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Our range of products

Our products

Product category: Dressings for wounds

Transparent wound dressing

1. Breathable: Special semipermeable membrane,to breathe together with skin, to provide the moisture condition for epithelial recovery, restrain the generation of crusta and hasten wound recovery.

2. Transparent: Ultra-thin, transparent,easy to observe the wound directly; suitable for any part of body with good compliance and comfort.

3.Water proofing, fungi-proofing: Waterproof and impermeable to bacteria: to keep bacteria out thus can reduce the infection; to keep water out to make you continue with shower and bath.

4. Hypoallergenic and proper viscidity: High quality medical pressure-sensitive adhesive ,proper Viscidity ,not hurt the skin when released from the skin. The absorbent pad covered with omentum without adhesive, omentum only breathable, does not absorb moisture, absorbent pad absorbs exudate effectively, do not paste the wound, no pain when exposed except.


1. Fixing of remaining needle and ductus venosus.

2. Preventing and curing of minor burns, scald and bedsore.

3. Protecting the donorsite of the skin

4. Incision protection and operation suture.


1. After cleaning and disinfection of the wound, take out of dressing from the bag.

2. From the printing surface at one end of the kerf, throwning off release paper, exposing the adhesive surface

3. Paste the adhesive surface to the skin, smoothing from the middle to the surrounding.

4. Peel off the back of the type material.

1. Sterile, disposable.

2. The package is damaged to Prohibit using.

3. Not substitute for sutures, bleeding, skin disinfection and other measures.

4. Not available for arterial catheter fixation.

5. Prohibit using for infected wound, ulcers disabled.Later,if the wound infection such as redness,swelling,effusion,and fever,etc,shall suspend following medical diagnosis or increase the repalcement of frequency.

6. Should select the appropriate size of dressing, to ensure its firmly stuck around  the wound dry and healthy skin,not stret-ch to cause tension and damaging the skin.

7. When removing the dressing,notice that nether catheters or other devices will not be ripped off.

The products can be manufactured based on the customers' requirements.

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Product category: Dressings for wounds

Blood Collection Care Kits

hemostasis,and care for the infection wound


Product Introduction:

Including drawsheet,tourniquet,povidone-iodine swad,cutton swab and band aid.


Disinfection during the blood collection process,hemostasis,and care for the infection wound.Standard the blood collection process.


Prevent cross infection.Ensure the safety of blood donors.

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Product category: Dressings for wounds

Catheter Fixing Plaster

Catheter Fixing Plaster
1. Breathable, long sticky time, elastic, waterproof, widely used in various puncture needle protection, remining needle fixing and fixing of venous cannula.
2. In the utility model of medical device technical areas,used for the fixing of transfusion tube.
3. Noninvasive fixation and easy operation,both reach the catheter fixed purpose and reduce the risk of infection and pain.

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Product category: Dressings for wounds

Non-woven Adhesive Wound Dressing


1. Breathable: The mesh structure of water thorn non-woven can make skin natural breathing, and eliminate water vapor sweat,thus effectively reducing the wound infection.

2. Hypoallergenic: High quality PSA with moderate viscosity, no irritation to the wound, and no harm to the skin when removal.

3. Compliance: Soft and thin and elastic material, adapts to the contours of the body curves. Don't interfere with the activities of the body.


Used in the fixing of remaining needle and general protection.


1. The wound should be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned.

2. As for the complex wound, please consult the doctor before use.


1. Forbid using if the wound has become infected and ulcer.

2. Can not be used for the arterial catheter fixing.

3. Cannot replace suture, stop bleeding, skin degerming, drying and other methods.

4. When removing the dressing, pay attention to the catheter and other equipment under it.

The products can be manufactured based on the customers' requirements. 

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Product category: Dressings for wounds

Medical Transparent semipermeable Dressing

Product description: transparent dressing is an ultra-thin and comfortable dressing produced by the world advanced technology, it has the features of water-proofing, fungi-proofing, breathable, transparent, high elastic, etc.It is extensively applied in intravenous injection in hospital, catheter fixing, and treatment and protection of the wound, it is the essential goods in skin beauty, household medicine chest, exercise in the army, field first aid during the war, etc.


1. Water proofing, fungi-proofing——Waterproof and impermeable to bacteria: to keep bacteria out thus can reduce the infection; to keep water out to make you continue with shower and bath.

2. Breathable——Provide the optimum recovery environment.

3. Hypoallergenic and proper viscidity——no irritation to the wound, and no harm to the skin when removal.

4. Transparent——easy to observe the wound directly.

5. Ultra-thin, high elasticity ——Comfortable after using it.


1. Fixing of intravenous injection catheter.

2. Slightly bruise, small area I, II grade burn and small wound.


1. After cleaning and disinfection of the wound, take out of dressing from the bag.

2. Peel off the paper at one end of the transparent dressing, exposing the adhesive surface.

3. Paste the adhesive surface to the skin, smoothing from the middle to the surrounding.

4. Peel the frame off from the unlettered side.

5. If the bruise, burn and operation cause the reduction of exudation, spread the sterile gauze and anti-inflammatory drug on the wound, then use the medical transparent dressing.


1. Sterile, disposable.

2. Prohibit using the damaged package.

3. Not substitute for sutures, bleeding, skin disinfection and other measures.

4. Can not be used for the arterial catheter fixing.

5. Forbid using if the wound has become infected and ulcer.

6. Cannot be directed stuck it on the wound if the wound is bleeding.

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About us

Company details

Shandong Cheerain Medical Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong ChangYun Enterprise Group. The total investment of the enterprise is 20 million Yuan RMB, it is a high-tech modern enterprise engaging in design, R&D, production and marketing, we produce the medical equipment and packing materials based on the latest standard in pharmaceutical industry.

Hardware facilities

It covers 11464㎡, 100,000 grade purification plant covers 2600㎡, 10,000 grade purification laboratory covers 100㎡, sterilization workshop and warehouse cover 100㎡.

Adopting the automatic production equipment produced in Taiwan and other regions, we strictly comply with the production standard and quality control system to ensure the high-quality of the products.


The company has passed the CE Certificate, FDA Certificate and ISO13485 Certificate, thus we can keep in the rank of high-end medicinal and pharmaceutical substances.

Main products

The leading products of the company include:

1.medical transparent film dressing,

2.transparent wound dressing

3.non-woven adhesive wound dressing

4.water proof wound dressing

5.chitin wound dressing

6.silver wound dressing

7.disposable incision film

8.medical tape

9.medical bandage

11.other high-end dressings and more than 100 product varieties.

Cooperate Hospitals

At present, we have established cooperation relationship with Qilu Hospital of Shandong Province, Shandong Hospital of Chinese Medicine, Central Hospital of Jining City and other more than 60 hospitals and over 100 enterprises.

Company Proposal

On the basis of the quality policy of 'keep improving, to get the trust by high quality products and honest services; pursue excellence, to satisfy the society by technological innovation and scientific management',

'to be the first-class enterprise and create well-known brand' is our eternal pursuit.

We will regard 'service the public by technology' as core, take 'improve the living quality of the public' as our responsibility', regard 'your health is our expectation' as philosophy.

The company will be the world famous high-tech medicinal and pharmaceutical substances manufacturer.

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