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  • 05.09  Disposable articles for laboratories
  • 05.09.03  Disposable laboratory material made of plastic

Disposable laboratory material made of plastic

Our products

Product category: Disposable articles for laboratories

ASY1/20 Plastic Ampoule Blow-Fill-Seal Monoblock Machine

● Main use:
Apply sterilizing packing and suitable for the liquid filling product in pharmaceutical and chemical and food industry.

● Performance Characteristics:
1. Modular construction, different function module is in different clean area.
2. Filling-sealing position with class A air curtain.
3. Product with double filter, cleaned air with end filter
4. Product pipe with CIP and SIP to assure to keep the microbial status of original product.
5. Time-pressure filling flow meter system, precise filling system without mechanical damage.
6. 2 sets PC touch screen and suitable for controlling the machine outside of the cleaned room.
7. Automatic record and print the data and display the operating data and also supply user’s managing system with multi-password protection.

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Product category: Disposable articles for laboratories

Model BSY series high speed glass bottle I.V. Infusion solution automatic production line

● 1Introduction:
Glass bottle I.V. Infusion solution automatic production line is always the leading products of chinasun.from the first 120/min production line to the latest 600/min production always has a large market share.
BSY series high speed glass bottle I.V.infusion solution production line is make up with ultrasonic Washing machine,Precise washing machine ,Filling and Stoppering machine,capping machine,Automatic loading machine,Unloading machine.Ispection machine,Labeling Machine,Wrapped Packing machine and cartoning sealing machine,it can complete the working procedures of bottle-handing,bottle conveying ,delicate,rough washing for the inner and outer surface,filling stoppering ,cap loading ,capping ,loading unloading ,inspecting,labeling and packing.
1.The corresponding part of main machine is equipped with buffering platform for bottle conveying,which ensures that the machine can run smoothly in the state of high speed.
2.Ultrasonic wshing machine adopts internationally initial-established patented technology that bottle enters continuously and nozzle inserts into inner bottleneck for synchronous track washing with the same output,the volume for the machine is 1/3 less than that of other machine,and save the using space ,applying grade reducing recycling and using again water resource system,reduce the water consumption ,patent bottle support save the time of installation and remove special design to change parts to simplify the replacement and no need to discharge the bolt and screw,these excellent technology is to cut down working time and reduce the using cost of machine.
3.Filing adopts constant-pressure continuous fillilng patented technology ,high filling accuracy,high production capacity.
4.It can achieve the aim of no bottle ,no filling ,CIP as well as SIP and complies with new GMP requirement.
5.The Capping machine adopts patented technology for cap loading so it solves the problem of unstable cap hanging when it runs with high speed .apply multi-parts to be connected is to solve the problem of unstable cap hanging when it runs with high speed .apply multi-parts to be connected is to solve the easy-damaged replacing parts and reduces cost consumption.
6.Loading machine and unloading machine apply patent technology with one layer by one layer to use completely the space of sterilizing trolley and increase the use rate of sterilizing trolley.
7.The connection of conveying belt apply across one and not connected directly to solve the bottle fall problem when bottle transferring.
8.Speed gap and no resistance conveying platform is let high speed conveying system smoothly.

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Product category: Disposable articles for laboratories

SPCGF2/10 Blow/Wash/Fill and Seal Monoblock Machine

Brief introduction

SPCGF2/10 Blow/Wash/Fill and Seal Monoblock Machine ,in order to suitable for requirements of  small volume and large volume ,based on SPCGF12/25 blowing, washing, filling and sealing monoblock machine and promote the lower capacity but bigger volume plastic bottle I.V. infusion production line. Its made of liner blowing machine with 2 cavities ,rotary type washing , filling and sealing and middle transition parts, suitable size can from 100ml to 1000ml. SPCGF2/10 blowing, washing, filling and sealing monoblock machine is designed with highly automatic, no need worker to touch infusion bottle, it completely meet the requirements of new GMP, suitable for customers or some other foreign countries , who need low capacity or large volume.

Blowing part:
SPCGF 2/10 blowing, washing, filling and sealing monoblock machine , blowing machine is adopts round column cam turn perform and synchronous perform loading technology, guarantee the qualified rate of perform loading; it adopts Germany FESTO pneumatic component and solenoid valve, Siemens PLC, Germany Lenze servo motor and other international famous brand components, ensure the stability of machine; using quartz infrared lights to heat perform uniformly, improving qualified rate of blowing.

Transition part
SPCGF 2/10 blowing washing filling and sealing machine is intend to make the interval output bottle rotary and move to filling and sealing machine constantly. This part adopts servo bottle sending structure and synchronous belt structure. Ensure the infusion bottle into washing filling and sealing machine correctly. Compared with conveyor connection, this mode of connection have advantages of short distance, no bottle down and move steady constantly characteristics.

Washing, filling and sealing part
SPCGF2/10 blowing, washing, filling and sealing monoblock machine including washing, filling and sealing. Washing can depend on customer’s requirements to choose traditional water washing mode or ion air washing mode , when ion air washing, ion air gun insert into bottle, and its depth can be adjusted by producing sizes, exhaust air after washing will be set off by special device. Filling part adopts Gemue pneumatic diaphragm valve control, guarantee filling accuracy, with function of no bottle no filling. Sealing adopts heating board heat bottleneck and cap at the same time. When heating, it adopts cam sealing, ensure qualified rate.

SPCGF 2/10 blowing, washing, filling and sealing monoblock machine set multichannel security protection device, such as in the machine with the most advanced device , which is optical protection device, with transparent protection cover surrounding transition plate, with multiproccesing overload protect device in drive structure, because of these protect devices so that this machine no matter in producing or maintenance , it will be highly reliable security.

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Product category: Disposable laboratory material made of plastic

Non-PVC film soft bag I.V Production line

ChinaSun Soft bag infusion production line is not only the initiate in China but also the leader in Soft bag infusion equipment technology and packaging pattern ,at the same time it is also the framer in Non-PVC infusion production line professional standard.Non-PVC multi-layer coextrusion film soft bag infusion has the characteristics of innocuity,strong compatibility with medicine, , good isolating air and water ,long keeping period, high-temperature of 120℃-resistant ,anti-low temperature and convenient transportation, In the process of infusion, there is no need to add inlet tube due to automatic contract of soft bag, eliminating the second pollution during infusion, recycling empty bag doesn’t pollute environment.
Non-PVC film soft bag infusion has become the development trend in international infusion . sector. In order to meet the demands of domestic users, Our“ ChinaSun ” company introduces the overseas sophisticated technology and take the lead in having designed and manufactured Model DSY series, SRD series,SRD/S(double hard tube)series, SRS/S(double soft tube)series Non-PVC film soft bag I.V production line with high standard,it can also be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as:soft bag-feeding,sterilizing,leak-checking,lamp-checking and finish the whole production of soft bag I.V solution.
● Main Usage
SRD series, SRD/S (double hard tube)series, SRS/S(double soft tube)series non-pvc film soft bag I.V production line has made great improvement on DSY series of soft bag I.V. production line basis and has made comprehensive upgrade in performance of product. It is characterized by small volume, high output, high qualified rate and is mainly used for manufacturing Non-PVC film packaging I.V. Infusion product. In addition, it can complete the following procedures of film opening, printing, lot-number printing, bag-making, filling, cap-feeding automatically, welding&sealing, bag outputting automatically and so on.
● Performance and characteristics
1.Compact structure,small occupying area.A decrease in clean workshop and energy-consumption of air-conditioner purification.
2.Adoption of continuous film-stretch technology reduce occupying time for bag-making station,high-efficiency for bag-making.
3.The width for bag making is adjustable,so it reduces film consumption and saves cost.The bag shape is more beautiful.
4.Both main driven motor and long stroke cylinder adopt servo structure,running smoothly with small impact and good reliability improves output.
5.There is interface preheat mechanism before moulding ,which is suitable for welding between film from different manufactures and interface,adequate preheat for interface and leakage rate of bag is extremely small.
6.Sealing mechanism with optimal design makes welding station speed improve greatly.
7.Inner surface of interface will not contact with part in the course of bag transferring,so it avoids generation of odd matter.
8.The base adopts table-type integrated design,which is easy to install,short adjustment time,easy clean.

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About us

Company details

Hunan China Sun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd. , which was strictly established on basis of modernized enterprise system of China well-known trademark and high-tech enterprise , located in national-level Changsha economical and technological development zone, registered at Industrial & Commercial administration , Hunan province on October 24th, 2002, our company went public and GEM listing ( stock code:300216) in Shenzhen stock exchange market on May 11th, 2011, now, the registered capital is 134,000,000 RMB, covers 105 mu area, factory area is more than 60,000 square meters. Now, there are more than 500 staffs , 30% of them has a college degree or above.

Our company is the leading enterprise in national industrial field( pharmaceutical special equipment filed), the domestic main equipment supplier of injection production, mainly engaged in pharmaceutical machinery, packing machinery, food & drinks machinery and packaging material production ,sales and import & export business. “China Sun”brand have already became the famous brand of national pharmaceutical machinery field, won the broad masses of the user’s trust and favor, Products sold all over the mainland and have exported to East Europe, Central Asia, Africa, South America, Latin America and other countries and districts.

Since established, China Sun was founded the developmental way , which is “basis on technology innovation for developing”, pay attention to new products research and new technology applying, keep the leading position all the time in pharmaceutical industrial. At the same time, our company precipitated development of Asahi Group, International direction, and already joint-venture and establish Shanghai Far-east pharmaceutical machinery Co.,Ltd., joint-venture with Canada company ACIC and established Venus pharmaceutical machinery LLC in Chicago, America.

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