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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • 04.02  Bandages (Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology)

Our products

Product category: Bandages (Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology)

ComWrap Non-woven Cohesive Bandage

Flexible cohesive compress bandages have a combination of a high strength elastic non-woven cloth and a latex coating which allows cohesive properties. It is intended for use as an elastic wrap to provide support or compression, or to secure dressings or devices, very similar to the brand 3M Equisports wrap.

Good compressive stress for horse wrap.
High strength and elasticity.
Opened smoothly and easily, good unwind tension.
Good tensile strength.
Self-adhering, sticks to itself, no need of clips or fasteners.
Well flexible and breathable.
Quick and easy removal by hand, with no sticky residue.

Typical Applications

Support of young horses.
Horses prone to injury.
Horses returning from an injury.
Reduce hyperextension of the fetlock joint and protect against fatigue.

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Product category: Bandages (Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology)

ElastoTape Fabric Strapping

ElastoTape heavy support adhesive bandage have a combination of a elastic pure cotton cloth and a hot melt adhesive glue coating one side which allows adhesive properties. The adhesive keeps the bandage firmly adhered throughout lengthy treatment.

Heavy weight bandage, high quality extensible tension for correct positioning.
Opened smoothly and easily, good unwind tension.
Latex free.
Very good adhesive property for using.
Well flexible.

Typical Applications

Medical treatments for the surgical dressing.
Sports medical heavy support wrap.
Emergency treatment products.

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Product category: Bandages (Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology)

SurePad Adhesive Wound Dressing with Pad

Adhesive Wound Dressing is for sterile wound care in the operating room, outpatient department and doctor’s surgery. It combines an absorbent pad with a soft and conformable fixative layer of Non-woven fabric. It highly imbibes the section of wound absorbs and retains fluid, prevents wound from seeping and infection. The dressing can be removed from the skin painlessly and without leaving any residue.

Soft Absorbent Pad
Applicable to body contours

Typical Applications

All kinds of wound.
Widely used in Surgical and Clinic and Hospital.

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Product category: Bandages (Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology)

Hydrogel dressing

hydrogel dressing is a kind of new dressing made of hygroscopic macromolecules gelatin which contains much water.

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Product category: Bandages (Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology)

Alcohol Prep Pad

This product is made of medical non-woven cloth, and fully absorbed
with 70% isopropanol, with obvious disinfection effect.
Main character: it holds obvious disinfection effect.
it kills colon bacillus and golden staphylococcus more than 90%.

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About us

Company details

Beginning from 2003, Mr. Fred Zhu found 3H Medical (the original name is YueQing 3H Medical), the company is focused on producing high value medical products and devices in the market. In the past 13 years, 3H Medical has covered the market by the medical products, sports products, therapy products and baby care products. 3H Group owns multiple channels by production, sales, marketing, branding and management.

3H Medical, being a 4+1 style at our organization, the 3H Medical Nanjing company is acting as the production center, W&L center and R&D center. Kindmax Sports, Heming Therapy, Ezmymy Online, and OEM as 4 projects sales center, until now we have owned self-brands like 3H and Kindmax, agent brands like Cramer, Unico, Spider-Tech, Kinesio, BabyKish(Graco), BabyDan, ARK and etc..

Until Oct. 2015, 3H Medical Corporation has owned 300 workers at the production lines, 46 sales persons in the Chinese online and offline market, 10 sales persons for the global market, more than 40 persons for the managements and services. The total turnover of 2014 is 300,000,000RMB. 3H Medical has owned lots of honors like high tech enterprise and the best innovation company in the Nanjing city. We are pleased to sell our products to more than 60 countries in the global market, also we are successful in building very good sales channels for the hospital market, retail mall market, sports mall market, drugstore market and online market in China.

Now we are more clearly focused on the markets of therapy, medical, baby care, sports medicine and online products for cunsumer, and we are planning for more medical products innovation and more branded products importing from overseas and sell in China. We are pleased to ask you to join us together for a great future!

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