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Imutest Limited

54 Hawthorn Lane, SK9 5DQ Wilmslow, Cheshire
United Kingdom

Telephone +44 7831 487263

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  • 03  Diagnostics
  • 03.02  Immunochemistry (Immunology)
  • 03.02.01  Allergies

Our products

Product category: Allergies


Imutest Allergy Check is a rapid screening self-test which shows whether the level of allergy antibodies (IgE) in the blood are normal or raised.

Many 'allergy-like' symptoms are the result of non-allergy causes. Imutest Allergy Check can help confirm whether your symptoms are caused by a genuine (IgE) allergic reaction.

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Product category: Allergies


GlutenCHECK is a rapid test for use at home to detect the presence of IgA tissue transglutaminase antibodies (tTG) in whole blood.

GlutenCHECK is suitable for both, an initial diagnosis of gluten intolerance as well as a therapy follow-up. a-tTG-IgA antibody level should fall when gluten is removed from the diet. After 6 months on gluten-free diet the antibodies will often become undetectable.

The diagnosis must be confirmed by the physician with further recommendation to maintain a gluten-free diet.

Each kit contains everything necessary for the test performance: a test cassette, an instruction leaflet, a solution bottle with sample dilution buffer, an automatic sterile lancet for comfortable blood sampling, a glass capillary tube, a pipette, an alcohol pad and a plaster. The results can be read within 10 minutes.


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Product category: Allergies


AirCleanse is a Eucalyptus, Ylang ylang and surfactant based spray that reduces the airborne allergen load – in particular pollen and pet allergens by at least 65% and up to 85% when used with either PetCleanse Cat or Dog.

Ylang ylang is a natural source of Benzyl benzoate. During the winter months, a weekly spray is adequate to reduce pet allergens to a tolerable level but the spray should be used once a day during the pollen season.

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Product category: Allergies


Fast (10-15 minutes) and easy to use rapid test that can be performed at home to check the gluten free status of your food.

The Imutest Gluten-in-Food Kit contains 10 tests to detect low levels of wheat gluten - down to around 20 ppm - in many gluten free foods and GF ingredients. Various kit sizes are available.

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Product category: Allergies


PetCleanse Dog contains cationic surfactants that removes from the coats of dogs the allergens that cause the allergicreactions whilst at the same time conditioning the coat of the dog.

PetlCleanse Dog should be used once per week, every week and is the recipient of an Allergy UK Consumer Care Award.

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About us

Company details

Imutest Limited specialises in the development, manufacture, sales, and technical support of:

CE-Marked medical (in vitro diagnostic; IVD) test kits for professional and self-testing use, particularly to assist in the diagnosis of allergy and food intolerances.

Imutest technology is patented and ideally suited to the accurate and sensitive detection of low concentrations of specific ''allergy antibodies'' (known as IgE).

All Imutest products are CE-Marked and independently assessed by certified EU Notified Bodies. Such assessment includes performance data where the results from Imutest are compared to the results from independent laboratories running the ''gold-standard'' method for IgE testing. These results show that Imutest gives excellent correlation of greater than 90% for both positive and negative samples, resulting in an overall accuracy of greater than 90% (data available upon request).

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