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Our products

Product category: Wireforming

We produce, Straight wires, Long coiled sheaths, Stylets, Mandrels, Micro coil springs, Deformed wire coil springs, Discharge needles, contact probes, Wire probes, Suspension wires, Jigs for probing sockets

■Medical coils, Platinum coils, Precious metal coils, Coil tips, Long coiled sheaths
■Medical components Stylets, Mandrels, Core wires
■Contact probes Extra fine probes with the sleeve external diameter of 0.1μm
■Wire probes Material Tungsten, Rhenium tungsten Wire diameterφ 30μm
■Suspension wires Wire diameterφ40μm, Environment-friendly beryllium free copper
■Various micro springs, The industry's "best-in-class" springs with wire diameter φ of 16μm, Highly precise antenna springs
■Micro assembly, Guidewire assembly, Contact probe assembly

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About us

Company details

Our Business
We manufacture and sell quality products for medical, semiconductor/substrate inspection and electronic equipment, straighten fine metal wires and micro coil springs. In addition to straightening and coiling, we specialize in the processing small objects, such as; cutting, tip polishing and bending, to meet our clients specifications.

We have a group trading company in Hong Kong and a production facility in China to handle international demand. Japan is one of the world leaders in the manufacturing very small parts. Mitaka is a leader in the field of microscopic components.
<Medical Equipment Components>
◇Straightening technology for fine wires, the production of micro coils and forming processing technology
◇Flexible, high-quality technology
◇Class 10,000 clean room environment required for the production of certain medical components

At Mitaka, we manufacture and supply the components for catheters and guidewires used in minimally invasive endovascular treatments, and stainless straight wires, long coiled sheaths and precious metal coils that are the components for endoscopic treatment and examination devices, as well as stylets and mandrels used to configure or protect these products. Our technology for micro coil springs is also used for embolic coils that are used to treat occluded arteries in the brain or liver.
Straight Wires for Guide Wires (Core Wires)|Long Coiled Sheaths (Flexible Coils)

Precious Metal Coils|Stylets/Mandrels|Marker Ring
■Straight Wires for Guide Wires (Core Wires)
Materials: SUS, Wire diameter φ: 0.07mm up, Total length: up to 5,500mm
Product with a high degree of straightness and an excellent torque transmitting properties
We handle all aspects of production including material sourcing, processing, heat treatment and packaging
We have over 20 years experience in straightening process technology
Anti-oxidation heat treatment is available for up to 5,500mm
■Long Coiled Sheaths (Flexible Coils)
Materials:SUS Main, Round wires, Deformed wires, Wire diameter φ: 0.05mm up, External diameter:0.36mm up, Total length: up to 2,300mm
Smooth, even finish
The use of Deformed wires allows a larger inside diameter.
We handle all aspects of production from material sourcing to processing and packaging
■Precious Metal Coils
Materials:Pt, Pt W, Au, Wire diameter φ: 0.04mm up, External diameter: 0.20mm up, Total length: up to 200mm
Smooth, even finish on processed soft materials
Solid coiling, pitched coiling and tapered processing are available
The processing of embolic coils is available upon request
We handle all aspects of production from material sourcing to processing and packaging
Materials:SUS, Wire diameter φ: 0.40mm up, Total length: up to 1,700mm
The ends of long wire materials can be rounded, and the hand-held component can be formed into customized shapes
The tapering of straight wires is available
Low cost processing suitable for disposable products
■Marker Ring
Materials:Platinum Alloy, Outer diameter φ: 0.20mm up, Total length: 0.20mm up
We handle all aspects of production from material sourcing to processing and packaging
The low cost processing method that burr is not made at the both side
<Semi-conductor/Substrate Inspection Components>
◇Products produced utilizing specialized technologies for manufacturing micro springs, microscopic machining process and microscopic component assembly
◇In-house design and manufacturing
◇Testing processes and equipment required for verifying the products' durability
<Electronic Equipment Components>
◇Suspension wires, produced by our straightening technology with 50% share of the optical pickup market
◇We supply micro coil springs to major manufacturers of smartphones
◇Our inspection procedures prevents defects in the mass-manufacturing of mobile phones
<Micro assembly>
◇Solder and assemble the components for medical equipment
◇Assemble and install micro probes for sockets
◇Assembly in a certified Class 10,000 clean room

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