providers worldwide1

• Latest LED Screen

Imaging in the Point of Care environments requires a system that can adapt to sub-optimal imaging conditions, where there is limited control over light. The new LED screen on the eZono® 4000 provides the stunning brightness required to fully appreciate the image in the operating room or critical care areas.

• Advanced image quality

Designed from the ground up eZono’s new generation transducer technology with increased processing offers advanced imaging capabilities with automated optimization to get the best results quickly and easily.

• eZGuide®, revolutionary needle guidance technology.

The most advance needle guidance system available, for ultrasound guidance procedures.

• Cue Cards, pioneering onboard education software.

The message we heard from many point of care clinicians was the need for education. The eZono® offers advanced 2D and 3D graphics in a sophisticated onboard education program that puts information for numerous procedures, at your finger tips, at any time.

• Large Storage Capability

No need to be confined to small clip storage or the ability to take just a few images before transferring them off the system. The eZono® 4000 offers up to 4 hours of video storage or 250,000 still images.

The Point of Care environment is challenging. When systems are moved frequently, it is essential to have a system that has been designed and built to be robust and reliable. With a toughened glass screen, high quality casing and concealed connectors the eZono® 4000 is ready for the Point of Care challenge. Our quality control processes includes drop tests of the system and transducers.

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Product category: Ultrasound diagnostic equipment

Innovating portable ultrasound

The eZonoTM 3000 portable ultrasound system is designed for the needs of clinicians imaging at the point of care. It accelerates the learning curve with our patented Cue Cards, a multi-media learning and workflow tool – combined with excellent image quality.

The technology behind the eZono 3000 is designed completely new from the ground up. At its core we use a highly flexible hardware platform combined with a powerful processing platform. This flexibility allows our software to be so versatile, that it can be adjusted to the users’ true needs.

The advanced touchscreen of the system and the icon-based user interface significantly reduce complexity. Given its light-weight form-factor, fast boot time of under 20 sec and 2h battery life, the eZono™ 3000 is ideally suited for every day clinical use.

With four different processing options for image display, the eZono® 3000 can be set up to meet you personal image preferences.

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Product category: Ultrasound diagnostic equipment

eZGuide®, a revolutionary needle guidance technology.

Now, clinicians using ultrasound guidance for procedures, can accurately visualize the needle track and the needle tip position, in any chosen plane, using eZGuide’s onscreen display with color coding. The alignment of the needle and the position of the tip relative to the imaging plane are always in view, allowing the user to identify the correct needle trajectory, prior to puncturing the patient’s skin and maintain the chosen route to the target anatomy.

eZGuide® is performed free hand, and functions for any plane procedures. Whilst conventional needle guidance technology restricts the choice of clinicians, to either in-plane or out of plane, eZGuide®, allows the clinician to choose the optimal path of approach to the target area.

Now with the latest eZGuide® Adaptive Needle Recognition software, clinicians have the flexibility to use preferred needles whenever possible*, and are not limited to proprietary needles. eZGuide® ANR automatically calibrates the eZono® 4000 system for the currently selected needle so clinicians are fully aware of the capabilities with regard to needle properties, navigation and depth of penetration prior to starting an invasive procedure, providing the means for the clinician to improve the safety and efficiency of the procedure.

The challenge facing clinicians using ultrasound guidance is developing the skills to manipulate both the needle and transducer to achieve the correct alignment and visualize the needle. Even with good technique, the needle is frequently identified more on tissue movement rather than good visualization and the user is restricted to ‘in plane’ techniques.

It has been reported that most problems associated with needle guidance techniques is failure to recognize the needle tip.

With eZGuide® we overcome these challenges with on screen navigation that identifies and displays the needle path, for any plane techniques, and accurately pinpoints the needle tip.

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Product category: Ultrasound diagnostic equipment

Onboard education

Cue Card technology is pioneering onboard education designed to reduce the learning curve for procedural ultrasound and bridges the gap between workshop and clinical use.

Offering detailed step by step education using which translates 2D and 3D anatomical knowledge into sonoanatomy; Cue Cards offer an extensive and expanding library of procedures in multiple clinical applications, allowing clinicians to practice each procedure with invaluable reference materials.

If you are looking for a system that grows together with your personal needs and techniques, then simply create your own Cue Cards, upload them onto your system and use them in daily routines. Or benefit from our community of leading experts, providing an ever increasing stream of new Cue Cards for eZono® 4000 and eZono® 3000.

We offer the unique possibility to use our tool which allows for Cue Card creation and in time implementation according to your needs. If you are interested in learning more about our concept, just register at myeZono.com and see what is possible.

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Product category: Ultrasound diagnostic equipment

L3-12 NGS Linear Transducer

• 3-12 Mhz multi-frequency, 38 mm linear array transducer
• Supports 2D imaging, M-mode, Color Power Doppler, Velocity Color Flow Doppler
• 2 m cable
• Compact, light weight design

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About us

Company details

Founded in 2004, eZono AG is a different kind of ultrasound company, one that empowers non-traditional ultrasound users to incorporate sonography in their daily work. This enables our customers to improve clinical outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction and in particular lower cost. As a result we bring not only affordable portable sonography technology to specific applications but also makes it easy for instance for anesthetists to operate - reducing drastically their learning effort.

Investment demands and learning requirements have kept sonography in only well-defined clinical niches far too long. By empowering sonography, eZono breaks into new applications for ultrasound imaging like regional anesthesia. Only few regional anesthesia procedures are supported by ultrasound imaging today, the rest are done ‘blindly’ which result in patient anxiety, pain, cost and risk. With our eZono™ 3000 system designed for regional anesthesia, sonography becomes a standard tool for anaesthetists.


eZono AG was founded in July 2004 and is located in Jena, the capital of optical and precision engineering in Germany. Our diversified staff of 26 specialists comes from 16 nations and enables the company’s global footprint. So do our more than 40 shareholders across the globe with a particular focus in London, New Jersey and Boston. We generated our first revenues in late 2008 just three years after start of operations in May 2005. Our products are sold through our growing number of channel partners primarily in EMEA. The eZono™ 3000 system, our first generation of ultrasound products, is currently being introduced into the European market.

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