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Product category: Immuno assay systems


For labeling primary antibodies, proteins or peptides

Lightning-Link® is an innovative technology that enables direct labeling of antibodies, proteins, peptides or other biomolecules for use in R&D applications, drug discovery and the development of diagnostic kits. 

Despite its apparent simplicity, the Lightning-Link® process is sophisticated and generates conjugates with performance characteristics identical to, or better than, those prepared with laborious multistep conjugation procedures.

How does Lightning-Link® work?

The researcher simply pipettes the antibody or other biomolecule into a vial of lyophilized mixture containing the label of interest and incubates for either 3 hours (Lightning-Link range) or only 15 min (Lightning-Link Rapid range).

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Product category: Immuno assay systems

AbPureTM Magnetic Purification System

The AbPure™ Magnetic Purification System is a protein A-based antibody purification system with a unique set of elution and neutralization buffers.

The AbPure™ Magnetic Purification System can directly replace any existing protein A purification kit and can be used to isolate IgG antibodies from crude mixtures. A major advantage of the AbPure™ Magnetic Purification System is that the purified antibody is eluted in a buffer mixture that is compatible with all popular conjugation chemistries (e.g. Lightning-Link, InnovaCoat® GOLD, ThunderLink® PLUS and reactions involving NHS esters, carbodiimides, isothiocyanates and maleimides).

No dialysis of the antibody is needed prior to conjugation as the interfering substances found in other purification kits (e.g. Tris, citrate and glycine) have been replaced in the AbPure™ Magnetic Purification System with conjugation-friendly alternatives.

Features and Benefits
Universal - compatible with a wide range of labeling technologies
Quick & easy to use - less than 15 minutes hands-on time
High levels of antibody recovery (70-90%) - save precious reagents
No special equipment needed apart from magnetic stand - simple to use
Flexible - perform up to 10 purifications at the smallest working scale

How does the kit work?
The method involves capturing the antibody on the Protein A Magnetic Beads. Protein A has a high affinity for the Fc regions of IgG molecules from a variety of species; once the antibody has bound to the Protein A, unwanted substances can be removed by simply collecting the beads in a magnetic stand and washing the beads . The antibody is then eluted and neutralized. View the full protocol on our website.

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Product category: Immuno assay systems


imm-Link™ kits allow the conjugation of small antigens, often known as haptens, to a carrier protein (such as BSA or Ovalbumin) to maximise an immune response for the generation of antigen reagents.

An antigen is defined as any substance which induces an immune response resulting in the production of antibodies in the host species. The immune response is commonly used to generate antibody (monoclonal and polyclonal) reagents against proteins of interest for use in applications such as Western blotting, immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry.

Haptens tend to be poor at generating an immune response when used alone. In order to maximise a response to such molecules they are often linked to larger "carrier" molecules such as Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA), Ovalbumin or Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH), using a covalent chemical bond.

The imm-Link™ conjugation kits allow haptens to be conjugated to a carrier protein simply by adding a solution of the hapten to a lyophilised mixture containing the carrier protein and all the required conjugation chemistry (please see diagram below). The hands-on time to set up the conjugation reaction is typically 20-30 seconds.

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Product category: Immuno assay systems

Thunder-Link® PLUS Oligo Conjugation System

Thunder-Link® PLUS enables simple and rapid conjugation of antibodies to oligonucleotides, with high recovery of materials and a superior clean-up procedure. The kit is quick and simple to use, overcoming time consuming and lengthy protocols associated with standard conjugation methods.

Advantages of Thunder-Link® PLUS:

Only 30 minutes antibody and oligo activation
Fast oligo conjugation – now only 1 hour!
High antibody and oligo recovery
Robust and flexible clean-up procedure (now works with antibody fragments and other proteins)

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Product category: Immuno assay systems

InnovaCoat® GOLD Nanoparticles & Conjugation Kits

InnovaCoat® GOLD nanoparticles have a proprietary surface coating which covalently binds the antibody or protein forming highly stable conjugates. The coated nanoparticles are available within our range of easy-to-use conjugation kits or separately as carboxylated gold nanoparticles.

InnovaCoat® GOLD nanoparticle conjugation kits enable the easy conjugation of gold nanoparticles to antibodies or proteins for use in R&D applications and for the development and manufacture of diagnostic kits.

The kits are designed for optimization purposes, for example, for the screening of potential antibodies or small scale 'proof of principle' studies. Please contact us if you require any additional information or to discuss your bulk or custom conjugation requirements.

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Product category: Immuno assay systems

Colloidal gold

Ultra high quality gold nanoparticles
Innova Biosciences colloidal gold nanoparticles are developed using specialized techniques that enable the production of extremely uniform spherical particles with a very narrow size distribution, minimizing variability within your assay.

Using our proprietary production protocols we can very quickly produce large quantities of gold nanoparticles, without compromising on quality. Get in touch for more information on bulk orders.

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Product category: Immuno assay systems

LATEX Bead Conjugation kits

The LATEX Bead Conjugation Kits are one-step kits for covalently conjugating antibodies, proteins and peptides (or any other biomolecule with an amine group) to specially treated latex beads without the need for extensive optimisation.

Our latex conjugation reaction has been developed using our expertise in simple and quick one-step antibody conjugations such as our InnovaCoat® GOLD (gold nanoparticles) and Lightning-Link® (enzymes and fluorophores) kits to produce a kit unlike any latex bead conjugation product available.

The researcher simply pipettes the antibody into the latex and incubates the reaction for 15 min. After quenching the reaction, the researcher pellets the latex and removes the buffer. Now the antibody is ready to be resuspended into the storage buffer.The entire procedure takes 3 minutes hands-on time and 35 minutes total time until the conjugates are ready to use. 

High yields of functional conjugates can be made without the need for harsh resuspension methods like sonication and vortexing!

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About us

Company details

Innova Biosciences are world leading experts in easy-to-use, cutting-edge bioconjugation technologies and services. The Company has the flexibility to support scientists from academia through to commercial manufacturing, developing and supplying reagent products to make science easier, both off-the shelf and to customer specification. Innova’s products are based on its antibody and protein labeling, nanoparticle, oligonucleotide labeling, and phosphate detection enzyme assay technologies.

All of Innova Biosciences’ product ranges are of the highest quality and are designed to streamline R&D and manufacturing processes, whilst also reducing overall project costs by cutting costs associated with e.g. material waste, in-house equipment, and staff time, providing increased return on investment compared to traditional methods.

Innova Biosciences’ ever expanding portfolio, including the Lightning-Link®, InnovaCoat® and Thunder-Link® brands, is available to research laboratories, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic companies worldwide.

Innova Biosciences is a privately held company, and was founded in 2002.

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