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Our products

Product category: Communication systems

Nurse calling systems

Examining the experiences of the past few years we have been developed a new sleek feature, nurse calling system. The process led itself the regeneration of the external appearance. The units are smaller and easier to manage. In 2010, the market was already standing in the nurse calling system KLmed-S simple sound and visual and two-way speech- KLmed-C insurance system for sale. In request, we offer it with wireless personal supervisor system, /HomeFree/.Out own, self-manufactured nurse-call systems range from simple, sound- and light alert system of the KLmed-S /standard/ to the KLmed-C /comfort/ system which offers a two-way communication contact; but we also offer medical services with the setup of the wireless HomeFree system.

The use of these systems makes the work of the nursing staff considerably easier, alarm calls can be made from toilets, bathrooms, patients’ beds or the nurse-call panels in hospital rooms.

The setup of the systems is flexible, for example the manual switch of the basic KLmed-C system can be upgraded and changed easily and any time to the sound-contact patient unit, and is completely adaptable to the needs of patients and possibilities of the circumstances.

Apart from the basic functions urgent alarms to doctors can be ensured too, satisfying even special demands. These systems include pleasant-looking LED door lighting on the corridors of wards.

According to the request of customers, we also provide a flat-rate maintenance service for our systems.

Our company takes the periodic maintenance and typefull-service care nurse call systems of older brands, including MEDIUM 101/201/501 / 501 / 2

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Product category: Communication systems

Tube post

Pneumatic tube post systems for hospitals and health care institutions.THE HOSPITALS

Hospitals are highly complex systems which perform a great variety of tasks. All of these are urgent since the health of people is at stake. The means of transport which combines speed and reliability is the hospital pneumatic tube system.


While doctors and nursing staff dedicate themselves to the patients, the pneumatic tube system transports a multitude of small and medium-sized items. This system saves not only time, but also space: laboratories can be centralized and stocks in the decentralized medicine storage depots can be reduced. Furthermore, the pneumatic tube system helps increase efficiency since the staff is no longer busy running errands allowing the wards to stay occupied all the time.


Pneumatic tube systems don’t necessarily have to be installed at the outset of the construction.
Even in an already operating hospital, a pneumatic tube system can be easily integrated. Depending on the various structural conditions, the system can be layed inside or outside the walls. Other factors, for instance system capacity, load size or weight, are taken into consideration as well.


The hospital pneumatic tube system transports practically everything that fits into a carrier: medicine, laboratory samples, emergency samples, units of stored blood, X-rays, documents and so on. By doing so, the pneumatic tube system creates a direct connection between all hospital wards, such as blood banks, outpatient departments, nursing wards, reception or administration offices.



Shows a series of user friendly features such as dispatch magazine, destination selection key, index of names and plaintext display. In order to protect the transport load, for instance when transporting laboratory samples, an air cushion softly slows the carrier down. Its arrival in the station is announced automatically by a signal. After removing the contents, the automatic destination selection system facilitates the return of the empty carrier.


are designed with the same user friendly features as the automatic station. Additionally, they can be equipped with multiple dispatch magazines according to their size and the specific requirements.


A hospital’s laboratory is a busy place. This is why every station in the laboratory is provided with at least three dispatch magazines, large laboratory stations even require six, nine or more of them. Since laboratory samples are often delicate, a special mechanism guarantees a gentle delivery. Plus, conveyor belts are installed to receive numerous carriers. The empty carriers are returned automatically without manual destination selection.


Since a hospital is not a typical working place, its pneumatic tube system has to fulfill a series of high demands:

In order to guarantee a safe transport of laboratory samples, the carrier speed may be modified.
Low-speed transport is selected manually or automatically by choosing a certain dispatch or receiving station.
Dispatch and arrival of the carrier are gentle.
The system works silently and is patient-friendly.
Limited access of transport load can be secured by means of a code.
Thermochemical sterilization of the carriers to be carried out manually or automatically.
The carriers can be adapted to hold different types of insert pockets or test tube holders.
The system is hermetically sealed.
The carriers are leak resistant to minimize the risk of contamination of the tube system.
The computerized control system also allows for statistical evaluation of the system data. Sending
records, for instance, permit itemized cost analysis and billing.
Intelligent management of empty carriers, based
on carrier ID-numbers or on software.


with its user friendly features facilitates working considerably: high legibility due to lighting indication of destination number and name search key and address list individually programmable destination numbers and addresses indication of system status and operating sequence.


The system is run by one or more three-phase electric blowers which propel the carrier through compression or vacuum via a centrally controlled air switch. All components are equipped with self-adjusting Teflon gaskets which guarantee an airtight seal.


with a standardized offset transfers the carriers to the desired tube. The construction allows an airtight, silent connection of the tubes.

Of course the system not only on the area of the public health useful.
We waiting for Your kind interest in connection with planning and realization!

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Product category: Communication systems

Bed head unit systems

Locally developed and produced KLX bed head units provide practical usage for patients, and medical personnel alike. There is a whole range of bed head units, from the simplest hospital room bed head units, to intensive technological service units, to suspended units and posts, all built in a desired size, from extruded aluminium profile. The shape and material of the bed head units make it possible to set up medical gases totally separately from the electrical equipments.The lighting systems (LED, T5 fluorescent tube with electronic ballast) provide effective energy use, and also a peaceful rest and recovery for the patients. The light panel contains a reading light, LED night light, and a normal light, which can provide indirect lighting of the hospital room. In case a KLmed-C nurse calling system is also used, the reading lamp can be also switched on from the calling device.

The bed head units can be adapted to individual demands, plans, locations, so they would so they would fit in with the given environment.

The KLX-FT suspended technical posts provide a great value for money solutions for patient care at intensive care units, and they can also function as an anesthesiological stand.

The suspended bed head units make it possible to meet the continously changing demands with adjustable monitor stands, and infusion posts. The electric equipment is placed on the face panel, where it is possible to place light panels as well, while the medical gas outlets are placed on the other side.

The KLX bed head unit product family has an MSZ EN 60601-1-2:2008 qualification

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Product category: Communication systems


Medical technology design and supply of complete technology equipment, planning of medical gas system, planning of pneumatic tube post system, maintenance of nurse calling and pneumatic tube post systems.

The fundamental part of any medical investment is drawing up the medical technology design. This determines the functions, the necessary technical connections and medical equipment to give a starting point to the work of speciality designers. Already in the planning stage, efforts should be made to ensure economical operation.

As part of the delivering and administrative duties, during construction we supervise the building work so that it goes according to the plans. Apart from this we also organize the purchase of necessary equipment and coordinate the delivery, handover and installation of them. We also give demonstration about the correct use of the equipment to the staff of the customers. In the past period we participate in several transportation of medical technology to hospitals and clinics.

Our permits and permissions
Technical designer of the medical technology

Technical expert of the medical technology

Technical inspection of building and building technology

Technical leader of building and building technology

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About us

Company details

The company KLIMEX Medical Kft was founded in 2004, since we all have medical backgrounds, our activities have a strong connection to healthcare services.
The experts working for the company have decades of experience in supplying and maintaining bed-head systems, nurse-call systems and medical gas systems as well as medical technology equipment and instruments. Furthermore, we can also help our partners with the design and advice of medical technological matters.Thanks to the continuous developments of the last few years, both our premises and production workshop expanded considerably, so did the number of employees. The investments that were realized with our execution increased the number of our references and gave us a chance to prove that the quality of our work results in the satisfaction of out customers. Our workforce includes not only workmen and administrative staff: several engineers, medical technologists, medical technology experts and designers make our team even stronger. Our work is backed up by the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009, the MSZ EN ISO 13485:2004 certified quality management system, and helped by the ruling of the Ministry of Health 4/2009(III.17.)

Our main scopes of activities
Design, construction and maintenance of nurse call systems
Design, construction and maintenance of bed-head unit systems
Design, construction and maintenance of medical gas systems
Pneumatic tube post system for hospitals and industrial usage
Design, advice and project management of medical technology
Fully comprehensive supply of medical equipment
Our permits and permissions
Technical designer of the medical technology
Technical expert of the medical technology
Technical inspection of building and building technology
Technical leader of building and building technology

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