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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.08  Surgery and Endoscopy
  • 01.08.02  Surgical instruments and products

Our products

Product category: Surgical instruments and products

Beads Porous Coating

The microspheres or irregular particles sintered coating offers a porous mesh, through its interstices the bone will grow, providing a long term and safe biological fixation of the implant.

It has been widely demonstrated the good results achieved with this coating that confirm the advantages of its use to obtain a better fixation of the bone to all type of surgical implants. This is because with the beads porous coating is possible to get the best properties of thickness, open porosity and pore size. For instance, we can apply a wide range of thicknesses between 0,15 – 1,8 mm. And with irregular powder is possible to achieve the highest values of porosity up to 60%, with an average pore size between 160 – 260 mm

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Product category: Surgical instruments and products

Titanium (Ti) Plasma Coating spray

Cementless implanted endoprosthesis require a rough surface to create a tight bonding between bone tissues and the implant.
Titanium coating is a porous and rough coating that once deposited on to the implants allows:

  • Bone ingrowth in the voids of the coating creating a firm fixation between the implant and the tissues.
  • Reduces the pressure at the bone-implant interface.

Added value to typical characterization:

  • Porous titanium coating
  • Porosity of I 5 % – 40 %
  • Coating roughness > Rz 100 µm
  • Adhesion > 22 MPa
  • Excellent bond strenght
  • Enhanced specific surface for bonding

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Product category: Surgical instruments and products

Hydroxyapatite (HA) Plasma Coating

HA is calcium phosphate ceramic, which has the capability of accelerating the reconstruction of the bone tissue on the metallic implant surface creating a rapid bonding.
Being the HA one bio-active material, it can integrate itself into bone structures and support the bone growth, without breaking or dissolving. This is due to the chemical/biological bonding with hard tissues.

When coating the implants with HA it is expected that once inserted into the human body, the interaction between the implant and the body tissues leads to the formation of live bone tissue around the implant, called osteo integration.

Hydroxyapatite coatings enhances the growth of bone tissue through the coating pores, which gives good mechanical stability in the fixation process of implants.

Typical Characterization:

  • High Cristalinity, (depending on projection parameters)
  • Adhesion >15 MPa

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Product category: Surgical instruments and products

Double Layer (Ti+HA) Plasma Coating

TH is the combination of Ti and HA. This coating combine the advantage of the roughness of the Ti and the bio-activity of the HA.
A thin coating of HA combined with a porous Ti interlayer coating accelerates bone reconstruction of the implant surface, ensuring a rapid bonding of the implant in the host tissues.

Added value to medical devices:

  • Cementless implant.
  • TH increases surface roughness.
  • Improves adhesion of high crystalline hydroxyapatite.


  • Allows bone on growth onto the voids of interface structured.
  • Produces stable anchoring.
  • Accelerates tissue growth on metal implants.

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About us

Company details

Bio-Vac is an technological company that develops its activities in the biomaterial area.

We provide advanced surface treatment processes for medical devices, specializing in Porous Coatings. Bio-Vac offers a wide range of services regarding surface treatment of implants.

Founded in 1991 by a group of professionals and experts of the sector for over 30 years. Today, 25 years later continues to improve and increase its range of coatings.

Since then we have coated thousands of implants for leading companies in Europe, Oceania, Asia and South America.

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