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Jiangsu Kangjian Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd.

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  • 02  Laboratory Equipment
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  • 02.09.02  Laboratory items made of plastic

Laboratory items made of plastic

Our products

Product category: Laboratory items

Medical Laboratory Consumables

KANGJIAN offers such as blood collection system, swab ,specimen container ,six major series, high-quality security products for clinical laboratory, it has passed ISO13485, ISO9001 and CE approval, in full compliance with international and industry standards. Innovative production technology, product quality and stability. KANGJIAN’s vacuum blood collection system have good compatibility, can adapt the transmission device of various biochemical, immune, blood analyzer, using high quality imported additives products make the blood test is faster, higher accuracy.

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Product category: Laboratory items, Laboratory items made of plastic

Sharps container

◎ Made by PP material, No PVC included, it can reduce the contamination of environment when disposal injury wastes by high temperature.
◎ Made by hard material, Sealed and anti-piercing, Safe, convenient, leakage proof, easy for disposal by high temperature. Once sealed,open by mistake is impossible without damage on it.
◎ Convenient for safe disposal of disposable venous blood collection needle, also can be used for collecting syringes, infusion sets, blades and structure needles etc.
◎ Color to be Yellow (Red can be customized), Warning marks shown on the side of the container.

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Product category: Laboratory items

Collection Swab

◎ The collection swab is Composed of stick and tip. According to different requirements, the swab stick has optional material like wood, PP or PS. The swab tip material is available in superior absorbent cotton, artificial cotton and polyester fiber.
◎ KANG JIAN swab is manufactured under the standard of ISO13485 QMS and CE certified. Mainly used in sampling from the parts of pharyngeal, nasal cavity, auditory meatus and wound.
◎ Optional sterilization method of E.O. or Gamma radiation.
◎ Individual or bulk pack available.

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Product category: Laboratory items

Test tube (Screw cap)

◎ KANGJIAN ® test tube is made of superior PP/PS material, it has a good chemical compatibility. Adapted to storage for most of polar organic solvent, weak acid, weak base.
◎ PS/PP test tube is manufactured with excellent technique, can stand centrifuge speed up to 5000 rpm without crack or leakage.
◎ Multiple sizes and types can meet various test requirements.
◎ Labels can be customized to meet specific test demand.

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Product category: Laboratory items made of plastic

Gel & Clot Activator

1. Gel & Clot Activator Tube

Gel and clot activator tube is used for blood serum biochemistry, immunology and drug testing, etc. There uniformly sprays the coagulant on the surface inside the tube, which will greatly shorten the clotting time. As the imported separation gel from Japan is pure substance, very stable in physicochemical property, it can well stand high-temperature so that the gel will maintain a stable status during the storage and transportation process. The gel will get solidified after centrifugation and completely separate serum from fibrin cells just like a barrier, which effectively prevents the substance exchange between blood serum and cells. Serum collection efficiency is improved and high-quality serum will be obtained, thus it comes to more authentic testing result. Keep the serum stable for more than 48 hours, no obvious change will happen on its biochemical features and chemical compositions, then the tube could be directly used in sampling analyzers.

- Time for complete clot retraction: 20-25min
- Centrifugation speed: 3500-4000r/m
- Centrifugation time: 5min
- Recommended storage temperature: 4-25℃

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About us

Company details

Kangjian Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd.

Jiangsu Kangjian Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd. Founded from October, 1998 by this, in line with supported oneself,striving to improve, the specialty is engaged in the laboratory disposable plastic to consume the material and the laboratory instrument production,sale.

The company total area 12,000 square meters, the floor space 8,000square meters, the staff 240 people, technical personnel 52 people,specialized production equipment more than 40, 540 square meterspurifications workshops, 150 square meters examinations centers, forproduce high-tech, the high grade product build the solid foundation. The company throughout strictly according to the international qualitysystem standard management enterprise, strictly the product qualitypass, passed ISO9001, ISO13485, the CE authentication.Our product while has satisfied the domestic customer, sold in distant marketsworld each place and so on US, Japan, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa. Wins the customer the praise. The company diligently will research and develop well, the renewal product, will make the contribution for humanity"s health!

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