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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 06  Information and communication technology
  • 06.04  Administrative information systems / software

Administrative information systems / software

  • 06  Information and communication technology
  • 06.04  Administrative information systems / software
  • 06.04.04  Software for managing facilities, equipment and instruments

Software for managing facilities, equipment and instruments

Our products

Product category: Software for managing facilities, equipment and instruments


Btree has a long and varied experience in the management of Analysis Laboratories (especially in Physical, Chemical and Microbiology areas); in addition, we dealt with specific laboratory projects for both chemical and physical in industry, both for the analyzes carried out by the environmental agencies.

The EcoTree module provides a software solution verticalised for the needs of Chemical and Environmental Analysis Laboratories, solidly based on our experience in the field and on products already developed and tested in these areas.

Main EcoTree Functionalities
The product is thought to be expanded and evolved with modules, solutions and customizations that can continuously improve the work processes of the Laboratory. The main functional areas covered are:

  • Cost estimates processing and emission
  • Acceptance of estimates and consequent activation of organizational processes
  • Preparation of the sampling phase, with sampling forms and sample labelling management
  • Registration of withdrawal data
  • Organization and management of internal processes for sample assays, with the optional printing of process labels
  • Results reporting, notes and comments
  • Validation of the results, with two distinct levels
  • Issue of Certificates
  •  Billing
  • Management of certificates validity period, with the issue of specific notification near expiration (via eMail, interface, etc.)
  • Analysis of historical data
  • Integration with analytical instruments
  • Web portal for customers, through which they can acquire all available certificates
  • Samples traceability , with the control of processing times and relativestatistics too, for example TAT (Turn Around Time), warnings aboutsamples and results in delay, etc..
  • Assisted validation of the results
  • Digital Signature
  • Automation of the sampling processes, by the use of suitable portable devices

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Company news




Nov 2, 2016

PH3 – Medical Physics Management

PH3 – Medical Physics – is dedicated to the integrated management of Medical Physics Department.

Launched at the beginning of the 2016, PH3 allows a simple and intuitive navigation for the complete management of radiological devices and radioactive sources, radioprotection of clinical staff and medical physics equipment.

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Oct 31, 2016

Btree releases Duty-Tree, a new solution for Shift Planning

Duty-Tree is the ultimate solution for employee Shift Scheduling, with the full management of roles, duties and specific skills. Moreover, it manages approval workflows and subsequent changes with the constant check of real coverage and execution of each shift.

Duty-Tree is designed to deal with high complexity factors: specific roles, vacations planning, law regulations and internal rules, working hours, distribution and organization of resources for special needs and for specific departments, time off and unforeseen absences.

Duty-Tree optimizes human resources with great flexibility, thanks to its own calculation engine based on configurable rules.

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Oct 26, 2016

Maint-Tree: Asset&Maintenance Management

Our full web software solution, available also in SaaS mode, has been empowered with Trouble Ticketing Management and with configurable forms for controls, questionnaires and check-lists.
Now Maint-Tree enables the management of:

  • Asset
  • Maintenance
  • Activity Schedule
  • Spare part inventory
  • Controls
  • Trouble ticketing
Maint-Tree allows the management of any type of resource, and it’s powerful in manufacturing, health care, utilities, building and public government.

It is the ultimate solution for Maintenance Managers and for Security Manager, and for each maintenance provider; it’s an integrated software for asset management, maintenance, spare parts inventory, quality controls, security, with human resource data management inside.

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About us

Company details

BTREE offers software solutions for Medical Physics, Asset&Maintenance Management, Shift Planning.
Your IT company can become a reseller of:

  • PH3 - integrated management of Medical Physics Department.
    It allows a simple and intuitive navigation for the complete management of radiological devices and radioactive sources, radioprotection of clinical staff and medical physics equipment.
  • Maint-Tree - Asset and Maintenance Management.
    You can constantly check and manage the state and the location of each resource, plan action and intervention, register maintenances and faults. You have full control over workload, plan and track trouble tickets, materials, spare parts and activities.
  • Duty-Tree - Human Resource Shift Planning.
    Planning and control of shifts, basing on roles and responsibilities: it allows easy and flexible resources optimization, thanks to its configurable rules.
    It’s a very user-friendly solution to plan and check real shift satisfaction, and provide a complete control and approval workflow.
  • Easy!Desk - Multimedia Learning and Rehabilitation Desk.
BTREE is your effective partner for continuous improvement. Our software solutions solve complex problems both in the industrial processes (production, logistics, warehouse and maintenance), and health care processes.

ICT for Health Care
We offer our clients a long experience in providing complete solutions, adding to our product the provision of advisory services, support and training of the highest profile.
Thanks to this our ability, we have carried out major projects for integration, automation and management in Clinical and Diagnostic domains; we have fulfilled sophisticated software systems and we have enhanced knowledge, grown up methodologies and offered ability both in public and in private health.

Organization and Production
In BTREE we are perfectly aware of the benefits of software technology in manufacturing and organization management.
That is why we aim to constantly improve all the business processes.
Our main business cover production control, logistic, warehouse, asset&maintanance, and also system integration and collaboration. We have always chosen the most suitable technology to perform the best solutions of control, management, organization and supervision.

We offer our skill and our experience to provide complete solutions for Hospitals, Analysis Laboratories, Diagnostic Centers, Blood Banks, Health Centers and Nursing homes, thanks to a long and solid experience on product supplies, consulting and services in sanitary domain.

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