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Product category: Gene tests / molecular biological diagnostic


• What is the benefit to me of using tissue analysis from IndivuTest?
Our analysis focuses on advanced cancers for which standard therapies have not resulted in the desired success. We cannot promise you that the treatment of your cancer will be more successful as a result of our testing. However, we can provide your attending physician with scientific information that is normally not available to him or her during therapy selection. This increases the likelihood that the drug best suited for the individual cancer is used. There is also the chance of obtaining information about drugs that are available but which are normally not used for your type of cancer. Based on the tissue data from your cancer, we search for the clinical studies that are the most appropriate for you in which new drugs are being tested. You and your attending physician will receive a multi-page report summarizing all of the test results recorded. Your oncologist may thus be able to offer you another treatment option.

Please be aware: The investigational methods are not based on clinical experience but instead on our experience and conclusions by experimental scientific research. It is possible that the conclusions drawn within the scope of your personal therapy are applicable but this is not proven and not foreseeable.

• Do health insurance plans pay for the testing?
Health insurance plans will continue to pay for your regular cancer therapy that you undergo through your oncologist. Unfortunately, most of our testing procedures are not (yet) reimbursed by statutory and private health insurance plans. You should, therefore, assume at present that you will have to cover these costs yourself. For this reason, we will draw up a contract with you indicating the expenses in detail. Moreover, we are very interested in cost reimbursement by health insurance plans and are working to guarantee this.

• How much time and effort does the scientific testing require on the part of the attending physician?
Use of the IndivuTest tests involves a considerable amount of extra effort and expenses for the attending physician. This is due initially to the preliminary information discussion and arranging for the necessary tissue harvesting, if applicable. After the analysis, having been performed at IndivuTest, a detailed discussion of the scientific data recorded is held with a scientific staff member from IndivuTest. Following this, the attending physician will evaluate the data independently for the therapy that appears to be best for you individually and will initiate the corresponding treatment with your consent. If the selected therapy involves a drug that is normally not used for your type of cancer, the oncologist must file an application with the health insurance company for coverage of costs of the treatment, if necessary. IndivuTest would be happy to assist with an application for “off-label” use.

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Product category: Gene tests / molecular biological diagnostic


The objective of IndivuTest is to decode the characteristics of cancers that differ from person to person using the most modern investigational methods that can currently be used, to identify the best possible treatment option with the fewest possible adverse effects together with your attending physician.

On the one hand, this involves the application of investigational methods that are also already in use at several specialized cancer hospitals. However, procedures are also integrated into cancer analysis that were previously only used in research and which are normally not available for patients. Due to this fact, to properly perform these procedures, the cancer sample must be taken under standardized conditions that normally cannot be guaranteed during routine processes in a hospital or medical practice.

In the search for the best possible therapy at present for each patient, IndivuTest is not merely a laboratory service provider but rather a scientific partner to the attending physicians and patients.

IndivuTest combines three test methods that make it possible to obtain a picture of the individual tumor biology and possible targets:

Sequencing of the tumor DNA (“next-generation sequencing”)
Identification of certain targets using automatic tissue staining methods (“immunohistochemistry”)
Identification of the activity of protein molecules that is important for the regulation of cancer growth (“phosphoprotein analysis”).
Sequencing is used to detect cancer-related changes in the DNA which handle the development of cancer and which give an indication of the efficacy of drugs at the same time.

While using immunohistochemistry and phosphoprotein analysis, the tumor biology is determined, and identification of potential targets for drugs made.

The combination of the three investigational methods also makes it possible to seek out drugs that would normally not be considered for your particular cancer (for example, breast, lung or colon cancer). It may be necessary in this case to submit an application to the health insurance company for the use of these active substances for what is known as “off-label use” to ensure funding of the cancer treatment following the analysis. IndivuTest will assist you and your oncologist with this application.

The testing can also help to potentially omit an active substance that would normally be used, since the target was not able to be identified, possibly avoiding adverse effects.

Also, the data obtained can be used, if necessary, to check whether and where clinical studies with new drugs are being conducted which can be of help with regard to the existing modifications.

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Product category: Gene tests / molecular biological diagnostic


To be able to use all analytical possibilities, it is necessary for cancer tissue to be harvested according to certain scientific standards which are not used at present. Important analysis, such as the signaling pathway analysis, either cannot be performed, or only a small part of the analysis can be performed using tissue samples as they are normally processed for pathology examination. Thus the availability of frozen tissue, which can be stored indefinitely at -180°C, is an absolute necessity for various modern analytical methods.

An important factor for the precise analysis of tissue is immediate freezing of the tissue after being removed from the body (during a surgical procedure or a biopsy). Numerous studies have shown that the biological processes in cancer cells change within a few minutes after being removed from the body such that the relevant targets for new active substances can no longer be reliably determined.

Together with the parent company, Indivumed GmbH, IndivuTest has the experience and clinical infrastructure enabling it to ensure standardized tissue harvesting and processing for each patient with its own appropriately trained staff.

We ensure for you that:

qualified staff will be present for the tissue harvesting at the partner hospitals and practices,
the processing will be performed according to scientific standards,
the tissue will be frozen in -180°C liquid nitrogen immediately after it is harvested by the physician,
additional tissue will be fixed in formalin for histopathological analyses and processed as a paraffin block (FFPE block),
a blood sample will be taken, plasma will be processed and stored at -80°C,
the tissue and blood samples will be stored under monitored conditions and will be available as needed for comprehensive scientific testing.
The tests can be performed at IndivuTest.
However, the samples can also be sent to another research institute or laboratory of your choice.

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Product category: Gene tests / molecular biological diagnostic


IndivuTest uses procedures for scientific cancer analysis used in cancer research but usually not for diagnostic purposes. This is due to the fact, to properly perform these procedures, the cancer tissue sample must be obtained under scientific control, which normally cannot be guaranteed during routine processes in a hospital or medical practice. We solved this problem in recent years. In the existing network with hospitals and oncologists, our correspondingly trained staff will ensure scientifically correct harvesting of tissue samples. Also, test methods already implemented at specialized cancer hospitals are used.

If tissue sampling is not possible or if the tissue in an individual case does not have enough cancer cells, part of the testing can nonetheless be performed by the partner company Sysmex Inostics GmbH, (website) using a blood test.
Also, the procedure used at Sysmex Inostics enables the success of the therapy to be monitored.

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Product category: Gene tests / molecular biological diagnostic


Based on the data from the sequencing of your tumor DNA and using blood plasma samples, IndivuTest can perform blood tests in cooperation with the partner company Sysmex Inostics GmbH, making it possible to monitor the success of therapy, detect recurrence of the cancer early on, and identify changes in the tumor DNA during drug therapy. This enables therapeutic measures to be initiated or a medication switch to be made as early as possible. Moreover, the technology can also be used to identify treatment-relevant mutations in cancer cells if tumor tissue is not available or cannot be harvested for testing.

The method is based on technology developed at the Johns Hopkins University in the USA and offered by Sysmex Inostics GmbH (formerly a subsidiary of the Indivumed group). In this process, the methodology uses the characteristic of tumors to release very small amounts of DNA from the cancer tissue into the bloodstream, and it allows even individual DNA molecules to be reliably found in the blood and analyzed.

As part of the overall diagnostic testing, IndivuTest offers you the option of arranging for the blood test in cooperation with Sysmex Inostics.

To set this up, please speak to your oncologist who will then contact us.

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