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  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.08  Disposable articles for hospitals

Disposable articles for hospitals

  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.08  Disposable articles for hospitals
  • 05.08.04  Non-woven disposable products

Non-woven disposable products

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Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals, Non-woven disposable products

Medical Compression Stocking

Medical compression stocking, adopting the way justified by German Agency, is a kind of elastic stocking which can provide maximum compression where it is needed most (at the ankle) and gradually lessen up the leg. Pressure value in the calf reduces to 70%--90% of its maximum and in the thigh to its 25-45%. Such graduated changes of pressure can enhance the circulation of lower extremity venous blood in order to effectively reduce or improve the pressure carried by veins of lower extremity and vein valves. Through providing different segments of pressure (the maximum pressure at the ankle, and gradually reducing above the ankle), this medical compression stocking significantly increases the velocity of the veins and enhances the circulation of blood.

Synthetic fiber (70% nylon, 30% lycra), no harm to skin, no delayed-type hypersensivity and no cytotoxicity.

CB (ankle), CC(calf), CG (the root of thigh)

According to the characteristics of human metabolism, adopt the design principle of progressive decompression to effectively promote the backflow of venous blood, prevent venous stasis of lower limb, relieve the protruding veins, and make such symptoms as aches, fatigue and swelling in the leg disappear soon. The elastic stocking transverses pressure to perfectly fit for the leg, continually and softly presses on leg muscle and fat to dredge meridians of the leg, consume energies of the leg, give pressure on the leg, prevent ptosis of leg fat, improve figure of leg, modify leg shape and cut the circumference. If wearing it for long term, the user’s leg will be fit and more relaxed. It is also a kind of medical assistant stocking that can prevent and cure varicose veins, cure the patients with lymphatic edema, relieve aches in the leg and be used after thrombus surgery.

Persons need to stand for long time such as teachers, shop assistants, doctors, etc., persons need to sit down for long time as white collars and civil servants, persons that are often on business trips or sit aircraft, obese people, persons with venous diseases of the lower limbs, and persons having the demands to perfect the leg shapes and having taken liposuction surgery for legs. 

·    If often wearing, trim your nails to ensure not to scratch the stocking which is knitwear and easy to lacerate.
·    Put the boot liner (toe sock) around the foot, invert the leg of the stocking to the heel, i.e., except for the sole, the inside of medical elastic stocking must point outwards.
·    Use hands to slightly extend the stocking, wear it from the tiptoe, slowly pull it to the heel, noting that the tiptoe and heel match the same parts of the stocking.
·    Slowly overturn the stocking to the front, sweep it smoothly across the ankle, pull up it by using pulp strength and adjust it to make the front of the ankle have no folds and tiptoe part not too tight.
·    After pulling the whole leg of the stocking over the ankle, put two thumbs into the leg of the stocking promptly to massage and stretch it to the leg according to “Z” font.
·    Repeat the step 2 to step 5 to wear another stocking according to “Z” font, and then pull the two stockings to the waist simultaneously.    

Correct Washing Suggestion
The functions and features of this product make it different from the washing and maintaining methods of other common stockings, normally it can be continually wore for half a year, but you need to choose the correct washing and maintaining method during this period so as to achieve sound and lasting function.

Correct Washing Method
Tightly pack it and put it into the fresh layer of the fridge for 2 hours, then take it out to dry naturally (do not expose to the sun), which can increase flexibility of the stocking, make it more elastic and prolong the using time. You need to persist in wearing it, and had better prepare two pairs for change. Washing can not only keep it clean, but also make it have a rest and recover its pressure. Medical compression stocking belongs to functional product and has higher pressure, so it is more difficult to wear than common stockings, please pay attention to keep your nails clean when wearing to avoid scratching the stoking.   
Do not wash by machine. If needing to wash by machine, please put it into laundry bag, and do not use washing powders containing fluorine or bleach, and try to use flexible washing powders to wash (the water temperature is around 30 degree).Wash by hands gently without damage to the stocking, do not wash hard and achieving the effect of being clean is ok.

Correct Drying Method
Dry it immediately after washing to avoid causing folds or wrinkles in long-time moist situation; do not force to squeeze, and just use a towel to absorb the excess water, please rest assured to try for the stocking will never fade. Simultaneously, do not expose it to the sun in that the direct sunlight is the reason for weakening the fabric. Please dry it naturally because exposure to the sun may bring elastic fatigue to the stocking and affects its elasticity, but wearing it in the sun has no such influence.
Choosing appropriate pressure class and size is very important, so the size of medical compression stockings is highly close to the size of lower limbs of the patients.

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About us

Company details

Henan Huibo Medical CO., LTD, located in Nanyang City New Energy Economic and technological Development Zone, is a national high and new technology enterprise integrating the R&D, production and sales of medical dressings like series of wound care products, series of scar repair & prevention products etc.
Huibo Medical has a team of professional talents who have wide experience in product R&D, quality control, clinical verification, market development and business management etc. Huibo Medical now has more than 300 distributors across China to serve thousands of China’s top grade hospitals. Now we’ve built 4 provincial level R&D platforms recognized by Science and Technology Department of Henan Province, such as Academician Workstation on Wound Repair, Scar Repair and Prevention, Provincial Polymer Dressing Engineering and Technology Research Center for Wounds, Provincial Project Lab for Wound Repair Devices and Provincial Post-doctoral Research and Development Base.

Committed to independent innovation and adhering to the philosophy of “Clinical verification origination, Global service! ”, now we’ve already acquired 5 patents of inventions, 33 patents for utility models. Among all of our “Scarnos TM” scar repair and prevention products such as Medical Silicone Gel Dressings and Medical Silicone Sheet Dressings are the preferred products in China. For our products like Sliver-zinc ion Cream and Silvercare Gel, have a enormous reputation in the fields of wound care products. Leading product of our company----“C-section scar sheet for mummy” has been regarded as the eternal love of “Be filial to our parents; provide shelter to our child; care and love ourselves”.
Huibo Medical always upholds the enterprise mission of “We care your health by our technology and cherish your life through our sincerity”, unceasingly marching toward the goal of modernization, collectivization, internationalization. We are making efforts to found Huibo Medical being one of China’s most professional medical dressing bases to benefit the mankind and service the society.

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